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"Expo" day 3 - cam[era] rolls 4-5

Film consists of raw footage taken at Expo86 and includes scenes of the Minolta Space Drop ride, food carts, crowds, the gondolas and the view from the gondola ride, people walking on the seawall, RCMP officers, the RCMP musical ride (outdoor venue, crowds seated on grass), the floating McDonalds (and the McDonalds Tidy Tug picking up floating garbage), a beer garden, music, pavilion signs, Expo 86 grounds and the outside of several national and provincial pavilions. Silent film.

Alaskan Scenery and the Chinese Exhibit at Vancouver's Golden Jubilee

Item is a moving image/film documenting a Chinese performance at Vancouver's Golden Jubilee celebration that includes a theatrical stage show, a trapeze artist, and moving images of the Chinese Arch erected at Pender Street near Carrall Street. There are also images of an unknown beach. This section is preceded by the title frame: Chinese Exhibit Golden Jubilee at Vancouver, B.C.. Film also includes footage taken from a passanger ship moving up the Alaskan coast. The stops are separated by the title frames: Ketchikan, Alaska; Castle Rock; and Peril Straits.

Bapco promotional film, Hong Kong footage

Item is an amateur film which begins with what appears to be scenes from an advertisement for the British America Paint Company (BAPCO): a BAPCO building is pictured, followed by the intertitle "For Three Generations Bapco has served the West with quality products," followed by a shot of a portrait of W.J. Pendray and men in suits walking around a garden. A shot of a ship then precedes the intertitle "At Bapco exists constructive cooperation between Western Canadian capital and Canadian technicians and craftsmen in producing quality products carefully formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the West." Following shots include an office with people typing, reading papers, and working at their desks; chemists working in a lab, including shots of titration into a beaker and an oil centrifuge; and cans of Satin-Glo paint. The latter half of the film is footage from Douglas Scott's time in Hong Kong, which includes shots of junks, rafts, and sampans on the water; a Buddhist temple; a steam ship; the Scott's Hong Kong house; Margaret and her mother by the shore; grape picking; waves rolling against the shore; and the Scott family swimming, including slow motion shots of diving in the water.

Bellingham regat[ta]

Item is an amateur film which captures a regatta of various sail boats, including schooners, cutters, sloops, ketches, yawls, and catboats. Footage of the Treasury-class United States Coast Guard Cutter (USGSC) Ingham, a highly decorated Coast Guard ship, is also captured, including shots aboard the ship. Late in the film, the steel-hulled bark USS Intrepid and its rigging is captured from aboard the ship.

China - junks, ships, Shanghai

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong and visiting Shanghai. The film captures Nanking Road Pontoon No. 13, the HSBC Building and clock tower on Bund; various ships, including sampans, junks, paddleboats, and larger vessels; and streets filled with people, rickshaws, and vehicles.

Departing China

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in both Hong Kong and Victoria, capturing Japanese costumes for a Hong Kong film; sampans floating down a river as a crowd watches from the shore; shots of the Scott family's dogs; a large steam ship departing; a cat sitting upon the Daily Colonist, a Victoria newspaper; and Douglas Scott's wife by the water.

Focus on Expo - one inch master - Aug. '86

This item consists of video transfers of film footage shot at Expo 86. The raw footage was transferred to video and edited on tape into a finished production. According to the donor this is the original of the final production with sound and image combined. "Vancouver - Focus on Expo 86" was released August 1986 as a video postcard. Film featuring highlights of Expo 86 . Includes royal visit, highlights of USA, USSR, China, GM, Canada, BC, Folklife pavillions. Director, Michael Collier; Cinematography Bob Asgiersson; Editor Robert Brandreth-Gibbs; Writer Chris Aikenhead; Narration script Chris Aikenhead and Don White; Narrator Jim Hault; Video services Post Haste Video; Film Lab Alpha Cine Services; Sound mix Pinewood Studios; Produced by Yaletown Productions Inc. for Allstar Productions Inc.

Collier, Michael J.

