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Subseries consists of correspondence, reports, and lists which served as exhibits for an enquiry into bootlegging.

Foon and Lillian Wong photographs

Subseries consists of photographs of Lillian and Foon Wong, Vernon and Paul Yee, Gum May Yee, and the Wongs’ family, friends, and associates in Vancouver, Hong Kong, China, and various cities in Canada and the United States.

Wong, Lillian Ho


Subseries consists primarily of correspondence on a variety of subjects and includes invitations, letters of appreciation, complaints, requests for information, records pertaining to the Fire Department Band, and records pertaining to visits by other Fire Departments.


Subseries consists of agendas and minutes of meetings of senior staff of the department and a number of committees, boards and other bodies, both within and outside of the Fire Department.

W.J. Moore Cirkut negatives

Subseries consists of negatives created by W.J. Moore during his career as a commercial photographer specializing in panoramic photography. He worked under his own name and Canadian Photo Company. Photograph subjects include: industries (lumber, sawmills, shipping, ship building, pulp and paper, fishing, canneries, mining and agriculture), transportation (railways, ships and automobiles), landscapes and ocean views, waterfronts, harbours and docks, views, houses, buildings, group portraits (military, police, associations, conventions, employees, and social groups), sports and recreation. Geographic areas represented include: Vancouver, Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, British Columbia and Alberta.

Operational location case files

This subseries is the most substantial and significant of the series. It includes correspondence, architectural plans, building specifications, reports and surveys, tenders, consultants' reports, and minutes of meetings. Case files relate to properties constructed and/or maintained by the City. The construction of several Vancouver landmarks such as City Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Playhouse, the Vancouver Public Library, the City Archives, the Planetarium and Maritime and Centennial Museum is extensively documented. Information on many community centres, firehalls and service buildings can also be found. Given an arrangement by the project archivist. Arranged alphabetically by case file title and chronologically within each division.

Property development

Subseries relates to two types of property: City owned property (its own real estate holdings) and all non-City owned property in Vancouver (as considered through the city planning functions). These files document City Council decision-making on the property related issues brought before it. The work of the Properties Division (later Housing and Properties Department, and later still, the Real Estate Division) is represented in the "City property" sections, while the work of the Planning Department is represented in broad planning issues (e.g. commericial, industrial, and waterfront), as well as the more specific "historical preservation", "local area planning", and "zoning" functions. Properties activities were generally supported by opinions from Engineering and Finance, while Planning activities also involved Engineering, Finance, and Social Planning Departments, as applicable. The subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Beautification and historical preservation;
City property;
City property use;
Commercial and industrial development;
Harbour and waterfront development;
Historical preservation and heritage designation;
Local area planning (includes "zoning and rezoning"); and
Property development ("policy and procedure", "general",
and "Property Endowment Fund").
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Community and environmental protection

Subseries consists of records relating primarily to Council decision-making on Fire and Police matters, but also including by-law enforcement of air and water pollution, garbage disposal, transportation of dangerous goods, noise, sign and billboard control, and a variety of social and global issues. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Community and environmental protection ("policy and procedure",
"general", etc.;
Emergency measures;
Fire protection;
Police protection;
Pollution and waste control; and
Sign and billboard control.
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Civic finance

Subseries consists of Council packages (minutes, Manager's reports, budgets, etc.), and a small volume of submissions from internal departments and external organizations, all relating to City Council financial decision-making. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Assessments and taxation;
Civic finance ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Estimates and budgets;
Revenues; and
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Trade and industry

Subseries consists of records relating to inter-departmental and Council involvement in promoting economic development in Vancouver, further to the increased profile of the city during Expo 86. (In 1977 the Industrial Development Office was established (it was soon called the Economic Development Office, and in 1978 the Business Advisory Board (later called the Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission) began meeting; see the related records field below.) Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions (which are further subdivided):
Small business;
Tourism; and
Trade and industry ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.)
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Culture, health and recreation

Subseries consists of records relating to functional units of the City including the Health Department, the Board of Parks and Recreation, the Vancouver Public Library, the Civic Theatres Department, and the general issues associated with these functional areas, as they came before Council for decision-making or information purposes. Also included are files pertaining to the primary special events held in Vancouver (e.g. Expo 86, the Sea Festival, etc.). Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Civic theatres;
Community centres;
Cultural matters;
Culture, health and recreation ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Employment programs and welfare schemes (to 1978 only);
Health and welfare;
Recreation and parks; and
Special events.
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Commercial regulations

Subseries contains documents supporting Council decision-making on issues relating to permits and licenses applications, permits and licenses violations, hours of business violations, and vehicles for hire (e.g. taxis and towing vehicles) applications and violations: those cases which required ruling by Council according to existing by-laws. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Commercial regulations ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Permits/licenses applications;
Permits/licenses violations;
Shopping hours / hours of business; and
Vehicles for hire.
Records include Council minutes, Manager's reports, correspondence from applicants, petitions and correspondence from the public, inter-departmental correspondence, and occasionally, a variety of records put forward as exhibits or appendices. Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Civic grants and loans

Subseries consists of documents relating to City Council decision-making on the City's grants to social services organizations, cultural organizations, recreational organizations, and others. Included with some applications are submissions from the applicants. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Civic grants and loans ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Community services grants;
Cultural grants;
Other grants;
Recreational grants;
Environmental grants; and
Child Care grants.
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Survey 1 - buildings

Subseries consists of 75 rolls of film, arranged by roll number; a contact print of each roll; and the photographer's list of images for each roll.

