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Dealing of the Deck

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Dealing of the Deck' at Celebrities Nightclub. The theme was 'house of cards' and the event was sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(2:15) Holly Bear (GVNCS) - song
(10:10) Byron Longclaws (GVNCS) - song
(15:00) BeBe (GVNCS) - song
(19:35) Darcy Dark - song
(23:15) Milan - song
(28:00) Tara Nova - song
(33:05) [Rory] Gordon - song
(39:10) Cheryl - song
(43:30) Jackie Valdez - song
(48:30) Paige Turner - song
(53:05) Moka Cream -song
(57:10) Claudia - song
(1:08:30) Myria Le Noir - MC
(1:09:20) Ms. Adrian, Sister C, D & R Clothing - dance routine and fashion show
(1:15:15) Poly Ester - song
(1:20:15) Ruby Stone - song
(1:25:35) Glenn and Diana Rose - song
(1:34:15) Imelda Mae Santos - song
(1:39:20) Wanda Wacko - song
(1:47:50) Myria Le Noir - song
(1:53:30) Judy Jive - song
(2:00:20) Richard [Boulier] - song
(2:05:25) Sumi Sashay

Departing China

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in both Hong Kong and Victoria, capturing Japanese costumes for a Hong Kong film; sampans floating down a river as a crowd watches from the shore; shots of the Scott family's dogs; a large steam ship departing; a cat sitting upon the Daily Colonist, a Victoria newspaper; and Douglas Scott's wife by the water.

Dev funeral and Habitat [Ireland State Funeral, Vancouver Habitat Forum '76 early setup]

Item is a film showing scenes from a funeral procession [possibly in Ireland], blurry shots of a television screen, a house on a coastal cliff and the ocean, views of the North Shore Mountains from the Habitat grounds at dawn, hangars and lumber at Habitat grounds prior to setup of Habitat.

Dog Creek round-up

Item is an amateur film documenting roping, tying down, and branding cattle. Film documents men on horseback rounding up cattle, and briefly shows Col. Victor and Gertrude Spencer, and children John Fife and Elizabeth Ann. Accompanying note reads, "Dog Creek Round Up Cattle mostly brand[ing]". Note is ripped.

Dolly Varden Mine 2

Item is an amateur film documenting Mount Dolly Varden and men hiking in the forest, a picnic with competitions including races and tug-of-war, and children playing on a beach.

Dot Party

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the 3rd Annual Dot Party hosted by Bill Monroe. Performers include ted northe, [Teddy LaTour], Polly Ester, Myria LeNoir, Iris, Chris Peterson, [Fistful of Crinolines], [Ray Armour], Ms. Daisy, Ms. Ginger, Eleanor, [Bella Blossom] and the Glossettes, [Bo Vine]. Performances are followed by the announcement of the new Ms. Dot.

Doug Hall's Show for Emperor 23

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Doug Hall's Show for Emperor 23' at the Dufferin Hotel, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(01:35) Gordon Newman introduction of MC Myria Le Noir
(2:50) Myria - song
(6:00) Introduction of Doug Hall
(7:50) Wanda Fuca - song
(12:00) Introduction of Gina Hormone (Empress 16)
(13:00) Doug Hall - song
(17:20) Ms.. Adrian - song
(23:50) Wilma Fingerdew - Empress of Regina - song
(31:50) Missy Le Moo - Empress of Saskatchewan - song
(36:40) Introduction of GVNCS Chief XVII Maquinna (Ivan)
(37:30) Diana Star - song
(42:15) Larry Gordon - song
(46:50) Ruby Stone - song
(52:40) Beverley X - song
(56:00) K.D. (Miss GVNCS) - song
(59:35) Zoey - song
(1:03:40) Carlotta Gurl - song
(1:07:50) Donny Hamilton - song

Downtown : the issues -

Item is a documentary film documenting the transportation and population issues that impact access to downtown Vancouver. Film contains scenes of the Granville Street Bridge, and people walking along a beach and around city streets.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden - a friendly bridge

Item is a documentary on the construction of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. The first section discusses the development of the classical garden in Suzhou, its history, and its purposes. This narration is illustrated with footage of morning scenes of streets and parks, the Yangzi River, and several gardens in the city. The second and much longer section covers the construction of the Vancouver garden. Footage of the construction is combined with narration describing the process; with emphasis throughout placed on how little the construction of the garden has changed since the Song Dynasty in the use of hand tools, traditional building methods, and traditional materials.

Specific stages of construction examined are the importing of the materials from China, the construction of the pillars and the assembling of the pavilions, clay tile roofing and roof finishing, the placement of Lake Tai rocks and the thin tall stones, the courtyard paving and internal tiling, the ‘leak window’ construction, and the construction and finishing work of the screens and railings in the carpentry shop. Also included is a short interview with Joe Wai, project architect, in which he discusses the background of the garden project. The documentary concludes with footage of the opening ceremony with a Chinese delegation, and footage of the completed garden.

