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Business files

Subseries consists of files compiled by Archibald around specific client companies, associations, and projects. Files include notes, sketches and drawings, photographs, correspondence, receipts, invoices, reference materials, and other records.

Business license case files

Subseries consists of letters of appeal, correspondence with the City Clerk, and relevant excerpts from Council "in camera" minutes, all relating to Council's "in camera" function as the appeal body to the business licensing decisions made by the License Inspector. Arranged alphabetically by name of appellant.

Business records

Subseries consists of business records of Wing Sang Co. and Yip Sang Co. The records reveal the Yip family members' involvement with the following businesses: Kew Dang with salt herring packing business; Yip Qipeng, Kew Ming, Kew Yacht, and Kew Sheck with Remittance Co.; Kew Dang and Kew Yacht with Shanghai service gas station; Yip Kew Him with the bake shop Canada Cafe and Keu Hing Co.; Quene Yip as insurance agent; and Men Yip with Sonny's Marketaria. A substantial portion of the records are those of remittance transactions from Vancouver to Hong Kong.

CBC scripts

Subseries consists of scripts submitted to CBC television and produced for their series "Lies from Lotusland". They are arranged alphabetically by the author's name.

CKVU scripts

Subseries consists of scripts or proposals which were submitted to CKVU. They are arranged alphabetically by author's name.


Subseries contains records relating to BidCorp's interactions with the COA/COC.

Records include correspondence, reports, and brochures.

Callaghan Valley

Subseries contains records relating to the Callaghan Valley work group.

Records types include agendas, correspondence, memorandums, presentations, reports, copies of architectural plans, maps, cost analyses, RFP responses, impact assessments, and feasibility studies.

Canadian National Railway

Subseries consists of photographs of Canadian National Railway steam, diesel, passenger, yard and freight locomotives and assorted cars (cabooses, heat cars and coaches).

Canadian Pacific Railway

Subseries consists of photographs of Canadian Pacific Railway steam, diesel, passenger, yard and freight locomotives and assorted cars.

Categorical files

Subseries consists of records relating to various categories of subjects associated with Vancouver and with British Columbia in general. Arrangement is alphabetical first by subject category, then by subcategory, then by file title.

Celebrations research files

Subseries consists of records pertaining to research carried out by the Vancouver Centennial Commission with regard to similar celebrations held in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Records include correspondence and reports pertaining to research conducted into the preparation for celebrations in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Texas, Boston, Philidelphia, Johannesburg and Australia.
Records in this subseries were originally arranged into the following five filing blocks: Celebrations research - general; Celebrations research - B.C.; Celebrations research - Canada; Celebrations research - U.S.A.; and Celebrations research - international.

Centennial Commission files

Subseries consists of correspondence, minutes, reports and other records relating to Vancouver Centennial Commission legislation, organization, goals, policies and procedures, planning activities and membership, as well as records of the Executive, Personnel, Archives, Search and Finance committees and the Commission Task Force.
Subseries is arranged into the following filing blocks: Commission composition & structure; Administrative committees; Reports to City Council / City Manager / Finance Committee; Task forces; and Early Commission planning.

Centennial program prints, photographs, and congratulatory messages

Subseries consists of prints, photographs, and congratulatory messages sent to Mayor Harcourt and the City of Vancouver from other North American cities in response to a letter inviting cities to take part in the Vancouver Centennial. The idea was proposed by the Vancouver Centennial Commission and sponsored by Federal Express Co. as their gift to the city.

Centennial project recommendations and listings

Subseries consists of recommendations for Centennial project and mini-grant endorsement, as well as various listings of endorsed projects. Includes listings of projects by type of event, by date of event, numerically by project number, alphabetically by project name, and alphabetically by sponsor name.

Central office correspondence

The subseries consists of correspondence of the P.N.E. central office. Records include letters received, copies of letters sent, and accompanying materials, such as reports and notices. Records relate to: P.N.E. buidings (Administration building, B.C. building, Empire Stadium, Forum, Garden building), grants and expenditures, events (such as football, hockey, lacrosse, ice skating shows), and other topics.

Christ Church Cathedral redevelopment plan

Subseries consists of correspondence, briefs and reports re the 1972 proposal to demolish Christ Church Cathedral and redevelop the property. Arranged by subject and chronologically within each subject.

