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The gift of water

Film was produced to both inform and delight; portraying a message of environmental conservation and showing off the beauty of the province.
"The gift of water" was produced and directed by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Photography by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Music by Ian Berry and Don Granbery. Edited by Mike Collier. Produced by New Horizon Film Productions (1975). Film features images of nature, wildlife, and people interacting with and enjoying nature. There is no narration. Soundtrack consists of music and songs in appreciation of nature. Some scenes of the West Coast Trail.
"The gift of water" won two awards at the Canadian Film and Television Association Awards in 1975: Best Nature and Wildlife Film as well as Best Cinematography.

Wire and Nail

Film contains two student films shot and produced by Michael Collier.
The short film Wire (~00:00 - 08:57) stars Dennis MacDonald, Gary Killeen and Dave Ponsart. Film depicts three men who find some insulated wire in the ocean, drag it into a pile, hitchhike to downtown Vancouver, and then travel around downtown dragging the wire on the sidewalk behind them. Eventually the wire is left to one man who drags it on his own for a while until he leaves it in the car of a man from whom he hitched a ride. Popular music soundtrack.
The short film Nail (~09:00 - 15:29) Written and directed by Mike Collier. Photography by Mike Collier and Vic Thomas. Assistance in the making of the film provided by Alpha Cine, Intermedia, and Telesound. Film shows a man sleeping and dreaming of driving nails into various objects or simply smashing them with a hammer. When he wakes up he leaves home with his lunch bucket and then quickly returns for his hammer. Music soundtrack.

Land above the trees

Film is about Canada's alpine country and the functioning of its unique ecosystem through the seasons. "Land above the trees" won the Golden Decade Award one of the 10 Best Productions of the Decade, the Golden Camera Award for Best Nature and Wildlife Film, it was nominated for Best of the Festival at the US Industrial Film Festival, it won the Polaris Award - Best of the Festival at the (USA) National Council for Geographic Education Film Festival, it won a Silver Medal at the 32nd International Film and Television Festival of New York, it was a finalist at the American Film and Video Festival, and it won a Certificate of Merit - Environment and Ecology at Intercom '89 Industrial Film/Video Festival.
The film was presented by the National Film Board of Canada. Writer and director Michael Collier. Cinematographer Bill Schmalz. Editor Doris Dyck. Music by John Forrest. Narration script Ron Payne. Narrator Jim Hault. Additional cinematography Michael Collier and Bob Asgeirsson. Production assistants Dick Hamilton, Dave Ponsart, and Peter McIlvaney. Re-recording Barry P. Jones. Music recording Mushroom Studios. Production coordinator Katheryn Lynch. Unit Administrator Bruce Hagerman. Producer Geogre Johnson. Executive producer Barbara Janes.

On the spot zoo story

Item is a documentary film documenting the Stanley Park Zoo. The film contains footage of various animals at the zoo including Nanook the polar bear, penguins, Oscar the baby seal living with the penguins, seals, sea lions, monkeys, peacocks, pigeons, flamingos, and ducks. The footage of the animals is narrated by Fred Davis. Davis also interviews the curator of the zoo, Alan Best, who talks about his career, his Labrador retriever, and the challenges of diet and climate change for some of the animals at the zoo.


Item is a documentary film documenting the issue between the development of cityports and residential areas near the Vancouver shoreline. Film contains historical images of cityports and scenes of ports at Halifax and London, England for comparison to the situation in Vancouver.

Downtown : the issues -

Item is a documentary film documenting the transportation and population issues that impact access to downtown Vancouver. Film contains scenes of driving on the Granville Street Bridge, people attending a show, on a beach and walking around city streets at both daytime and evening.

Provincial Reports - "That's The BC Spirit"

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc. Item consists of ten, two minute, "Province Reports," with Fred Latrimouille, produced by Yaletown Productions for the government of British Columbia's "B.C. Enterprise" program. In the order that they appear on the tape they are:
-Province Report 2 "People Place/Jobs" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 7 "Burden /Restraint" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 9 "Teamwork/Employment Initiatives" with Grace McCarthy, Minister of Human Resources (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 10 "Getting around/Transportation" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 11 "Future jobs/Education" (Oct. 5, 1982)| Province Report 1 "Mega projects/Jobs" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 3 "Coalscene/Resource Mgmnt [management]" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 4 "Transportation/Ports" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 6 "Work share/Jobs" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 8 "Foundations/Economic strategy" (Sept. 20, 1982)

Recording includes interview clips with various provincial politicians including Stephen Rogers, William Vander Zalm, James Hewitt, Don Phillips, Grace McCarthy and others.