Drop In- CBC [Sweeney Cooperage Ltd. barrel manufacturing]

Item is a film containing a television spot produced by CBC in 1972. Hosted by Pat Rose and Susan Anderson. Bob Oudenaarden takes them on a tour through the Sweeney Cooperage, and demonstrates the barrel making process from log to barrel, with a focus on the construction of the oak barrel and their various uses. Contributors include: "The Entier Ensemble" (music), David Kendall (writer), Victor Miles (designer), Charlotte Trende (costumes), Beverley Takeuchi (makeup), Jim Ellis (lighting), Ralph Parker (audio), Ken Lowe (technical producer), Ray Hazzon (executive producer), and Bill White (producer).

EXPO 86 - 4-30 sec. commercials - Produced by Yaletown Productions Inc. For Government of Canada - External Affairs

Item is the original. "Expo 86 PSA No. 1" [Public service announcement] produced by Yaletown Productions for the Government of Canada External Affairs Department. Film has four thirty second commericals advertising Expo 86. The commercials feature footage of Vancouver and British Columbia highlighting the city, nature, tourist activities and the Expo site.

Earlscourt in color

Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer children and friends playing on the lawn of the family ranch at Lytton, B.C. Film also documents family and workers cleaning the swimming pool. Accompanying note reads, "Earlscourt in color - good 1937".

Earthquakes in Canada

Item was produced by Yaletown Productions for Emergency Preparedness Canada with assistance from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Knowledge Network and the UBC Department of Civil Engineering. 1987 Minister of Supply and Services Canada.

Easter at Ozama

Item is a family film shot between 1953 and 1954. Footage was mostly shot at Ozama in the Dominican Republic and includes many shots of Alix Cherniavsky as a baby with her parents Peter and Ann Cherniavsky. Also shown are Ozama locals singing and playing, people swimming and a Christmas party.

Eating for a healthy baby

Item is a video recording of an educational program entitled "Eating for a Healthy Baby," produced by the Vancouver Health Department. The program provides information about healthy food choices for expecting mothers, and covers topics including Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating; the food groups; examples of healthy meals, with a focus on Indian cuisine; protein intake for vegetarians; educational pregnancy programs; intake of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; and diet considerations while breastfeeding.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

Economic Development - [the electronic and aerospace industry in Vancouver - reel no.1]

Film contains raw footage shot for use in the production of "Economic Development." Includes footage of workers constructing circuit boards (motherboards), close-ups of circuit boards, other technology industry related shots, a man working on mapping computer on a boat, and other machines processing and being inspected by workers.

Electric City / Neon Madman - Neon

Item is raw camera footage shot for the never completed film which was tentatively titled "Neon Madman" or "Electric City." Includes night street scenes featuring neon lights on Granville Street and Georgia Street, including: Movieland Arcade, Sam's, the Orpheum, Vogue Theatre, Bowmac and more. Also includes scenes of traffic, and shop windows.

Electric City / Neon Madman - Neon -7381 print from 7381 - L40 from L 0-50-50 B wind (pos)

Item is processed footage for the never completed film which was tentatively titled "Neon Madman" or "Electric City." Film has been colour manipulated. Footage includes scenes of downtown Vancouver, neon signs, traffic, pedestrians, and store window displays. Some scenes of Granville Street looking South toward Eatons, footage also shows the 'Bowmac' neon sign and many others.

Electronic Industry promo [tional short] - "Consider the Reasons"

Item was created from the "Economic Development" (1992) 16mm, colour, raw footage (90 minutes); footage of the electronic and aerospace industry around Vancouver. From this and other footage from Yaletown Productions, two programs were edited for the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Economic Development, Small Business and Trade. Film has a music soundtrack and has captions throughout.

Emperor's 1995 Turnabout

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the 'In Town Show' sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society at the Dufferin Hotel.
Part one of the show appears to be missing/not recorded and the tape ends abruptly after 20 minutes.

Contents index:
(0:00) Claudia - song
(3:20) Tiffany - song
(5:50) Sumi Sashay - song
(10:40) Kristy Krunt - live song (about Venus de Mylar)
(14:20) Darshun Hall and Tara Nova - song

Emperor's Charity Dinner/Number's Show

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the Emperor's Dinner, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society at Doll and Penny's Cafe. The event was a fundraiser for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. After the dinner, the audience and performers moved to Numbers Cabaret.

