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Eating for a healthy baby

Item is a video recording of an educational program entitled "Eating for a Healthy Baby," produced by the Vancouver Health Department. The program provides information about healthy food choices for expecting mothers, and covers topics including Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating; the food groups; examples of healthy meals, with a focus on Indian cuisine; protein intake for vegetarians; educational pregnancy programs; intake of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; and diet considerations while breastfeeding.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department


Item is an amateur film depicting a young women sunbathing and frolicking unclothed in a meadow in the woods. The film also includes some footage of a car.

Horse shows - 1947 to 1950

Item is a film consisting of several amateur films that have been spliced together. The film documents at least eight different horse shows, races and rodeos. Some shows are identifiable, such as the Grand Horse Show & Gymkhana at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver and the Big-Horse Show at Queen's Park Stadium in New Westminster. The film includes footage of an indoor rodeo (possibly at the PNE) and numerous other unidentified shows at unknown racetracks and other locations, possibly in the Fraser Valley. Also included is footage of a farm and people grooming and riding horses.

PeopleLink - Gordon Winter

Item consists of a videocassette included as part of the Brock House Society's submission on behalf of Mr. Gordon Winter for their annual Senior Award (1993). It contains an episode of a community access program broadcast on Rogers community 4, Surry in 1993 called ?PeopleLink? which appears to focus on the contributions of individuals to the local community to support the submission. This episode, hosted by Archie Miller, uses exposition from the host, interview segments with Mr. Winter, and interviews with people he worked with to discuss his life, work, and primarily his contributions to the community.

The program includes footage of the bridge of the ?Native? paddlewheel boat in New Westminster, and interviews with various people who knew and worked with Mr. Winter: Don Skagen (Chairman, Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd.), Gary Cartwright (Vice President Sales, Mohawk Oil Co.), Colin Ryan (fellow Rotarian), Joy Yorath (Director of Development, Burnaby Hospital), Lynda Thornton (Burnaby Health Department), Norm Grohmann (BCTV Weatherman), and Sam Fame (Salvation Army).

Rogers Community 4, Surrey

[Why girls leave home Part] No. 3 [Greencroft] Harem Party

Item is one of three amateur films documenting a private costume party at the Hamber residence on 3838 Cypress Street. The film shows footage of Aldyen Hamber and a costumed Eric Hamber with 6 unidentified female guests wearing costumes and playacting a harem love scene.

Buccaneer Bay Ven[cedor?]

Item is an amateur film documenting Aldyen Hamber spending time at the beach with several male and female companions, all wearing bathing suits.

Greencroft - Badminton '28

Item is an amateur film documenting several badminton games between unidentified guests of the Hamber family at their residence on 3838 Cypress Street. The film also shows footage of the guests chatting at the side of the court, and two full shots of an unidentified little girl.

Naval cadet party & Ming

Item is an amateur film documenting a naval cadet party attended by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamber on board of their yacht Vencedor. The film also shows footage of an Asian housekeeper playing with a Pekinese dog.

Polo Game for BC Challenge Trophy, June 20, 1928

Item is an amateur film documenting the Vancouver Polo team defeating Douglas Lake 13-4 for BC Challenge Trophy. The film contains footage primarily of the match being played, with Norman Drysdale scoring for the Vancouver Team. It also shows Mrs. E. W. Hamber and Mrs. Kydd presenting the trophy to the victorius team, composed of Norman Drysdale, Colonel R. S. Chaplin, Hon. J. W. Fordham and Eric Hamber.

People will talk

The item is a recording of a segment of a longer news program called ‘People Will Talk’ hosted by Laurier LaPierre on the subject of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese garden. The segment is in two main parts, the first part is a report by David Kincaid which includes footage of the construction of the gardens and later footage of the gardens in their completed state. Narration accompanying the footage describes the history of the classical Chinese garden in general, the construction efforts, and the goals of the final project, and some of the theories around the art form of the classical Chinese garden.

The second part is an interview with Sue Yung Li, a landscape architect and filmmaker from San Francisco. They discuss the role of the classical Chinese garden in Chinese culture as a source of artistic inspiration, the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese garden, the importance of rock and water in the garden, the accessibility of these kinds of gardens to the western audience. They also discuss elements of Li’s personal life, footage of the construction of the gardens and later footage of the gardens in their completed state.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden - a friendly bridge

Item is a documentary on the construction of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. The first section discusses the development of the classical garden in Suzhou, its history, and its purposes. This narration is illustrated with footage of morning scenes of streets and parks, the Yangzi River, and several gardens in the city. The second and much longer section covers the construction of the Vancouver garden. Footage of the construction is combined with narration describing the process; with emphasis throughout placed on how little the construction of the garden has changed since the Song Dynasty in the use of hand tools, traditional building methods, and traditional materials.