BC [British Columbia] postcard - The Rockies to the Pacific

Film is a promotional video for the province of British Columbia. Focusing on different sections of the province in turn the video highlights the features and tourist attractions of each. According to the donor this is most likely the original of the final production with sound and image. Director Mike [Michael] Collier; cinematography Norm Keziere, Dave Geddes, Bob Asgeirsson, Bill Rounds, Tommy Tompkins, and John Anderson; editor Rober Brandreth-Gibbs; research Sharon McGowan; narration script Don White and Sharon McGowan, narrator Art Hives; video services Post Haste Video; film lab Alpha Cine Services; sound mix Pinewood Studios; special thanks to Tourism British Columbia. Produced by Yaletown Productions. b&w 00:10:57-00:11:04 and 00:18:47-00:19:22.

King and Queen of Hearts Pageant

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the 1998 King and Queen of Hearts Pageant at Celebrities Nightclub and sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society. The video was produced by Jim de Young for Amazing Video Productions.

Contents index:
(01:25) Myria Le Noir - emcee
(02:30) Knights of Malta flag bearers
(02:55) American anthem - sung by Marcus Moseley
(05:15) Canadian anthem sung by Empress Wanda Fuca
(08:15) King of Hearts 18 - [Lance]
(09:00) Milan
(12:30) Knights of Malta
(15:20) Jim de Young
(16:00) Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society
(23:00) Paige Turner - Queen of Hearts contestant
(23:33) Brad - King of Hearts contestant
(23:45) Bruce - King of Hearts contestant
(24:45) Reigning Emperor and Empress of Vancouver (Wanda Fuca)
(27:20) King of Hearts 17 - Richard
(31:50) Sumi Sashay
(40:00) King of Hearts - [Wes]
(43:40) Myria Lenoir
(53:00) King of Hearts 9 - Michael
(1:00:00) Paige Turner
(1:06:10) Brad
(1:11:35) [Bruce]
(1:17:35) Empress XXV- Judy Jive
(1:23:05) Unknown performance
(1:28:00) Queen of Diamonds [Lana Kane]
(1:35:15) King of Hearts 22 - [Jeffrey]
(1:40:50) Empress 18 - Venus de Mylar
(1:46:18) Reigning Emperor of Bellingham, WA - Crown Prince Wayne
(1:50:25) Bellingham, WA guest
(1:57:00) Wes
(2:02:30) Ms. Adrian
(2:07:00) Ruby Stone
(2:11:27) [William] - 2 songs
(2:18:35) Richard
(2:31:00) new King and Queen of Hearts crowned - Paige Turner (Queen) and Brad (King)
(2:39:00) END

Platinum Pride Parade and Picnic

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the Rogers Community Television coverage of the 1998 Vancouver Pride Parade entitled "Platinum Pride". Parade hosts are Joanie, Russel Baskin, Doug Austing and Sister C. The Rogers footage is followed by a recording made by Amazing Video Productions. Parade participants include: Dykes on Bikes; Knights of Malta; Vancouver Pride Society; Jones Soda; Z95.3 FM; Vancouver Lesbian Connection; Asian Nation (winner of best float); Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG); YouthCo.; Rainy City Gay Men's Chorus; Vancouver Police; Squares Across the Border; Egale (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere); A Loving Spoonful; The Christ Alive Metropolitan Church of Vancouver; Svend Robinson; Vancouver Men's Chorus; Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium; Hedy Fry; Outlook and Rogers Community Television; Celebrities Cabaret; Out in Surrey; Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation; Prime Timers; Developmental Disabilities Association; Dufferin Hotel; Renaissance Christian Church; LEGIT (Lesbian and Gay Immigration Task Force); BC Hydro; The Centre (Donna Wilson); Kentucky Fried Chicken; Tim Stevenson and Ujjal Dosanjh; Denny's on Davie; City of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation; Numbers; AIDS Walk Vancouver; Pride UBC; Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Collective; Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society; Out and About; City Councilors - Alan Herbert, Nancy Chiavario, Sam Sullivan and Gordon Price; Gay and Lesbian Business Association; The Templeton; B.C Bears; Balloon Action; B.C Transit Employees; Raelian Religion; Habitat; Queer FM; Royal Hotel; The Odyssey Nightclub; Out on Screen; Dogwood Monarchist Society; Theatre Positive; Xtra West; Triangle Recreational Campground; Mary's Diner; Denman Fitness; Co-op Radio; Heritage House Hotel; Vancouver Leather Alliance; Union Pride; The Rainbow Concert Band; Friends for Life; Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Volleyball Association; Doll and Penny's; The Fountainhead Pub; Diesel; Miss Gay Vancouver Island; and Womyns Ware. The video includes cutaways to footage showing float building, the Gay Pride Sports Picnic at Prospect Point and interviews with Carol Pope, Jim Deva, Stan Weese, Janine Fuller, Svend Robinson, Karen Bitz, Terry Wallace, Gary Penny, Mary Brooks and Laura McDermot.

