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Vancouver (B.C.) Armed Forces
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[Group portrait] "C" Company - 6th D.C.O.R.

Men identified (left to right): Front row: Sgt. Hutchison, Sgt. Suffill, Sgt. Major H. Heritage, Sgt. Coffin, Capt. J.H. MacGill, Capt. J.S. Matthews, Lt. G.W. Melhuish, Sgt. W.H. Youhill, Sgt. S.T. Perry, Sgt. Mac, Corp. Bishop, J.E. B. Matthews. Photograph shows the Drill Hall, Beatty Street.

[Group portrait of] Officers 1st Depot Battalion Hastings Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Men identified (left to right): Back row: J.O.F.H. Orr, A.F. Holliwell, J.U. Southin, unidentified, A.H. Middleton, J. Harvey, O.U. Butler, J.A.B. Hoyle, F.G.J. Bezeau, W.V.B. Webb, J. Bushnell. Front row: E.R.M. Cochrane, F.A. Hewer, J.W. Smith, unidentified, Ross, H. St. J. Montizambert, R.H. Tupper, D.E. Carlton, J.D. Beatson, E. Gallaut, H.F. Maskell.

Colonel J.G. Holmes D.O.C. and Officers of the 6th Regiment D.O.C.O.R. at their First Annual Inspection

Group portrait showing left to right: (back row) Captain Frank W. Boultbee, Second Lieutenant Roy Macgowan, Lieutenant Henry C. Akroyd, Captain Charles Gardner Johnson, Second Lieutenant Charles B. Worsnop, Lieutenant A.M. Robertson, Captain John Reynolds Tite, Captain James Duff Stewart; (front row) Second Lieutenant S. Tait, Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Worsnop, Lieutenant Colonel J.G. Holmes, Major Lacey R. Johnson and Second Lieutenant T.N. Dunn

Sergeants' Mess, 6th Regiment, D.C.O.R.

Group portrait showing (left to right): Back row: Sergeant Bugler H. Thicke, Sergeant J. Ward, Sergeant W.J. Elder, Sergeant F. Curtis, Sergeant C.H. Williams, Sergeant O.S. Wakeford, Sergeant S.J. Perry, Sergeant A.C. Forrest, Sergeant A.J. Barwick, Sergeant J. Chapman, Sergeant W.A. Taylor, Caretaker W. Davis; Middle row: Colonel Sergeant W. Morgan, Signal Sergeant R. Mackie, O.R. Colonel Sergeant L.E. Haines, Sergeant Major H. Heritage, Lieutenant Colonel F.W. Boultbee, Q.M. Sergeant F. Kennedy, Colonel Sergeant J. Sperring, Colonel Sergeant R.F. Griffiths, Bearer Sergeant R. McMahon, Bugle Major W.J. Thicke; Front row: Sergeant W.N. Clark, Sergeant G.A. Grant, Mascot, Sergeant S.W. Tanner, Sergeant Selwood

Sergeants' Mess Headquarters' Companies, Sixth Regiment, "The Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles", Vancouver, B.C.

Men identified (left to right): Back row: P. Dyke, R. Murphy, J. Sperring, R.F. Marrion, J. Chapman, W.P. Watson, R.O. Boult, G. Hutchings, C.H. Williams, J. DeGraves, A.E. Austin, W.A. Taylor Second Row: W.S. Latta, W. Morgan, A. Maclean, R. Mackie, A.C. Bundy, F. Kennedy, J.S. Matthews, J. Moscrop, J. Perry, G.W. Melhuish Front row: D.M. Johnstone, J.G.G. Willis, C.W. Hayward, W. Clark

6th Regiment Duke of Connaught's Own Riles Officers - Officers - 1911

Men identified (left to right): Top row: H.B. Scharsmidt, Chas. Milne, C. Gardiner Johnson, H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught, W. Hart-McHarg, W.D.S. Rorison, J.D. Inkster. Second row: G.W. Melhuish, J.S. Tait, J. Reynolds Tite, J. Duff Stewart, H.D. Hulme, G.A. Boult, Anthony Turner. Third row: G.H. Worthington, H.C. Akroyd, Alex Graham, W.H.Forrest, J. Sclater, A. Rowen, J.S. Matthews. Fourth row: W.J. McManus, W.S. Latta, J.H. MacGill, C.C. Owen, P.M. Ferris, R.G. Maxwell, J. Eades Ward. Bottom row: T.V. Scudamore, D.P. Bell-Irving.

Trooping of the colours, 1st British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles) Cambie Street Grounds

Photograph shows Major Yearwood, Captain W. Ponsford, Captain McKay, Captain Carmichael, Colonel Foster, Major Daykin, Major Letson, Major Stead, Major Marsden, Major Matthews, Lt. Letson, Captain Porter, Lt. Cornfield, Lt. Bradley, Major Benfield, Captain Donaghy, Major Haddock, Lt. Knowland, Lt. Armit, Lt. Lundell, Captain Pentreath, Major Leyfield , Lt. Simmonds and Captain Bartlett

["A" Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment in front of the old drill shed (formerly the Imperial Opera House) on Pender Street at the foot of Beatty Street prior departure to South Africa]

Group portrait shows: (in doorway) Henderson, F. Kennedy, W.W. Foster, Cornish, J. Reynolds Tite; left to right (sitting): John Moscrop, A Lohman, H. Neibergall, Otway Wilkie, Robert Mackie, A. Battson, J. Porter Smith, C. Leamy, Charles S. Court, George Wallace, George Neill, Todd, Frederick T. Cornwall, Arthur Carter; (middle row): William I. Scott, John H. Somers, S.W. O'Brien, W. Jackson, George S. Hutchings, J.H. Livingstone, A.J. Nye, W.H. Brooking, Ralph W.J. Lehman, William H. Brethour, James Anderton, John H. Dixon, Frank Dickinson, James Stewart, James W. Jones, Frank Finch-Smiles, R. McCalmont, Henry J.D. Andrews, Sgt. Joseph Northcott; (back row): J.J. Sinclair, Percy Greaves, H.J. Allan, H.W. Bonner, F.W. Whitely, C.C, Thompson, W.D. Wallace, G.B. Corbould, Alexander M. Woods, Seymour H. O'Dell, Clark W. Gamble, Arthur Maundrell, Alexander C. Beach, Henry Smethurst, William H. Stebbings, Cecil M. Roberts

[Australian Military Officers on steps of Court House]

Group portrait showing: (1st row) G.F. Finlay, H.E. Woodman, L.M. Lyons, Major Wynyard-Joss, G.I. Stevenson, C.H. Brand, W. Smith, D.G. Marks, A.H. James, V.J. P. Hennesy, (2nd row) A.V. Richardson, F/G. Giles, H.R. Byrne, A.B. Sandford, J.E. Hindhaugh, J.C. Selmes, E.A. H. Russell, A.W. Davis, G.D. Shaw, B.E. Bardwell, (3rd row) C.A. Pyke, E.S. Sutton, H.C. DeLow, E.W. Hall, H.A. Kuring, I.M. Inglis, H.J. Lane, A.R. Cox, L. Tweedie, unknown, (4th row) A.H. Ludall, G.W. Macartney, H.C. Pearce, C.C. Riddell, J.D. RodgersR.G. Brennan, C.L. Fox and F. Anderson

[Officers of the Seaforth Highlanders]

Group portrait shows Captain Blair, Captain Skelly, Captain C.C. Ferrie, Major Jack Lough, Lieutenant Colonel A.D. Wilson, Major Stevenson, Captain Taafe, Lieutenant Nicholson and others

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