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Subseries consists of photographs of diesel locomotives, switchers, passenger cars and assorted cars for the following companies: National Harbours Board, Alaska Railroad, B.C. Hydro, Canadian Pacific Railway, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific, Burlington Northern Railway, Columbia Cellulose, MacMillan Bloedel, Canadian Forest Products, Michel, Fernie & Morrisey, Vancouver Wharves, White Pass and Yukon, New York Central, Union Pacific, Spokane, Portland and Seattle.


Subseries consists of photographs of ships (freight, battleships, destroyers and American, Japanese and British warships) in Vancouver harbours.


In addition to health-related regulations and blueprints, this subseries includes dental and public health photographs and negatives, miscellaneous statistics (1953-1963), and health inspection report forms (June 1973).

Miscellaneous financial records

Subseries includes records such as receipts and invoices, accounts payable ledgers and others types of financial records. These records document the Yip family's involvement with community activities, and some family events such as wedding and birthday celebrations. Receipts and invoices relate mainly to rent, stove oil and meter rates.

Miscellaneous photographs

Subseries consists of all photographs which were collected by the Vancouver Museum, excluding all photographs by Philip T. Timms and Erwin R. Gordon. Photographs were collected on a variety of subjects, mostly within the City of Vancouver, but also encompassing the Greater Vancouver area, and some sites in the Fraser Valley and other parts of British Columbia. Subjects of photographs include: buildings (such as houses, hotels, commercial buildings, churches, theatres, municipal buildings, hospitals, schools, banks, retail stores, and other buidings); streets, roads, highways, and trails; bridges; beaches (especially English Bay and Second Beach); waterfront areas; parks (especially sites in Stanley Park); views of Downtown Vancouver from various sites; monuments, statues, and fountains (including arches for royal visits); rivers and dams; farms and ranches; logging and lumbering scenes; streetcars and other railway cars and engines; carriages, carts, and automobiles; construction and demolotion scenes; and other subjects. The subseries also includes various photographs of people, including; individual and family studio portraits; athletic clubs (especially hockey and lacrosse teams); Vancouver City police officers, fire fighters, Council members, Mayors, and other employees; military groups; clubs (including the Vancouver Club); people involved in recreational activities (such as bicycling, croquet, tennis, driving, and picnicing); people involved in parades and other celebrations (especially May Day and Dominion Day celebrations); and other views of people engaged in various activities.

Miscellaneous traffic management photographs

Subseries consists of photographs of streets in Downtown (Pender, Beatty, Granville, West Georgia, Robson, Seymour, Nelson), Strathcona (East Hastings, Hawks), Hastings Sunrise (Slocan Street), South Granville and Arbutus Ridge (Eddington Drive, Paton, Haggart and Puget Streets), taken by Engineering and outside photographers (including W.J. Moore) for traffic analysis purposes (e.g. left turn lanes, crosswalks, parking, school crossings, etc.). Incidentally, traffic signals, houses, stores, hotels, restaurants, steambaths, theatres, churches and schools are also depicted. Arranged chronologically.

Newspaper clippings

Subseries contains newspaper clippings which reflect Kennedy's interest in urban planning and in Vancouver's civic political scene.

Non-competition venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning and use of non-competition venues and issues related to the venues and sites, including:

BC Place - Opening and closing ceremonies and medal ceremonies International Broadcast Centre (aka Vancouver Convention Centre) Vancouver Information centre Sea to Sky centre - Visitor information/presentation centre

Records include correspondence, studies, reports and planning documents.

Northern Pacific Railway

Subseries consists of photographs of Northern Pacific Railway steam, diesel, road and yard locomotives, switchers and assorted cars.

Older letters in Chinese

Most of the older letters were not opened when the records were acquired. These letters were addressed to Wing Sang Co. to be passed on to a third party. They remained with the Yip family because there was no way of tracing the addressee. Letters from each year were tied and wrapped together. File titles have been transcribed from those wrappers. The sealed letters were opened in September 1993 by the project archivist and a subsequent content note of those undelivered letters follows:
The correspondence consists of approximately 600 letters in old style Chinese. They came from various parts of the world: China (mainly from Hong Kong and Guangdong Province), United States of America (New York, Seattle, Oregon, Chicago, and California), Canada (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Gainsbora, Regina, Victoria, and Port Moody), and Mexico. The addressees were either new arrivals in Vancouver or those who had been in Vancouver for some time. To the new arrivals, most letters were either notices of money sent to cover their journey expenses from their relatives or friends, or letters enquiring about their life in the new world. To those who had been in Vancouver for some time, letters were mostly routed via Hong Kong and written by family members or relatives (parents, wives, brothers or sisters, and uncles), requesting them to send their savings to cover their family expenses back home.
Other issues dealt with in these letters are: urging the addressees to come back home no matter what (for instance, wives informed their husbands of their hard life at home and their longing for them to be home; elderly father insisted his son come back and carry on his business at home; young sons and daughters wrote their father who got ill in Vancouver, begging him to come see doctors and recover back home; mother or uncle urged their son or nephew to come back home to get married); parents reminding their sons to be always hardworking and thrifty and never take to gambling or other bad habits while away from home; enquiries about the procedures to enter Vancouver, or the possibility of borrowing money for starting a new business or realizing the journey in mind to the West; accounts of happenings in their homeland (such as war, famine, and soaring price of food products); complaints from senior family members to the son for not sending money home for months; enquiries of those from Chinese communities in other parts of China about job opportunity in Vancouver; explanations of being unable to send out the amount of money as requested, or notices of the repayment of money borrowed.