Toast and roast to Brad Neil, King of Hearts and Paige Turner, Queen of Hearts

Part is a recording of the Out of Town show, Toast and Roast to Brad Neil, King of Hearts and Paige Turner, Queen of Hearts on February 6th, 1999 at the Dufferin Hotel.

Contents index:
(01:50) Ms. Adrian - host
(03:20) Wanda Fuca - host
(03:55) Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society, Kat - song
(09:10) Ivanna Bookings - song
(14:15) Ruby Stone - song
(17:30) Electra - song
(24:10) Joan-E - song
(28:00) Electra - roast
(29:10) Laura Lee - song
(33:20) Ivanna Bookings - roast
(33:55) Erica Live -song
(39:50) Toriana [Tarule] - song
(45:15) Andy Cook
(46:00) David - song
(52:28) [Stewart] Amanda [Wreckenwith]- song
(56:43) Vancouver Native Health Cultural Society, Iris
(59:30) Alisha Kitten
(59:45) Wanda Fuca - song
(1:04:35) Rachelle Rhinestone - song
(1:10:45) Ms. Adrian - song
(1:16:35) Brad Neil - song
(1:21:55) Paige Turner - song

King and Queen of Hearts 1999 ball/pageant : when two hearts collide

Part is a recording of the King and Queen of Hearts 1999 Ball/Pageant "When 2 Hearts Collide", a special dedication to Brad Neil and Paige Turner at Celebrities Nightclub.
Contents index:
(00:45) Mama Karen - event introduction
(01:30) Dogwood Monarch Society/Knights of Malta flag bearers
(02:55) Wanda Fuca - Canadian anthem
(04:20) Cheryl Onyx Crystal - USA anthem
(07:45) Marty and Wanda Fuca - first set emcees
(10:30) Andy Cook - contestant
(15:15) Toriana [Tarule] - contestant
(20:50) Erica Live - contestant
(26:55) Beverly X - song
(31:10) Stephen Cody - song
(36:00) Empress of Canada, ted northe
(36:50) Rachelle Rhinestone and Brad Atkins - second set emcees
(40:05) Brad Neil - song
(45:30) Paige Turner - song
(54:30) King of Hearts XVIII, Lucien Firestone - song
(1:03:05) Joey (Joel Leung) - song
(1:10:10) Queen of Hearts I, Alisha Kitten Longclaws - song
(1:13:45) Byron Longclaws
(1:15:15) Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society
(1:16:45) Chief Willie (Chief XXI) - song
(1:20:55) Rhonda Roadrash - song
(1:25:30) Cheryl Onyx Crystal - song
(1:31:55) Poly Ester and Gordon Newman - third set emcees
(1:35:25) Empress XXVII, Ms. Adrian - song
(1:41:25) Mr. Gay Vancouver XVIIII, Rob Walden
(1:41:35) Ms. Gay Vancouver XVIIII, Organza - song
(1:46:30) Ms. Gay Vancouver XVIII, Milan - song
(1:52:50) Final walk of King and Queen of Hearts XVIIII, Paige Turner and Brad Neil
(2:08:30) Crowning the new King and Queen of Hearts XX, Andy Cook and Erica Live

Bowling + Queen [compilation tape]

Item is a videocassette containing recordings of two unidentified drag shows hosted by Bill Monroe. Between the recordings of the two shows is a short clip of Bill Monroe delivering a speech as Queen Elizabeth.

A proud odyssey 2001

Item is a videocassette containing Shaw TVs coverage of the 2001 Pride Parade. Hosts are Michelle Simick, Carlotta Gurl and Doug Austin. Pride Parade participants include Dykes on Bikes, Knights of Malta, Vancouver Pride Society, Thea Gill, Chief Constable's Diversity Advisory Committee, Mayor Phillip Owen, Strathcona Community Centre, Out in Surrey, Theatre Cares, Arts Club Theatre, Pacific Canadian Association of Nudists, Virgin Megastore, Wett Bar, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, A Loving Spoonful, Hedy Fry, Family Pride, Primetimers Vancouver, Vancouver Burrard Constituency Office, Linda Reid, Christy Clark, Lorne Mayencourt, Little Sisters Bookstore, Menopausal Bitches, The Rainbow Concert Band, Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society, West End Slo-pitch Association, Co-op Radio, BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, Interactive Male UC Media Inc., Moon Bean's, Egale Canada, Gordon Neighbourhood House, Joe's Grill, Bay Area Bisexual Network, Royal Hotel, Out on Screen, Healing Our Spirit BC, Pacific Sun Co., Dignity Vancouver, Integrity Vancouver, Christ Alive Metropolitan Church of Vancouver, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Dufferin Hotel, Gay and Lesbian Business Association of Vancouver, Gay and Lesbian Food Bank Society, Dr. Peter Centre, Youthquest, Somos, BCPWA, Elbow Room Cafe, Gone Rubbish Removal, The Pumpjack Pub, North Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Organization, Hominum, Gay Fathers Association of Seattle, Mulit Union Pride Committee, Rainy City Men's Chorus, Christ Church Cathedral, West End Farmers Market, The Centre, The 411 Seniors Centre Society, Denman Fitness, Kookoo Design, Green Party, Gay Vancouver Bowling League, Spartacus Athletic Club, English Bay Swim Club, Denny's, Vancouver Men's Chorus, Westender, Number's Cabaret, Heritage Vancouver, AIDS Vancouver, National Gay Pilots Association, The House of Venus, First United Church, Musaic Marching Kazoo Band, Miss Gay Vancouver Michelle Dorial, Mardi Gras Canada, Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association, Xtra West, Pacific Rim Curling League, Festival of the Babes, The Fountainhead Pub, The Lotus Hotel, Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver Island Brewery, World Gym Fitness Centre, Mister BC Leather, B.C. Bears Society, The Cutting Edges Gay Hockey Club, Odyssey Nightclub, Dogwood Monarchist Society, Squares Across the Border, TBB Productions, Diesel Jeans. Footage includes commercials.