Contents index:
Doll and Penny's Cafe -
(00:00) Interior of Doll and Penny's Cafe
(05:00) Head table introduced
(06:30) Ms. Adrian (MC) - song

(10:15) Venus de Mylar - song
(15:45) Beverley X - song
(18:00) Dana Lee Phillips - song
(21:05) Tara Nova - song
(26:55) Millie - song
(32:15) Diana Rose - song
(38:10) Wanda Fuca - song
(44:10) Doug Hall

Numbers Cabaret -
(58:05) Myria - song
(1:00:30) Millie - song
(1:03:40) Beverley X - song
(1:06:20) Venus de Mylar - song
(1:12:05) Ineda Drink - song
(1:17:25) Rebecca - song
(1:21:25) Wanda Fuca - song
(1:25:10) Paige Turner - song
(1:29:10) Judy Jive - song
(1:33:20) Tara Nova - song
(1:39:05) Diana Rose - song
(1:46:00) Doug Hall - song

Empress of Scotland Branksome trip

Item is an amateur film documenting Isabell Louise Spencer and her grandmother, Isabell Winch boarding a train, and departing aboard a ship from King Edward Pier in Montreal. Film documents women and Col. Victor Spencer aboard the ship. Accompanying notes read, "Empress of Scotland Branksome trip. 1st half rewound" and "Leaving Van and Montreal - Musee Station practice (?) with such Mrs. Rupa (?) Pirce Turner Smith, Sorenson etc. Belle Isle".

Energy packed : the story of cane sugar

Item is a documentary film entitled "Energy Packed: the Story of Cane Sugar," presented by B.C. Sugar Refining Company and directed/produced by Lloyd Stump. The film, originally shot in 1975, documents the process by which consumer sugar products, such as white sugar, brown sugar, syrup, sugar cubes, and sucrose, are made, starting from the growth and harvest of sugar cane and ending with the packaging of final products.

English Bay Yacht Races & Cruise Buccaneer Bay - May 24/34

Item is an amateur film documenting sailing yacht racing. The sailing yacht with the white hull is Eric Hamber's 'Lady Van' that won the Lipton Cup in 1934. The film also shows footage of Mrs. E. W. Hamber full-front and together with several unidentified male and female companions ending a bathing party, boarding a vessel and chatting on deck.

Entertainer/Ultima drag competition [tape 1]

Item is a video cassette containing the first two sets of the Entertainer of the Year/Ultima Drag competition sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society and held at Celebrities Nightclub.

Contents index:
(2:37) Introductions and announcements by MC Rochelle
(5:45) Kristy Krunt - live song
(8:16) Paige Turner - song
(13:33) Joan-E - song
(23:30) Cheryl - song
(27:40) Iris - song
(33:52) Sister Clitoris - song
(40:10) Judy Jive - song
(47:45) Venus de Mylar - song
(51:18) Wanda Wacko - song
(58:06) Myria la Noir - song

Entertainer/Ultima drag competition [tape 2]

Item is a video cassette containing the third and final set of the Entertainer of the Year/Ultima Drag competition sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society and held at Celebrities Nightclub.

Contents index:
(4:48) Ruby Stone - song
(13:11) Hot Rod - song
(20:06) "So Sumi" (AKA Sumi Sashay) - song
(25:10) Richard Boulier - song
(32:00) Tiffany - spoken comedy routine (no picture)
(35:45) Queen of Hearts 17 [Ebony] - song
(39:20) Glen - song
(44:43) GVNCS Princess BeBe - song
(50:30) Willi Taylor - song
(55:03) Ian Gardner - live comedy routine and song
(1:01:46) Tara Nova - song
(1:07:40) Rochelle - song
(1:12:20) Kristy Krunt - song
(1:25:20) Candidates for Entertainer of the Year on stage

Eric's video

Item is a videocassette containing the program entitled Eric's Video. The video deals with discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS and discrimination based on sexuality. The video consists of a series of interviews with Rick Waynes, Dinetia Johnson, David, Kenna Fair, Carolyn, Zachery Longboy, Lucy Falkner and Judy Lynne. The interviews were conducted by Michael Andaluz and Peter Stebbings.
Funding and support for the video was provided by Vancouver Health Department, the Health Promotion Directorate Health Services Branch, Health and Welfare Canada through the National AIDS Education Contribution Program. The National Film Board provided facilities assistance.

Erin [birthday party]

Item is a film showing the birthday party of [Erin, the baby] at a house, parents drinking champagne, guests arriving, kids arriving with birthday presents, guest eating in yard. House is possible located on Alma Street [street sign]. Post it note on film box with the address "2160 Trutch Street" written on it.

Ernie and Eva's Wedding

Item is a home movie of a wedding. A bride and groom speak in front of what appear to be wedding presents. They are filmed leaving the house with the family while someone sets off fireworks before they all drive to the ceremony. Part of the ceremony in the church is filmed before the family is again pictured leaving and arriving at the reception hall. The bride and groom pose for photographs before the reception. There is a reception line followed by clips of speeches, dancing and socializing.

Everest - CR 10, 11A, 11

Film contains raw footage of people trying to get a bus unstuck from mud, and the bus passengers standing around outside the bus waiting to get going again; people hiking and carrying large packages; a small rockslide; sherpas with large packages; a goat-herder and goats; people working with technology in an ad hoc office; and monks making sculptures.

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