Olympic Village venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning and development of Olympic Villages in Vancouver and Whistler, including the Vancouver Olympic Village, Whistler Media Village, and Whistler Athlete's Centre. Records include correspondence, proposals, planning documents, briefing notes, reports, site investigations, archaeological assessments and other documents.

On file at City Clerk's Office

Subseries consists of internal reports (City Manager's reports, etc.) and submissions from the public on a wide variety of topical issues, such as bus routes, light rapid transit planning, heritage designation, among many others brought before Council, all constituting Council minutes supporting documents. Submissions by community organizations were particularly common. During this 1976-1980 period the phrase "On file at City Clerk's Office" within City Council minutes indicated a reference to these records.


Subseries consists of records pertaining to a number of operational activities of the Fire Department. Subjects include equipment and apparatus; firehalls and fire boats; dispatch and communication; and uniforms.

Operational location case files

This subseries is the most substantial and significant of the series. It includes correspondence, architectural plans, building specifications, reports and surveys, tenders, consultants' reports, and minutes of meetings. Case files relate to properties constructed and/or maintained by the City. The construction of several Vancouver landmarks such as City Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Playhouse, the Vancouver Public Library, the City Archives, the Planetarium and Maritime and Centennial Museum is extensively documented. Information on many community centres, firehalls and service buildings can also be found. Given an arrangement by the project archivist. Arranged alphabetically by case file title and chronologically within each division.

Operational subject files

Subseries consists of files generated by all Board divisions pertaining to Board operations not specific to a certain location. The records reflect the Board's involvement with community and cultural services, games and sports, recreational fcilities, property planning and development and social services.

Operational subjects

Series contains information on many properties outside the jurisdiction of the divisions and on societies and organizations associated with the properties within their jurisdiction. Arranged alphabetically by file title.


Subseries consists of correspondence, newsletters, amendments to constitutions and bylaws, and other records pertaining to external organizations.

Oscar Henry Solibakke correspondence

Subseries consists of correspondence maintained by Oscar Henry Solibakke, Fiscal Agent for the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company. Records include letters received, copies of letters sent, as well as accompanying materials such as reports, notices, lists of shares and shareholders, ledger sheets showing employees' wages and board expenses, ledger sheets showing sales of shares, and other records.

Other organizations

Subseries consists of records pertaining to external organizations in which the Arts Council played a significant role or with which it cooperated in the delivery of programs. Records include minutes, reports, correspondence, conference materials, requests for grants, lists, organizational information, etc.

Ozama Sugar Plantation and Factory reports

Subseries consists of records documenting the day-to-day operations of the Ozama Sugar Plantation and Factory in the Dominican Republic.

The large majority of the records consist of the production and operations reports submitted to the BC Sugar head office in Vancouver on a regular basis. During the production seaon (approximately January to June each year) the reports were submitted weekly. At other times the reports were submitted every two or three weeks. The reports include general remarks on operations, comments and statistics on weather, equipment reports, labour productivity statistics, notes on sugar cane planting and harvesting, reports on the work of various units at the Factory, and cane processing production data.

The sub-series also includes records relating to the sale of Ozama, specifically preparation for the sale, including assessments of factory assets.

Pamela Hawthorn's correspondence

Subseries contains incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to a wide range of The New Play Centre activities involving the Artistic and Managing Director, Pamela Hawthorn.

Paralympic Sports

Subseries contains records relating to the activities of the Paralympic Sports work group.

Records include promotional materials, agendas, minutes, reports, memorandums, and work plans.

Parks Board

Subseries includes minutes, correspondence, financial statements, and related materials pertaining to Bertram Emery's involvement with the Parks Board.

Partner Relations

Subseries contains records relating to BidCorp's partner entities, including the City of Vancouver, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the COA/COC, the Provincial Government of British Columbia, and the Government of Canada.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, contracts, reports, and resolutions.

Payroll records

Subseries consists of records documenting the payment of salaries and pensions, and aggregate accounting for payroll and other staff related expenses.

The records include early company payroll books listing non-refinery staff and their salary payments, as well as later aggregate accounting records for payroll and other staff-related costs. The sub-series also includes a small run of pension payment listings.

Perpetual calendar

Subseries consists of a perpetual calendar compiled by J.S. Matthews documenting events of note in the hisory of Vancouver. The calendar includes notes for the years 1792 to 1968, with several gaps beyond 1949.

Personal files

Subseries consists of records of Major Matthews' personal life. These comprise correspondence with friends and family, estate records of family members, private property records, wills, Matthews' wartime records, and family photographs. Includes the vital records of Major Matthews and family, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates.

Personal files

Subseries consists of correspondence and personal essays, as well as photographs, correspondence, notes and reviews related to his books "Vancouver Tomorrow" and "Vancouver - Fight For It or Lose It". Arranged alphabetically.

Personal financial records

Subseries consists of records created and received by H.P. Archibald in the course of managing his personal financial matters, such as income tax and investment matters. Records include correspondence, investment statements, tax statements, and other records.

Personal subject files

Subseries consists of files created by Archibald based upon various subjects relevant to his personal life and finances, as well as his work as an instructor at the University of British Columbia. Records include correspondence, insurance records, membership card, meeting notices, U.B.C. lecture notes and related drawings, pamphlets, and other records.


Subseries consists primarily of correspondence regarding staffing issues, including job competitions and training.

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