The 23rd annual King and Queen of Hearts ball : my haunted valentine : an evening of dead legends

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of "The 23rd Annual King & Queen of Hearts Ball, My Haunted Valentine: An Evening of Dead Legends."

Contents index:
(02:15) Vivian Von Brokenhymen and Robyn Graves - first set MCs
(06:25) Knights of Malta - flags
(07:00) Sharon - American national anthem
(09:30) Jeff - Canadian national anthem
(15:30) [Stuart B.] - song
(20:20) [Anastacia] - song
(24:10) Riley - song
(31:45) Vicki - song
(36:40) Martin Rudy- song
(43:40) Betty and Lulu - second set MCs
(49:45) [Hedy L'amour] - song
(56:20) Jeff - song
(1:01:05) Aliyah Ice - song
(1:06:25) Queen of Hearts XXI and Brad Atkins - song
(1:15:40) Larry Gordon - song
(1:25:00) Beverly X -song
(1:29:30) Jessica and Little Joe - Crystal Heart Award presentation
(1:32:50) Jaylene - song
(1:36:00) Bruce - song
(1:43:00) Carlotta Gurl and Mandy Kamp - third set MCs
(1:46:20) Rochelle Rhinestone - song
(1:51:10) Pussy Willow - song
(1:58:10) Milan - song
(2:03:20) Little Joe - song
(2:10:15) Little Joe - song
(2:14:50) Jessica - song

DMS [Dogwood Monarchist Society] Coronation Ball 1999 : a medieval legend of a crystal diamond goddess

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the 1999 DMS Coronation Ball, A Medieval Legend of a Crystal Diamond Goddess, at the Roundhouse Community Centre with emcee Mona Lee. The video opens with a note from Amazing Video Productions explaining technical issues that resulted in the first set not captured to tape. Sets two to four of the show were taped. At 4:45:20 the video intersperses footage supplied by Roger's Cablevision which contains documentation of the first set of the Coronation Ball, as well as commentary and interviews.

Imelda Mae Santos' Lip Sync in Concert 1998

Part is a recording of Imelda Mae Santos' Lip Sync in Concert at Celebrities.

Contents index:
(2:18) Coco - song
(7:40) Diana Rose - song
(12:25) Carlotta Gurl - song
(16:20) Cheryl - song
(21:45) Tara Nova - song
(27:45) Imelda Mae Santos - song
(35:10) Vivian Von Brokenhymen and Robyn Graves - hosts
(36:20) Mandy Kamp - song
(40:50) [Velveeta]
(44:00) Joan-E - song
(51:15) Velveeta - song
(54:55) Vivian Von Brokenhymen - song
(1:00:30) Unidentified performer - Madonna song
(1:06:00) Milan - song
(1:11:40) Mr. Gay Vancouver, Rob - song
(1:16:40) Beverly - song
(1:23:05) Crema - song
(1:26:45) Joan-E
(1:27:45) Myria Lenoir - song
(1:34:30) Diana Rose - song
(1:39:20) Organza - song
(1:44:10) Imelda Mae Santos - song
(1:53:20) Carlotta Gurl - song
(1:58:00) Imelda Mae Santos
(2:04:25) [Mocha Cream]- song
(2:08:45) Robyn Graves - song

Leather Werx grand opening fashion show

Part is a recording of the Leather Werx grand opening fashion show at Leather Werx, sponsored by Western Canada Leather Pride.

