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High-ranking officers of the Canadian Army and governmental officials joined with Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King in welcoming the Honorable J.L. Ralston, Minister of National Defence and the Honorable C.D. Howe, Minister of Munitions and Supply...

Photograph shows (left to right): Major General J.P. Mackenzie, Major General H.F.G. Letson, Lieutenant General Kenneth Stuart, the Prime Minister, Major General J.C. Murchie and Colonel H.A. Dyde

Nelson Telescope Presentation

Group portrait showing (left to right): Wing Commander J.J.A. Crozier, Lieutenant Colonel C. Bailey, Flight Lieutenant L.H. McBride, Wing Commander Pitt Clayton, Commander R.A. Pennington, Commander Henry Bell Irving, Mr. W.A. McAdam, Lieutenant Colonel G.S. Clarke, Brigadier A.T. Maclean and Major A.C.K. Wills

No. 3 Co. 102nd Battalion C.E.F., June 8th, 1916, Comox, B.C.

Group portrait - men identified (left to right): Top row: Woolner, Berkeley, Peck, Robinson, Fitzgerald, Brown, unidentified, Ward, Smith, unidentified, Ryder, Bousline, Robertaille, McKenzie, Kinnear, Orinski, Johnson, Excell, Farby, unidentified, Edmonds, Barton, Piercy, Davidson, Bent, Saudners, McPhee, Robertson, Cameron, Holman, Cherkus, McNeill, Sorenson, unidentified, Peter, Styles Second row: unidentifid, unidentified, Unicume, E. Styles, W.T. Styles, Macdonald, Macauley, Lefley, Silander, Grieve, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Stewart, McKie, Martin, McLellan, Hadfield, Swanson, McNiven, Soames, unidentified, Warrison, M.McLeod, Mills, Burford, Hazen, unidentified, unidentified, Lawler, Lee, Dowd, Tolfree, unidentified, Thompson, unidentified, Bartolemue, Taylor, Simmonds Third row: Leeson, Jackson, Potts, unidentified, Mowat, Horwood, McKinnell, Ballantine, Brill, Georges, Tompkins, Grant, C.W. Dobbs, J.R. Dobbs, Woods, unidentified, Schubert, Boddington, Malone, unidentified, Crowford, Toogood, Watson, Webb, Morrison, unidentified, Baillie, Blower, G. Pratt, unidentified, Blythe, Dancy, unidentified, Whitlock, unidentified, Shore Fourth row: unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Powell, Ford, Harner, Pratt, Moscropt, Weber, Kirby, Garbull, Lynch, Hambledon, Howden, Holbrook, Emslie, Russell, Rowley, McAlpine, Cole, C.W. Dobb, F. Pratt, G.A. Pratt, McCallum, Johnson, R. Main, unidentified, Copeland Front row: Keyes, Gordon, Kilpatrick, Hogar, Wilson, Mills.

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