Planning Department photographs

Subseries consists of records documenting the Planning Department's continuation of the Shaughnessy landscape and architectural inventory initiated by Robert. G. Lemon Architecture and Preservation for the Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners Association.

The records consist of ca. 4,000 photographs on 4"x 6" index cards showing exterior frontal views of houses, arranged alphabetically by street name, followed by numbered avenues in numerical order. Contact sheets and negatives are also included. Documented is the area from 33rd Avenue to 57th Avenue between East Boulevard and Oak Street.

Consultant's data forms with photographs

Subseries consists of records documenting the Second Shaughnessy and Third Shaughnessy photographic inventories conducted by students working for Robert G. Lemon Architects.

Records consist of data sheets which include information on the style, architect, date of construction, heritage classification, number of storeys, and accessory buildings for various properties, as well as a photograph. Photographs taken by Robert Lemon and assistants. The area documented is from King Edward Avenue to 41st Avenue between Maple Street and Oak Street.

Supplementary paperwork

Subseries contains the original Engineering slide inventory of 1973 - 1986 and cross-reference lists for photographs described in the Engineering Slide collection. The lists cross-reference the Engineering slide number with the CVA photograph reference number.

Olympic Village venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning and development of Olympic Villages in Vancouver and Whistler, including the Vancouver Olympic Village, Whistler Media Village, and Whistler Athlete's Centre. Records include correspondence, proposals, planning documents, briefing notes, reports, site investigations, archaeological assessments and other documents.

Venue development records

Subseries contains records documenting VANOC's overall venue development programme. Records are related to the general oversight of all venue construction, not specific details of particular venues. Records include project plans, construction progress reports, timelines, budget information, project management tools, schedules, correspondence and similar material.

Non-competition venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning and use of non-competition venues and issues related to the venues and sites, including:

BC Place - Opening and closing ceremonies and medal ceremonies International Broadcast Centre (aka Vancouver Convention Centre) Vancouver Information centre Sea to Sky centre - Visitor information/presentation centre

Records include correspondence, studies, reports and planning documents.

Whistler competition venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning, design and construction competition venues in the Whistler region and Callaghan Valley, including:

Whistler Arena - proposed Sledge Hockey venue Whistler Blackcomb - Apline Skiing Whistler Creekside - Alpine Skiing Whistler Olympic Park - Biathlon, Cross-country Skiing, Nordic Combined, and Ski Jumping (aka Whistler Nordic Centre)
*Whistler Sliding Centre - Bosleigh, Luge and Skeleton

Records include correspondence, plans, reports, designs, studies, environmental and archaeological assessments, and other related documents.

Marketing and sales records

Subseries contains records documenting VANOC's marketing, sponsorship and sales activities, including general marketing, use of mascots in association with advertising and sponsorship, provision of services to sponsors, communication of rights and benefits to licensed suppliers. A substantial portion of the records relate to brand protection - efforts by VANOC to prevent unauthorized use of VANOC emblems, imagery and trademarks, and to thwart so-called "ambush marketing" by businesses not officially associated with the Games.

Look and Creative Services records

Subseries contains records documenting the development and management of VANOC's visual image and identity as represented in images, logos, pictograms, mascots and other visual symbols associated with the Games. Includes records related to the development of the overall "look" of the Games, conduct of design competitions, and development of Olympic and Paralympic emblems and mascots.

Legal matters records

Subseries contains records related to the management and administration of VANOC's legal affairs, including management of contracts and agreements, administration, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights associated with the Olympics, legacy matters related to the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation and incorporation of VANOC, and litigation. Subseries also includes records related to the governance of VANOC, including the meetings of the Board of Directors and various sub-committees.

Culture and Ceremonies records

Subseries contains records documenting the planning and execution of ceremonies and cultural events conducted by VANOC during the games. Includes records related to the participation in the Torino (2006) Games closing ceremonies, opening, closing, and medal ceremonies for the 2010 games, and Cultural Olympiad and Olympic Live sites (free performing arts events including theatre, dance, music, etc. conducted as one of the three "pillars" of the Games - sport, culture and environment - identified by the IOC.