Specific stages of construction examined are the importing of the materials from China, the construction of the pillars and the assembling of the pavilions, clay tile roofing and roof finishing, the placement of Lake Tai rocks and the thin tall stones, the courtyard paving and internal tiling, the ‘leak window’ construction, and the construction and finishing work of the screens and railings in the carpentry shop. Also included is a short interview with Joe Wai, project architect, in which he discusses the background of the garden project. The documentary concludes with footage of the opening ceremony with a Chinese delegation, and footage of the completed garden.

Gong xi fa cai (happy new year)

Item is a photo montage with narration in Cantonese. The photos displayed represent traditional Chinese new year traditions and celebrations. Included are Lion dances, the zodiac, the Chinese calendar, street scenes of shopkeepers, fruit, flowers, family scenes with a holiday meal, and red envelopes.

Refreshment for the Heart

Item is a documentary film about the construction of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens. It is divided into two sections: the first section is a discussion of the classical Chinese gardens in Suzhou while the second, much longer, section discusses the construction of the gardens in Vancouver. It uses footage filmed during the construction process, descriptive narration, and short segments of an interview with Joe Wai, one of the project architects.

The documentary opens with narration about the importance of water to the region and the history of the region, illustrated with footage of boating and agricultural life. The city of Suzhou is introduced with narrated scenes of the city, canals, and tourist destinations. Next the film explores a few of Suzhou’s famous gardens. The gardens discussed are: The Master of Fish Nets Garden, The Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove Garden, and The Lingering Garden. The film then concludes this section with a discussion of design elements and the Taoist elements of each feature.

The film then moves to Vancouver, beginning with footage of famous city landmarks and city views (e.g. Lions Gate Bridge, Canada Place, the Skytrain) with an emphasis on the modern technological nature of the city. Street scenes of Chinatown are the backdrop to a discussion of the history of Chinese people in Canada, the development of the Chinese Cultural center, and the pre-construction process of getting the approval and funding to build the garden. Discussion of the construction of the garden focuses on the Suzhou artisans who built the garden according to traditional means, emphasising the use of traditional tools, building methods, and materials. This is illustrated with footage of moving the Lake Tai rocks by hand and placing them into position.

Tthe film talks about the artisans, with scenes of the builders socialising at a banquet, singing, and playing table tennis. The documentary then focuses on the finishing touches and role they play in the finished garden. The documentary concludes with the official opening ceremony with dignitaries and the artisans followed by footage of the completed garden.

The Associates

Item is a recording of a segment of a television program called ‘The Associates’. The segment features interviewer Stuart McNish interviewing Janice Clarfield, the Executive Director of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden. Subjects discussed include a brief history of the garden, the building of the garden, where the materials and artisans came from, and the purpose of a garden of this nature. Footage of the garden is used to prompt a discussion of various features, including the use of colour in the garden, the main elements of the garden, specific elements such as the roofing tiles, drip tiles, curved eves, paving stones, Lake Tai stones, the different ways to view the garden, the symbolism of garden elements, and the role of the garden wall. The interview concludes with a discussion about outreach activities and volunteer opportunities.

The bridge of five thousand miles

Item is a video photo montage ‘walking tour’ of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden, narrated by Mary White. The film discusses the history of Chinese gardens and the history of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden, including a discussion of the construction materials and techniques, and the artisans who built it. Different architectural elements of the garden are considered, and their function and meaning discussed. The philosophical elements of garden construction as an art form are discussed throughout.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden Society


Item is an amateur film documenting Gertrude Spencer visiting an estate with a large group of children, possibly including Diana and Barbara Spencer.

[Spencer children at Earlscourt]

Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer children swimming in a pool and playing on the grounds of the Spencer family ranch at Lytton, B.C. Film documents Gertrude Spencer and her children Isabell Louise, Trudean, Barbara, Diana, and Victor Vance.

[Wedding of Elizabeth Ann Spencer and David Francis Williamson]

Item is an amateur film documenting the wedding of Elizabeth Ann Spencer and David Francis Williamson at St. Andrew's-Wesley in Vancouver on 4 September 1957. Film documents guests, family, and wedding party arriving and entering the church, people leaving the church (including Victor Vance and Peggy Spencer, with their children Janice and Victor Grant), and the reception at HMCS Discovery on Deadman's Island in Stanley Park.