Contents index:
(2:00) Wayne Duquette (?) (co-owner of Leather Werx)
(3:00) Simon (co-owner of Leather Werx)
(4:15) Fashion show - leather jackets
(11:40) dresses/skirts (rubber, vinyl)
(14:20) pants/shorts, vests, chaps, bodices, jocks, accessories
(40:10) Wayne - thanks sponsors (Tapestry Vintage Clothing), thanks models and crew, thanks Aaron and Gus

Knights of Malta Mr. Denim/Leather contest

Part is a recording of the Knights of Malta Mr. Denim Leather contest at the Dufferin Hotel.

Contents index;
(00:55) Damien Elliot - introductions
(01:10) Gordon Newman and Paige Turner - emcees
(01:45) Paige Turner - song
(07:10) Brad Atkins - song
(10:55) Introduction of contestants
(25:45) [Jay] - song
(30:45) Bruce - song
(35:10) Kat, Mistress Night (GVNCC) - song
(39:40) Questions for contestants
(57:00) Terry - song
(1:03:15) Damian Elliot - song
(1:06:40) Contestants on stage
(1:18:40) Paige Turner and Gordon Newman - duet
(1:22:40) Contestants on stage and winner announced

Dealing of the Deck

Part is a recording of Dealing of the Deck (King and Queen of Hearts) at the Dufferin Hotel.

Contents index:
(00:35) Paige Turner (MC) - introductions
(04:30) Tyler and Anastasia - duet
(12:30) Greg [Whalen] (GVNCS) - song
(16:35) Star 69 - song
(23:40) Amazing Grace - song
(27:20) George [Twirl] - song
(38:15) Dylan Humphreys - song
(44:10) John Taylor - song
(49:00) Richelle Rhinestone - song
(54:40) Betty Desire (Bellingham) - song
(1:00:30) Little Joe - song
(1:08:50) Robert and Taylor Made - duet
(1:13:45) Hedy LaMar - song
(1:20:35) Carlotta Gurl - song
(1:24:40) Joey - song
(1:27:30) Venus de Mylar - song

Adrian's Hungry Eye Show

Part is a recording of Adrian's Hungry Eye Show at [Mr. T's Cabaret].
This was a fundraising show for the Gay Food Bank.

Contents index:
(00:05) Michael [McKay] - song
(01:30) Connie (Princess White Fox II) - song
(03:55) Martin Rooney - song
(07:10) Dusty Ryane - song
(12:30) Ms. Adrian - song

[Coronation Ball 1993]

Part is a recording of the Coronation Ball 1993. Loud buzzing throughout results in barely audible sound for the entirety of the show. The first seven seconds show a portion of Mike Mikii's Campaign Show for Chief at [The Shaggy Horse] on July 16, 1993.

DMS [Dogwood Monarchist Society] Coronation Ball 1998

Item is a videocassette containing an edited recording of the 'DMS Coronation Ball 1998'. Opening title card contains the following text: "Amazing Video Productions of Vancouver, B.C., Canada and Jim De Young present the 1998 DMS [Dogwood Monarchist Society] Coronation Ball. Cameramen: Ed Chow, Sean Ross, Jim De Young."
Contents index:
(01:50) Marlene
(03:40) Presentation of flags by the Knights of Malta
(04:15) The Vancouver Chorus sing USA and Canada anthems
(10:00) performance
(20:25) Marty, Emperor XXV
(25:20) Wanda Fuca
(34:50) Wa Wa, Emperor 21
(54:45) Milan
(1:01:25) GVNCS [Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society]
(1:08:25) Neil (Emperor XX, Calgary)
(1:21:30) Crema
(1:27:05) Judy Jive
(1:34:55) Justine Tyme
(1:41:50) Sister C - MC
(1:45:50) Mandy Kamp
(1:52:50) Tara Nova
(1:59:30) Wes
(2:24:20) Richard Boulier
(2:28:35) Carlotta
(2:52:40) Reigning Empress of Hawaii
(2:55:13) performance
(2:59:40) Empress VII [Alana St. Clair] and Emperor VII Bruce St. Clair of Regina, Saskatchewan
(3:08:25) Marty and Wanda Fuca
(3:19:05) JD Rene
(3:40:45) Ms. Adrian
(3:45:50) Ruby Stone
(3:52:15) Candidate #3 for Emperor XXVI, Bennet Williams
(4:02:00) Richard Boulier
(4:12:20) Hedy Fry and Svend Robinson
(4:17:35) [Electra De Vander Vogue]
(4:27:20:) [Nina Richie De Vander Vogue]
(4:38:10) [Ashley O'Day]
(4:44:15) Diana Rose, Joan-E, Justine Tyme
(5:02:10) Imelda Mae Santos
(5:12:50) Empress VI [Christina] of Ohio
(5:19:35) [Scarlet Fever] of Toronto, Ontario
(5:34:10) [Empress of Seattle]
(5:34:25) [Dewitt Dior]
(5:43:40) Marty
(5:53:00) Wanda Fuca
(6:13:40) Coronation of new Emperor and Empress - Ms. Adrian and Bennet Williams