City Council

Subseries consists of records relating to Bertram Emery's involvement with City Council and includes minutes, briefs, correspondence, texts of City Hall Reports (broadcast on C-FUN radio), and subject files of issues and events and of involvements with external institutions.

City departments

Subseries consists of correspondence, memos and minutes pertaining to other City departments, both generated and received by the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chiefs.

Civic Arts Committee

Subseries consists of records of the Civic Arts Committee and relate to the Arts Council's involvement in a number of civic development projects such as downtown development, city streets, public builidings, etc. Records includes minutes, correspondence, maps, plans, briefs, reference materials, comment books, etc. The records are arranged according to original filing system.

Civic administration

Subseries consists of records relating to administrative matters of the City at large, including general administration (e.g. organization and structure), Council chamber and personnel matters, civic and non-civic celebratory events (including sister city liaison), and administrative functional areas of the City including Personnel, Law, and Communications. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Civic administration ("policy and procedure", "general", etc);
Civic flag, emblems, etc.;
Civic recognition and functions;
Legal matters;
Mayor and Council;
Personnel; and
Sister cities.
Arranged alphabetically by file title and therein by start year.

Civic decorations files

Subseries consists of correspondence, reports, research material, minutes, photographs, plans and other records relating to civic decorations for the Centennial year. Includes records pertaining to street banners and proposals for decorations.

Civic finance

Subseries consists of Council packages (minutes, Manager's reports, budgets, etc.), and a small volume of submissions from internal departments and external organizations, all relating to City Council financial decision-making. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Assessments and taxation;
Civic finance ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Estimates and budgets;
Revenues; and
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Civic grants and loans

Subseries consists of documents relating to City Council decision-making on the City's grants to social services organizations, cultural organizations, recreational organizations, and others. Included with some applications are submissions from the applicants. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Civic grants and loans ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Community services grants;
Cultural grants;
Other grants;
Recreational grants;
Environmental grants; and
Child Care grants.
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.


Subseries consists of newspaper and magazine clippings of articles about James Blomfield and his works of art. Also includes a scrapbook showcasing Blomfield's illustrations for the Boston-based publication, "Christian Science Monitor".

Clothing and Merchandise

Subseries contains records relating to clothing and merchandise matters conducted by the international relations unit. However, it should be noted that most logo and merchandise matters were handled by the separate Creative and Communications Support unit.

Record types include merchandise designs, contracts, correspondence, and memorandums.

Collateral Production

Subseries contains records relating to printing and production of displays and materials that were required to meet the organization's communications and reporting requirements up to the IOC selection of an Olympic host city.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, reports, brochures, folders, letterhead, information sheets, media kits, cards, logos, posters, stickers, and other promotional materials.

Collected publications

Subseries consists of publications collected by H.P. Archibald in connection to his interests as an engineer. Included are: publications of the governments of British Columbia, Canada, and the United States; publications regarding specific engineering projects; journals relating to engineering, waterworks, and mining; and various magazines.

Combines Investigations Act inquiry records

Subseries consists of records documenting BC Sugar's response to a Combines Investigation Act inquiry into its manufacture, distribution and sale of sugar, including operations of its subsidiaries in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and subsequent litigation.

The subseries includes copies of operational records of BC Sugar and its subsidiaries, as well as original records removed from their original recordkeeping systems, to submit as evidence of the companies' activities during the inquiry and subsequent litigation. The records include correspondence, briefs, collected articles relevant to the case and similar court cases, reports, exhibits, and press clippings. The records also include copies of court records, including Statements of Evidence.

The British Columbia Sugar Refining Company, Limited

Commercial regulations

Subseries contains documents supporting Council decision-making on issues relating to permits and licenses applications, permits and licenses violations, hours of business violations, and vehicles for hire (e.g. taxis and towing vehicles) applications and violations: those cases which required ruling by Council according to existing by-laws. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Commercial regulations ("policy and procedure", "general", etc.);
Permits/licenses applications;
Permits/licenses violations;
Shopping hours / hours of business; and
Vehicles for hire.
Records include Council minutes, Manager's reports, correspondence from applicants, petitions and correspondence from the public, inter-departmental correspondence, and occasionally, a variety of records put forward as exhibits or appendices. Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Committees, boards and commissions

