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Top left plate

Part depicts the upper left hand quadrant of the map, and includes a diagram of the solar system, a table of dimensions of bodies in the solar system, a chart of constellations viewable in the northern hemisphere, text on geographical definiations and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern half of the Americas.

Dunn, Samuel

Scientia terrarum et coelorum

Item is a combination terrestrial and astronomical map, with the earth depicted as the eastern and western hemispheres, with corresponding astronomical hemispheres. The map depicts broders of states, geographical features, cities, routes of prominent voyages. The map is bordered with smaller inset maps of the solar system, the north pole, the south pole, analemma, the moon, and a world map in Mercator's projection.

Dunn, Samuel

Bottom left plate

Part depicts text and accompanying diagram on "the art of dialing by a common globe", a chart of universal scale, a map of the world using Mercator's projection, a map of the southern half of the Americans, descriptions of the various maps and charts, and the left-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth.

Dunn, Samuel

Top right plate

Part depicts a chart of the astronomical latitude & longitude analemma, a table showing values of the place of the sun in the ecliptic & declinatiobn, a chart of the constellations viewable in the southern hemisphere, text on geographical definitions and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern portion of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Dunn, Samuel

Bottom right plate

Part depicts the right-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth, a chart of the Analemma, a chart and accompanying text entitled "the vicissitude of seasons explained", a chart and accompanying text on "the art of dialing by a common globe", and a map of the southern portion of Africa and Asia, as well as Australia.

Dunn, Samuel

George Vancouver, 1757-1798, collection

  • AM1062
  • Item
  • 1783

The collection consists of an original parchment of the commission given by Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney appointing George Vancouver fourth lieutenant of H.M.S. "Fame".

Top left plate

Part is the top left hand quadrant of a map of the Americas, and depicts North America and the north-west portion of South America. The sheet also includes a list of territories and islands in North America and appears to relate to territorial divisions as a result of the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles (1783).

North America

Item is a map showing portions of North American, including New Mexico, Louisiana, and Canada territories; the United States; and Native American tribal areas. The United States is depicted as their pre-revolutionary status and no international boundary is shown between the United Stated and the Canadas.

Lease agreement and Edinburgh Soliders' association articles

File consists of two parchments: one is the Articles of the Society of the Edinburgh City Guards, Soldiers, etc. dated 15 Dec. 1794, and an Indenture for a one-year lease between John Siday and William Purchas [?] with William Godfrey and John Stacye, dated 2nd Feb. 1671.

Captain George Vancouver collection

  • AM649
  • Fonds
  • 1794

The collection consists of a letter dated 2 October 1794, which was written by Vancouver while on board the "Discovery" in Nootka Sound. It was addressed to the father of a midshipman in the crew. The letter deals with business matters, but Vancouver also notes that they were unable to find any northwest passage and therefore they had no reason to remain in the area.

Carta esferica de los reconocimientos hechos en 1782 en la costa n.o. de America para examinar la Entrada de Juan de Fuca, y la internacion de sus canales navegables

Map shows the discoveries made in 1792 on the north-west coast of North American by examining Juan de Fuca Strait and the corresponding navigable channels, prepared for Dionisio Galiano and Captain Valdes, naval captains of the Royal (Spanish) Fleet in the year 1795.

George Vancouver collection : 1790-1795

  • AM747
  • Fonds
  • 1790-1795

The collection consists of copies of records held at the British Library, London, England relating to the voyage of Captain George Vancouver's Discovery and the tender Chatham, 1791-1795. Included in the collection are papers, journals and logbooks.

Chatham (Ship)

G.P. Bainbridge et al. collection

  • AM923
  • Item
  • 1797

The collection consists of a letter dated October 26, 1797 from Captain George Vancouver at Petersham to James Symes requesting correction of sums paid at the Cape of Good Hope, 1791, and Valparaiso, 1795, to several persons. Captain Vancouver used an incorrect exchange rate.

Carte particuliere de la cote du Nord-Ouest de l' Amerique reconnue par les fregates Francaises la Boussole et l'Astrolabe en 1786, 2e. feuille

Item is a map showing the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and Washington and Oregon states as surveyed by French explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup (Laperouse) in 1786, and the routes of his ships Astrolabe and Boussole. The map shows the Pacific coastline from Cap Rond (Tillamook Head) in Oregon at latitude 45 degrees and 40 minutes in the south to Baeie de Clonard (Beresford Bay, northwestern tip of Haida Gwaii) in British Columbia at latitude 54 degrees and 10 minutes in the north. Other major place names on the map include Nootka, Pointe Boisee, Baie St. Louis, Iles de Sartine, Mont Fleurieu, Cap Fleurieu, Cap Hector, Mont de la Touche, Baie de la Touche, and Baie de Clonard. Vancouver Island is shown as part of the mainland. Map includes latitudes and longtitudes as well as indication of elevations. Map is a plate from the "Atlas de Voyage de la Perouse".

Carte de la parte de la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique : recconnue pendant les etes de 1792, 1793 and 1794, depuis 29D 54' de Latitude Nord et 244D 33' de Longitude Orientale, jusqu'au Cap Douglas par 58D 52' de Latitude et 207D 20' de Longitude, par le Ca

Map shows the Pacific Coast from Prince William Sound in the north though the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver Island, Port S. Francisco and Sn. Diego to Sn. Domingo in the south.

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