Vancouver competition venues records

Subseries contains records documenting the design and construction of competition and training venues in and around Vancouver, including:

Cypress Mountain - Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Canada Hockey Place - Hockey (aka GM Place; renamed as Rogers Arena in June 2010) Pacific Coliseum - Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating) Vancouver Olympic/Paralympic Centre Curling and Wheelchair Curling (aka Hillcrest Community Centre) Killarney Arena - training facility Richmond Olympic Oval - Speed Skating
*UBC Winter Sports Centre - Ice Hockey and Sledge Hockey (renamed as Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre in August 2009)

Records include proposals, designs, project reports, environmental assessments, and post-games planning documents.

Torch relay records

Subseries contains records documenting the development, planning and execution of the Olympic Torch Relay that took place from October 30, 2009 to February 12, 2010. Records include route requests, route planning guides, community recognition guides, a database of torchbearers, correspondence, complaints, and sponsorship information.

Vancouver Centennial congratulatory messages

Subseries consists of congratulatory messages from 41 cities and proclamations from 10 cities regarding the Vancouver Centennial. Arranged into two categories: congratulatory messages and proclamations, and in no apparent order within each division.

Invitation cards

This subseries contains invitation cards which are addressed exclusively to Kew Dang and his family for such occasions as wedding celebrations and new baby's one month celebration ceremony.

Gay Games reference material

Sub-series consists of records informing the formation of the Metropolitan Vancouver Athletic and Arts Association and the subsequent organization of Celebration ’90, the Gay Games that were held in Vancouver in 1990.

The sub-series includes documents that were obtained from San Francisco Arts & Athletics, including copies of administrative records and materials that were generated for Gay Games I and II in San Francisco.

The records include correspondence, agendas and minutes, notes, promotional materials, informational packages, ephemera related to Gay Games I and II, rules and regulations for participants, Gay Games II event results, and records relating to the legal dispute between the United States Olympic Committee and San Francisco Arts & Athletics.

Minutes and associated records

Subseries consists of records documenting the executive management of the MVAAA and high-level planning of athletic and other events staged by the MVAAA.
This subseries consists of records relating to meetings of the Board of Directors of the MVAAA and its various committees, including its Gay Games Marketing, Sports, Fundraising, Membership, Management Information, Outreach, Finance, Publicity, Cultural, Public Relations and Steering committees.

Records include agendas, minutes, reports, and memorandums, as well as their associated documents.

Administrative records

Sub-series consists of records documenting the formation and administration of the Metropolitan Vancouver Athletic and Arts Association (MVAAA).

Records include policies, organizational charts, and financial information.

Good Citizen award files

Subseries consists of letters of nomination for Vancouver's Good Citizen of the year award, biographies of nominees and winners, newsclippings, lists of the Good Citizens, and programs and correspondence concerning the annual special appreciation day to honour Vancouver's Good Citizen of the year. In 1922, the Native Sons, Post No. 2, began awarding the Good Citizen Medal to a citizen chosen for "his or her sterling qualities of good citizenship." The first recipient of the annual award was J.H. Carlisle, the City's first fire chief and head of the Fire Department for 43 years. The post continues to be awarded annually.

Greater Vancouver Venues

Subseries contains records relating to the activities of the Greater Vancouver Venues Plan Work Group. This administrative group was tasked with analysing potential Olympic sporting venues within the Greater Vancouver area.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, presentations, reports, copies of architectural plans, cost analyses, and feasibility studies.

Manitoba Sugar Co. Ltd. construction and maintenance records

Sub-series consists of architectural drawings and one map documenting the construction of the Manitoba Sugar Refinery Ltd. refinery at Fort Garry, Manitoba in 1941, and subsequent maintenance to the plant.

Records include elevations, floor plans, and sections of the following buildings: Scale House, Beet Pulp Warehouse, Office Building, Storage Building, Boiler House, Dryer Building, Power House, Sugar Storage Building, and Manufacturing Building. The map is a plan of the refinery site.

Manitoba Sugar Company

Philip T. Timms photographs

Subseries consists of photographs collected by the Vancouver Museum which were created by photographer Philip T. Timms, or were otherwise connected to the Timms family. Subseries consists of photograph on a number of subjects, including: buildings (such as churches, retail stores, banks, and commercial buildings); construction scenes; street scenes (mostly of Downtown Vancouver areas); parks (especially sites in Stanley Park and on Bowen Island); ships and harbours; geological phenomona (such as sand drifts and rock formations); natural history images (such as trees and coastal areas); the Fraser Midden archaeological site; and other areas. Subseries also includes photographs of people and groups, including: church choirs and other groups; parades; people engaged in recreational activities; and members of the Timms family, including Philip Timms.

Timms, Philip T.

Collected publications

Subseries consists of publications collected by H.P. Archibald in connection to his interests as an engineer. Included are: publications of the governments of British Columbia, Canada, and the United States; publications regarding specific engineering projects; journals relating to engineering, waterworks, and mining; and various magazines.

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