Item is an amateur film documenting Victor Vance and Peggy Spencer's vacation in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Film documents mountains, Sam McGee's Cabin in Whitehorse, Y.T. and the Watson Lake Hotel and Watson Lake Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Y.T. Film also includes footage of Victor Vance Spencer.

All Black game Brockton Point

Item is an amateur film documenting people in formal spring dress, including Gertrude and Elizabeth Ann Spencer, followed by a rugby match at Brockton Oval in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The match features the All Blacks, the national team of New Zealand. A handwritten note in the film box reads "Brockton Oval Football (Stanley Park)".

Ann, John, Victor at Lytton

Item is an amateur film documenting Diana, Barbara, Victor Vance, John Fife, and Elizabeth Ann in the swimming pools at Earlscourt, and Elizabeth Ann on the lawn and playing with ducks. Accompanying note reads "Ann John Victor at Lytton" and "Ann with ducks when she's in her birthday suit".

Bryan Guinness, Choat lodge, baby

Item is an amateur film documenting the Second Narrows Bridge, showing the vertical lift span, a group travelling by boat, and men (including Col. Victor Spencer and possibly Bryan Guinness) looking at cars and boarding a train. Film also documents Isabell Louise and Gertrude Spencer with Elizabeth Ann, approximately one year of age.

Dog Creek round-up

Item is an amateur film documenting roping, tying down, and branding cattle. Film documents men on horseback rounding up cattle, and briefly shows Col. Victor and Gertrude Spencer, and children John Fife and Elizabeth Ann. Accompanying note reads, "Dog Creek Round Up Cattle mostly brand[ing]". Note is ripped.

Earlscourt in color

Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer children and friends playing on the lawn of the family ranch at Lytton, B.C. Film also documents family and workers cleaning the swimming pool. Accompanying note reads, "Earlscourt in color - good 1937".

Empress of Scotland Branksome trip

Item is an amateur film documenting Isabell Louise Spencer and her grandmother, Isabell Winch boarding a train, and departing aboard a ship from King Edward Pier in Montreal. Film documents women and Col. Victor Spencer aboard the ship. Accompanying notes read, "Empress of Scotland Branksome trip. 1st half rewound" and "Leaving Van and Montreal - Musee Station practice (?) with such Mrs. Rupa (?) Pirce Turner Smith, Sorenson etc. Belle Isle".

John and Victor

Item is an amateur film documenting Colonel Victor Spencer and children Isabell Louise, Diana, Barbara, Victor Vance, John Fife, and possibly Trudean riding bicycles around the grounds of Aberthau. Later footage documents John and Victor Vance Spencer in the Aberthau gardens. A handwritten note in the film box reads "John + Victor. Little guys".

London and Trooping the Colours

Item is an amateur film documenting London streets, automobiles, and buses, and Gertrude Spencer visiting a family in their home. The film also documents the ceremony of Trooping the Colour, filmed from the crowd across from Admiralty House (?) in London.


Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer children in the swimming pools and on the grounds of Earlscourt ranch at Lytton, B.C. Film documents Gertrude Spencer and children Isabell Louise, Trudean, Diana, Barbara, Victor Vance, and John Fife.

Mrs. Spencer [United Kingdom vacation]

Item is an amateur film documenting Gertrude Spencer with daughters Barbara, Diana, Trudean (?), and other girls, visiting Cornwall, London, and other locations in England. Film documents the group visiting the seashore, and landmarks including the Keigwin Arms in Mousehole and several churches.

Mrs. Spencer school

Item is an amateur film documenting Gertrude Spencer visiting a girls' school, likely Branksome Hall in Toronto. Film documents Gertrude Spencer socializing with groups of students, as well as students engaging in various activities, including tennis and horseback riding.


Item is an amateur film documenting a Vancouver Golden Jubilee Parade. Film documents floats including the Electrical Contractors, Tyees Grouse Mountain, the Japanese-Canadian Citizens' League, Seaport Crown Fish Co., Ltd., Grace Hospital, Hodgson Lumber Company, Fraser River Sockeye, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and a float reading "Good citizenship and British ideals built Vancouver".

Peggy + baby + house + garden

Item is an amateur film documenting 2995 Roseberry Ave, West Vancouver, the home and garden of Victor Vance and Peggy Spencer. Film documents a baby, likely Victor Vance and Peggy Spencer's daughter Janice Elvin, born 10 March 1952.

Spencer's parade

Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer's Toy Parade staged by the Spencer's Department Store in Vancouver. Film documents floats with fairy tale and storybook themes, and the arrival of Santa Claus.