Subseries consists of the working files of City committees, boards, commissions and task forces, reference files pertaining to the City's involvement in the governing of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, reference files relating to additional outside bodies in which the City retains membership or representation (e.g. Metropolitan Board of Health), and the supporting documents of Council's special committees. Records consist primarily of minutes, correspondence, and reports. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
City committees, boards, commissions and task forces;
Greater Vancouver Regional District;
Outside committees, boards and commissions;
Special committees of Council; and
Standing committees of Council (1975-1978 only).
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Communication Strategy and Direction

Subseries contains records documenting the formation of key strategies that were employed in the development and communication of messages to public and and private stakeholders.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, reports, agendas, meeting minutes, codes of conduct, declarations of interest, plans, financial statements, governance manuals, policies, and promotional materials.

Communications and media relations files

Subseries consists of correspondence, administrative records, proposals, budgets, reports, publications, press releases, photographs, sound recordings, sheet music and other records pertaining to the communications and media relations activities of the Vancouver Centennial Commission. The subseries also includes records relating to the development of the logo, Centennial mascot Tillicum, and other graphics; records relating to promotions for the Centennial song competition and the recording of "The Vancouver Song," a graphics competition, the "Make Vancouver Sparkle" contest, the 100 day countdown to the Centennial, the 1983 to 1985 Grey Cup Parades, Canada Day 1985, and April 6th 1984 and 1985; as well as news releases from the Commission, 1981 to 1986, and issues of the "Centennial Update" and the "Centennial Bulletin."
The files are arranged into the following four filing blocks: Communications - general; Promotions; Press releases; and Centennial Update.

Communications records

Subseries contains records documenting VANOC's internal and external communications activities, including provision of style guidelines, handling of enquiries and information requests, management of media relations, and monitoring public opinions about the Games. Records include correspondence, interviews, style guides, media kits, fact sheets, and surveys and reports.


Subseries consists of reports, articles, and correspondence relating to alleged communist activities. Arranged alphabetically by file title.

Community Arts Council News

Subseries consists of records relating to the production of the "Community Arts Council News," which disseminates information on arts events and resources to the arts community. Included in the subseries is correspondence, evaluations, and issues of the publication for the period 1948-1974.

Community and environmental protection

Subseries consists of records relating primarily to Council decision-making on Fire and Police matters, but also including by-law enforcement of air and water pollution, garbage disposal, transportation of dangerous goods, noise, sign and billboard control, and a variety of social and global issues. Subseries is divided into the following filing system subdivisions:
Community and environmental protection ("policy and procedure",
"general", etc.;
Emergency measures;
Fire protection;
Police protection;
Pollution and waste control; and
Sign and billboard control.
Arranged by file title and therein by start year.

Community outreach files

Subseries consists of correspondence, reports, speeches and other records relating to Vancouver Centennial Commission outreach activities intended to generate community involvement in Centennial events.

Community photographs

Subseries consists of photographs of political demonstrations and cultural events in Vancouver Chinatown, and of people involved in Chinese Canadian cultural and political organizations in Vancouver.

Community program files

Subseries consists of correspondence, photographs, proposals, publications, and promotional and other material related to various community programs proposed and carried out for the Centennial year. Includes records relating to programs involving business, seniors, historical, multicultural, neighbourhood and youth groups; the military; clubs and associations; health organizations; First Nations groups; religious organizations; shopping malls; post secondary institutions; and various civic boards and institutions. Also included are records pertaining to the Legacy Program and the Chevron Presents Program.
Subseries is arranged into the following three filing blocks: Community program - general; Civic records and institutions; and "Chevron Presents" program.
Additional community program records transferred by the Commission without file numbers are also described in this series.

Consultant's data forms with photographs

Subseries consists of records documenting the Second Shaughnessy and Third Shaughnessy photographic inventories conducted by students working for Robert G. Lemon Architects.

Records consist of data sheets which include information on the style, architect, date of construction, heritage classification, number of storeys, and accessory buildings for various properties, as well as a photograph. Photographs taken by Robert Lemon and assistants. The area documented is from King Edward Avenue to 41st Avenue between Maple Street and Oak Street.


Subseries consists of original signed and copies of agreements with newpaper publishers and newspapers including Columbia Co. Ltd., Mitchell Press Limited, Vancouver Printing & Publishing Co.Limited, Vancouver Daily Province, Sun Publishing Co. Ltd., Victoria Press Limited, and newspapers in the interior of B.C.

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