Ball Fever 1993

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Ball Fever 1993' at the Royal Hotel, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(00:30) ted northe (MC) - song
(06:40) Wanda Wacko - song
(10:35) Myria LeNoir (MC)
(13:10) Ms. Adrian - song
(18:40) Venus de Mylar - song
(25:20) Scarlett (Toronto Crown Princess) - song
(28:40) Golden Screw Award: to Wawa
(31:50) Joan-E - song
(36:55) J.D. Rene - song
(44:35) Crema - song
(51:00) Storm Warning - song
(59:10) Darcy Dark - song
(1:08:50) Golden Screw Award to Martin - song
(1:12:15) Gaz - Golden Screw Award
(1:20:40) Candidate for Empress Flo Flowing - song
(1:29:00) Candidate for Empress Dusty Ryane - song
(1:37:25) Candidate for Emperor - Wawa - song

Everest - Hi8mm transfer [part 2]

Item is Yaletown Productions Everest September 12, 1991 Hi-8 mm transfer tape two. Contains footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members riding in a vehicle enjoying the views, playing hacky-sack in a lobby, a meeting about the plan to get the Everest - Climb for Hope team members and their supplies to base camp, a lightning storm, team members enjoying some snacks in a dining area, Dennis toasts the chefs, everyone enjoys a meal together, scenic view of mountains, a moonrise, a friendly dog, team members riding in the back of a truck up to base camp, shots of an monastery located on the way to base camp, arrival at base camp, scenes of setting up, a group photograph, Ernie [Erwin Sniedzins] gives his farewell to the team and drives away. Yaks move into camp area.

Dragon Parade 1958

Item is an amateur film of the 1958 Chinatown Dragon Parade. The film includes views of spectators lined up along the parade route, buildings and signs for businesses along Pender Street, and cars and groups participating in the parade. Footage includes many shots of men in a large dragon costume, the Vancouver Fire Department Band, and the Chinese Freemasons and Chinese Community School floats.

Miss Chinatown 1960

Item is an amateur film of the 1960 Miss Chinatown competition. Film includes footage of the evening gown, Chinese dress, public speaking and talent competitions, the selection of pageant finalists, and the crowning of the winner.

Chinatown Parade 1960

Item is an amateur film of the Chinatown Parade, likely taken in 1960. The film includes views of Pender Street and spectators lined up along the parade route, and cars and groups participating in the parade, possibly including Miss Chinatown and pageant runner-ups.

Vancouver live : Centennial highlights

Item is a videocassette containing twelve clips of ‘Centennial Highlights’, broadcast on VU13’s ‘Vancouver Live’. Each short segment is on a different subject and presented by a different presenter.

00:00-01:47, Clip 1: ‘Intro - 100 yrs old’ (Presenter: Laurier LaPierre)
01:53-03:15, Clip 2: ‘Van Horne - Railway Terminus’ (Presenter: Douglas Miller)
03:16-04:46, Clip 3: ‘The Big Fire’ (Presenter: Bob Spence)
04:53-06:15, Clip 4: ‘9 O’Clock Gun’ (Presenter: Rick Forchuk)
06:18-07:37, Clip 5: ‘First City Council & City Hall’ (Presenter: David Kincaid)
07:39-09:13, Clip 6: ‘Joe Fortes’ (Presenter: Linden Soles)
09:19-11:05, Clip 7: ‘”Komagata Maru”’ (Presenter: Doriana Temolo)
11:08-12:30, Clip 8: ‘(Same as #2, different Host)’ (See Clip 2)
12:33-13:55, Clip 9: ‘Troops leave Vancouver to Fight’ (Presenter: Ted Friend)
13:56-15:33, Clip 10: ‘Orpheum Theatre’ (Presenter: Wayne Cox)
15:36-17:22, Clip 11: ‘Lions Gate Bridge’ (Presenter: Maria LeRose)
17:27-19:04, Clip 12: ‘Pier D burns’ (Presenter: Chris Hebb)

Clip 8 is the same as Clip 2, including the presenter, contrary to the supplied information in the clip title.


Co-op Radio for insurance 1990 / Kick-Off Marathon '92

Item is a videocassette containing footage from Co-op Radio and the kick off for the 1992 fundraising marathon. The first 15:44 of the footage shows the Co-op Radio building, equipment, and work spaces. The last 15 minutes shows footage of speakers including Dorothy Kidd, Libby Davies, Svend Robinson for the kick off of the 1992 Co-op Radio fundraising marathon.