Full speed ahead

Film produced by New Horizon Films for the Canadian Forces. It is an informational and promotional film about being a naval officer. Directed and filmed by Robert S. Rodvik, edited by Michael J. Collier, narration by Lt.(N) G. Davidson, S. Rodvik, narrator Campbell Lane, technical advisors Lt.(N) Terry Wolfe and Lt.(N) Glen Davidson.

Hong Kong - Margaret, swimming, boats, construction

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong, which captures ships on the water; the Scott family swimming, with Margaret and the family dogs on a raft; Margaret playing with a large dollhouse; Margaret pulling a toy dog on a tricycle outside the Scott's house; the Scott family in a rowboat; a crowded pier, and steam boats full of people; Margaret in a costume; and a construction site.

Hong Kong - boating

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a woman swimming in the open hole of a pontoon-like boat, as well as shots of the Hong Kong shore from the boat.

Hong Kong - family, construction, boats

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which variously captures Scott family members smiling for the camera; local laborers carrying large loads over their shoulders at a construction site; Margaret in a fine dress and playing with a doll; and various steam boats and junks floating on the water.

Hong Kong - harbour, construction, family

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which variously captures a large crowd standing on a dock by a large steam ship in a harbour; panning views of junks and sampans on the water; local laborers being served food; expatriates and local laborers at a construction site; Margaret standing by the Scott's Hong Kong home; a large ship departing from a harbour, with nearby buses and a Texaco station visible; Scott family members posing for the camera; and a view of Hong Kong streets from a tall building.

Hong Kong - harbour, ships, construction

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures the shores of the area as boats large and small navigate through one another in a congested harbour, as well as shots of a nearby construction site.

Hong Kong - potters, ships, street vendors

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures buildings; local potters at work; sampans, junks, and ships on the water; an airplane; waterskiing and a slow motion backflip into the water; street vendors selling food, toys, small statues, art, flowers, pottery, and goldfish; and locals on sampans.

Hong Kong - rural tour

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong, which captures a ship, a panning view of a hilly shore, two men in suits approaching the camera, locals walking down the street, a boat being christened, and shots of the shore.

Hong Kong - tour

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures scenes of downtown and rural Hong Kong, including the Duke of Connaught statue; rickshaws and cars in Hong Kong streets; locals on sampans and docks shaving, cooking, and eating; the countryside, including railways, workers, and rice fields; people walking down Hong Kong streets; sampans pushed along with poles and men paddling boats; street vendors; locals washing clothes, fishing; and people playing in the water.

Hong Kong - typhoon damage, boats, leisure

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures ships heaving in what appears to be the aftermath of a typhoon. Some ships are damaged, while others have been wrecked. Wreckage of is pulled from the water by a crowd of people. Subsequent footage captures junks, rowboats, and sampans, the Scott family relaxing on the beach and at their home, the view from the Scott home, and waves crashing against a rocky shore.

Hong Kong - waterfront, children playing

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a canopied Texaco ship and junks on the ocean; shots of the sun shining over the ocean and through the trees; a young Margaret being spoon-fed and washing her hands in a bucket; a construction site; expatriates wearing pith helmets and bow ties smiling for the camera; and a damaged junk.

Hong Kong : construction site, boats

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a construction site with local labourers hewing stone, shoveling earth, and carrying large loads over their shoulders using yokes, as well as various shots of boats and junks.

Hong Kong and Victoria -miscellaneous

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong and Victoria, British Columbia, which captures the Scott family at their Hong Kong home; boats in a crowded Hong Kong harbour and various ships; a Texaco station; fireworks at night; the lights of downtown Hong Kong; the streets of Hong Kong, with a man giving a performance or a speech, street vendors, merchants, cars, rickshaws, and signs; a cricket match; the Cenotaph in Hong Kong; a military parade and people near the waterfront to see off an unidentified dignitary (perhaps a British Navy admiral based on his uniform); and airplanes flying in formation. In Canada, the footage includes fishing in boats; sailing, possibly in the Gulf Islands; a sunset over the mountains and trees; animals, including deer, chickens, and a bear; a garden and flowers. The film then returns to China, and captures parts of an airplane being transported, followed by shots of an airplane flying.