Silver Lodge Colour - Dogs/Cats/Kids [B&W]

Item is a film containing both black and white and colour footage. Colour portion of film shows rural area, a body of water with tugboat and barge, horse back riding at the Silver Lodge Riding Academy and candid shots of people on horses. Black and white portion shows a residential area (possibly Vancouver), kids and young men playing catch in the backyard, woman feeding treats to cats and a dog doing tricks, Hastings street showing various hotels and retail buildings, the BC Electric building, the Carnegie Library, playground with people on teeter-totters and swings (probably in Stanley Park), grizzly bears at the zoo (probably Stanley Park, the entrance to the Stanley Park Causeway and Vancouver City Hall.

We drivers (part 3)

Item is a film containing part 3 of We Drivers. The film opens with the Inter-title: "Having said goodbye to the cowboys, we go to the Arrow Lakes." Film contains footage showing the sternwheeler S.S. "Minto", Nakusp, scenes of lakes and towns, a steamboat, Arrow Park, Carrolls Landing, Burton, Penticton, beach scenes and the return to Vancouver. Produced for Trimble Service Garage.

Vancouver marches on (Part 1)

Item consists of part of a motion picture film which depicts the history of Vancouver. The production is an amateur film in four parts. The history of Vancouver is told through a series of filmed photo stills, ?borrowed? film footage from other sources, and original film segments. Narration is provided with intertitles and scrolling and animated text.

Reel one includes: discovery of the site of Vancouver by George Vancouver, Old Hastings Mill Store, the great 1886 fire, the arrival of steam ships and the CPR, the beginnings of industrialisation in Vancouver until the First World War, WWI and the war front, George V and the Prince of Wales, post-war recovery, economic boom, the 1929 stock market crash, a 1932 stock recovery. Prosperity and youth are illustrated with women?s calisthenics (possibly Pro-Rec activities), busses, trams, street scenes, and shots of buildings on the UBC campus.

Cooke, Larry

1858-1958 Centenary Vancouver BC

Item is an amateur film documenting early and present-day Vancouver. This film contains footage of the Second Narrows Highway Bridge collapse, construction of the Deas Island Tunnel and Woodward's Oakridge Shopping Centre, as well as footage of Centennial Beach Park, Fort Langley Park, Queen Elizabeth Arboretum and the Bowladrome in Kerrisdale. The exterior and interior of a Vancouver home, including footage of children at play and a Christmas celebration, are also documented. There are also images of still photographs from the early 1900s which document sunbathers at a beach, loggers at work and the Stanley Park Hollow Tree. A Pioneer Citizen certificate bearing the name Max Wiehand is also shown.

1953 Edition of "Stars on Ice" featuring Sonja Henie

Item is an amateur film documenting the Vancouver Skating Club's 1953 production of "Stars on Ice" featuring Sonja Henie. Other featured skaters include: Elaine Dawson, Diane Henderson, Jeanne and Thornton Opie, Jocelyn and Rothero Thacker, Audrey and Bill Corson, Jan Tors, Bill Lewis, Arlene McFarlane, Irene Turtle, Bill Corson, Marshall Beard, Loyette Shatilla, Gladys and Victor Hartley, Edy Rada, and Lorrie Perkins. Images also include a 150-pound cake presented by the VSC to Sonja Henie for her birthday.

[Home gas stations in the Lower Mainland]

Item is a documentary film documenting home gas stations in the Lower Mainland in the 1930s. The film contains footage primarily of the building structures, however, the occasional glimpses of a vehicle, person and landscape can be seen as well. Specifically, this film documents United Service Station (6th and 8th New Westminster), South Westminster Service (RR#1 New Westminster), Handford Service Station (Scott and McLennan Rd.), Levreoult Service Station (Ladner, B.C.), Beach Grove Service Station (Boundary Bay, B.C.), Crescent Beach Service (Crescent Beach, B.C.), Mac s Auto Service (White Rock, B.C.), Central Garage (Cloverdale, B.C.), O Brian Service Station (Cloverdale, B.C.), Port Kells Service Station (Part Kells, B.C.), Olympic Service Station (RR#3 New Westminster), Auto and Machinery Service (Pacific Highway, New Westminster), Lawrence Motors (10th and Carnarvon), Ideal Service Station (10th and Columbia, New Westminster), Mountain View Service Station (202, 6th New Westminster), Summit Service Station (2000 Douglas Road, New Westminster), Hilton Bros. (Langley Prairie, B.C.), Home Beacon Service (Milner, B.C.), Fort Langley Transportation Co. (Fort Langley, B.C.), Kerr s Truck Line (Langley Prairie, B.C.), B&A Garage (Langley Prairie, B.C.), Ross Bros. (Abbotsford, B.C.), and Burnier and Desmazes (Abbotsford, B.C.).

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