Co-op Radio

Item is a videocassette containing footage from Co-op Radio. The footage shows Co-op Radio staff, volunteers, equipment, work spaces, and an interview with Peter Grant. Writing on videocassette label: "All raw footage - random people, activities, things - Fresh Air, walk through 3rd floor [and onto] banding. Shaky, hand-held throughout. Auto focus. Joyce interviewed. GX. Peter G."

Urban Safari Films Inc. - NTSC

Item is part one of two of Digital NTSC Master. Full Circle and G.L.A.S.S. Films; a Reto Salembeni film; David Naughton, Linda Kash, Jay Brazeau, Donnelly Rhodes, Andrea Nemeth, Teryl Rothery, David Palffy, Rebecca Toolan, Adriana Tripa, Barry Pepper, Charles Seigal; Executive producers Michael Collier and Reto Salimbeni; Line producer R. Earl Peturson; Casting Akiko Morison (Canada) and Kathy Henderson (USA); Art direction Peter Hinton; Costume designer David Lisle; Music composed and conducted by Brahm Wenger; Editor Jana Fritsch; Director of Photography Vic Sarin; Story by Reto Salimbeni; Screenplay by James J Desmarais, Alison Rosenfeld Desmarais, and PJ Reece; Producer Michael Collier; Director Reto Salimbeni.

Yaletown Entertainment

Stanley Park - Winter Skate - New Immigrant Arrived Airport

Item is a home movie which pictures Lions Gate Bridge from the Stanley Park side, the view from Coal Harbour, and outdoor skating and tennis in Lost Lagoon and/or Beaver Lake in the wintertime. The second half features immigrants disembarking at Vancouver airport, exiting United Air Lines' customs and immigrations and taking photographs. Lew Parry's Steet Metal Worker's Local 280 float sculpture is briefly filmed.

Segment titles as indicated on the original film leader are: Stanley Park + Harbour; Winter Skates; Harry; Nov Mel + Party; New Immigrant Arrives in Van. airport; Jean Chin Poy Lin; Mrs Chin Hong + Mrs. Chiu; Nen + Bing Chin; Go See Yow and Poon's Goddaughter.

PFA Tape #1

Item is a videocassette containing recordings of a Vancouver Civic Grants Review meeting, two news reports covering the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade, a U.S. panel on AIDS recorded from television, the production “Wagner: Episode 4” recorded from KCTS 9 Seattle and the documentary “The AIDS Show: Artists Involved with Death and Survival” recorded from KCTS 9 Seattle.

(00:00:00 – 00:50:51)
The council meeting begins with the Civic Grants Review 1987 and shows speakers addressing Vancouver City Council to advocate for funds. Speakers include: Ms. Agney (Vancouver Rape Relief Society), Michael Woods (Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society), Ann Taylor (Alcuin Society), Richard Lenaire ([Anna] Dance Theatre), Lorraine Adams (Assembly of B.C. Arts Council), T.A. Hebst (Friends of Chamber Music), Brenda Taylor (Native Indian Youth Advisory Society), Lorrain Aspden (Caravan Stage Company), Gretchen Haywire (O.H. Lettuce B. Fools of Society), Mr. Gordon (United Caribbean Cultural Society), Hugh Pickett and Hannah Fisher (Vancouver Film Festival). Government representatives include: Donald Bellamy, Libby Davies, May Brown, Gordon Campbell, Harry Rankin, Marguerite Ford, W. Yee and Michael Harcourt.
The meeting ends with delegations for Pride Festival Association parade and a presentation by Malcolm Crane to council regarding the parade route.

(00:50:52 – 00:55:11)
This news coverage by Kate Corcoran for First News contains footage of the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade and contains interviews with James Mason (Vancouver), Jim Bellafy (New Westminster), Al. D. (Seattle), Mike Morris (Vancouver) and Michael Arsenault (Persons with AIDS float representative).

(00:55:12 – 00:57:30)
This is unidentified news coverage of the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade. The report includes footage of the parade and interviews with attendees and participants.

(00:57:31 – 01:53:08)
No content, black screen.

(01:53:09 – 02:15:52)
This portion of the tape contains a program recorded from television entitled “AIDS: In search of a miracle” part of a series “Managing our miracles: health care in America” by Columbia University and originally broadcast on PBS.

(02:15:53 – 03:12:35)
This segment of the tape is a recording from KCTS 9 of a Great Performances presentation of “Wagner: Episode 4”.

(03:12:36 – 04:15:49)
This portion of the tape contains a KCTS 9 Seattle presentation of the documentary “The AIDS Show: Artists Involved with Death and Survival”. The documentary was created and directed by Rob Epstein and Peter Adair. The documentary focuses on the Theatre Rhinoceros production of “The AIDS Show” and the HIV/AIDS crisis in San Francisco.

(04:15:50 – 04:20:51)
This portion of the tape contains footage of an unidentified Vancouver City Council meeting.