Ile de France

Item is an amateur film documenting members of the Spencer family riding on the ocean liner "Empress of France". Film documents men loading cargo, including automobiles. Film includes footage of Barbara and Diana Spencer.

Mrs. Spencer [United Kingdom vacation]

Item is an amateur film documenting Gertrude Spencer with daughters Barbara, Diana, Trudean (?), and other girls, visiting Cornwall, London, and other locations in England. Film documents the group visiting the seashore, and landmarks including the Keigwin Arms in Mousehole and several churches.

On board home

Item is an amateur film documenting Diana, Barbara, and John Fife Spencer wearing life jackets on the deck of a ship, with Gertrude Spencer seated nearby. The film also documents members of the Spencer family playing badminton on the ship.

Our trip on the Deerleap

Item is an amateur film documenting a yacht, likely the Deerleap, Col, Victor Spencer's yacht. Film documents people in rowboats, and a seaplane taking off and landing in Coal Harbour. Film includes footage of Elizabeth Ann Spencer. Accompanying note reads, "Deerleap trip July 1936 good".

Panchromatic demonstration reel

Item is a Kodak commercial reel, demonstrating the capabilities of Kodak Panchromatic black and white film. The demonstration consists of shots of a variety of natural scenes (including waterfalls, rivers, and ponds); animals (including horses, dogs, and cats); boats (including canoes, sailboats, and a warship); an airplane; and a game with men attempting to capture a flag which sits atop a greased pole.


Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer family travelling to and within France by train and by boat. Film documents Colonel Victor and Gertrude Spencer, and children Isabell Louise, Diana, and Barbara.

Queen [Royal visits to British Columbia 1939 and 1951]

Item is a reel of amateur films documenting the royal visits to British Columbia in 1939 and 1951. The first part of the film reel contains approximately five minutes of footage of the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Vancouver in May 1939. It includes views of and from Queen Elizabeth Park, and a band procession leading the royal motorcade from the park. Also included are views of crowds lined up along Georgia Street near Howe and in Stanley Park watching the band procession and royal motorcade, followed by views of the Lions Gate Bridge, steamships on Burrard Inlet and Siwash Rock. The film also includes footage of the royal motorcade on Columbia Street in New Westminster, followed by footage of Stanley Park, Prospect Point, Coal Harbour, Lions Gate Bridge, and Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, all taken from a boat in Burrard Inlet. The second part of the reel film contains approximately nine minutes of footage of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and H.R.H. Prince Philip's October 1951 visit to Victoria, British Columbia. The footage shows the couple's arrival on the H.M.C.S. Crusader and members of the Canadian Scottish Regiment and the Royal Canadian Artillery performing and greeting the couple prior to their meeting with Premier Byron Johnson in front of the Legislative Buildings. The film also includes scenes of a motorcade to the Empress Hotel and the royal couple exiting the hotel with the Premier, footage of the Princess stopping to tour at an unidentified building, additional motorcade and band footage, and scenes of the royal couple departing on the H.M.C.S. Crusader.

R. Murdock, Felix, Mac

Item is an amateur film which captures what appears to be the so-called "man without a country" George Dibbern and his boat, La Rapunga, with its "citizen of the world" flag. The film also captures Inner Harbour (Victoria, B.C.) and the Empress Hotel; various sailboats; a man (again perhaps George Dibbern) hula dancing and climbing the rigging on his boat; Margaret and a young boy sailing on a catboat; and various boats.

Rockies by Rail ; music and FX [effects] only offline

Item is a version of "Rockies by rail" which has no narration, only music and effects. There is a time code reading at the bottom of the screen throughout. Footage includes some nice panning shots of the city of Vancouver. Michael Collier is sometimes one of the train passengers. Some footage was shot in Alaska as well as British Columbia.