Prism Tape #1

Item is a videocassette containing eight episodes of Prism from 1990 to 1991. Prism, the gay and lesbian community affairs television program, was a production of the Pride Festival Association and West End Neighbourhood Television.

(00:00:00 – 00:29:15)
The June 1990 episode opens with footage from above the Lion’s Gate Bridge. The episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and he interviews Gary Penny and Vince Mannis from Vancouver’s Pride Festival Association, as well the co-chairs of the South Florida Pride Committee Mark Canterbury and Bob Vernacky from Ft. Lauderdale. Topics discussed include Pride organizing, events, attendance, community and conferences.

(00:29:16 - 01:00:21)
The August 1990 episode focuses on the topic of HIV and AIDS, the costs and available support systems, and discrimination. The episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and he interviews Kevin Robb (AIDS/HIV activist and lawyer), Brian Peel (Executive Director of AIDS Vancouver) and Jim McCabe (Insurance Salesman).

(01:00:22 -01:28:59)
This 1990 episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and looks at the role of support groups in the Gay and Lesbian community in Vancouver. Crane interviews Peter Cook (Disabled Support Group) and Stan Weese (Pride Festival Association) about his use of support groups, specifically Gay Leisure Link and the Metropolitan Community Church.

(01:29:00 – 01:57:44)
This 1990 episode is focused on commerce and the power of the Gay and Lesbian dollar, and business boycotts. Robb Atkinson interviews Ken Walker and [Bet Cecil] about the protest at Joe’s Café. The second segment shows an interview by Garrett Campbell with Mary Brookes of the Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Centre. In the third segment David Berton interviews David Moorhouse, C.A. with the Greater Vancouver Business Association.

(01:57:45 – 02:24:38)
The November 1990 episode is hosted by Kathee Muzin and Malcolm Crane, and contains four segments. The first segment is an interview by Malcolm Crane with James Trenholme about police/gay relations. The second segment is a public service announcement by Karen Tulchinsky about International Lesbian Week. The third segment is about the idea of chosen family where Karen Tulchinsky, Mary Brookes and Mickey McCaffery are interviewed by Kathee Muzin. The episode concludes with a special program on sports by Garrett Campbell and includes interviews with Chris McPherson (English Bay Water Polo Club), Rob Radke (Vancouver’s Frontrunners), Helen Ward (Gay Volleyball Association), Janel Snell (English Bay Swim Club) and Larry Grieg (English Bay Soft Tip Dart League).

(02:24:39 – 02:52:44)
The December 1990 episode contains five segments centred around the theme of honoring the families of lesbians and gay men. The episode begins with a winter solstice message by Pat Hogan. The second segment is an interview with Gertrude and Stan Stevens (Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians) by Robb Atkinson. The third segment is a Christmas message from Prism by Wally Hargrave (Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church). In the fourth segment Kathee Muzin interviews terry Miles and John Crawford about parenting as gay men. The episode concludes with a special report by Garrett Campbell on gay and lesbian activities post Celebration 90’ and includes interviews with Willi Zwozdesky (Vancouver Men’s Chorus), Leik Towler (Squares Across the Border), Tom Graff (Vancouver’s Rainbow Marching Band) and David Reid (Lesbian and Gay Choir of Vancouver).

(02:52:45 – 03:22:06)
This 1991 episode is hosted by Kathee Muzin and Robb Atkinson and contains six segments. The first is an interview by Robb Atkinson with Floyd Sinclair and David [Uotmo] about social environments, sexuality and gay networks since the 1950’s. In the second segment is an interview with Earle Ingram (Prime Timers) by Kathee Muzin on being a single and mature gay man. In the next segment Floyd Sinclair and David [Uotmo] discuss coming out and gay life in the 90’s. Kathee Muzin interviews Elyssa Lay (Gazebo Connection Singles Group) in the fourth segment. A new film review segment is launched featuring Gerry Kowalenko, where he reviews the film “Longtime Companions”. The episode concludes with a Betty’s Cable Clip from the BLT Theatre Company showing “Preacher’s Anonymous”.

(03:22:07 – 03:51:29)
The April 1991 episode is hosted by Alan Segal and Robb Atkinson and opens with an interview with David Allison (Rainbow Garden Club) by Atkinson. Atkinson then interviews Tony Dukes (Executive Coordinator, Lesbian and Gay Youth Group). The third segment shows Alan Segal and Wayne Robert visiting the Gay and Lesbian Youth Group and interviewing members. The fourth segment is a film review of “Desert Hearts” by Gerry Kowalenko. The episode concludes with street interviews about government subsidies of HIV/AIDS treatments.

The technical director for all episodes is Gordon Inglis. The executive producer is Malcolm Crane. Prism Crew members include: Karen Bitz, Garrett Campbell, Joe Crowell, Eric Dunning, Tony Lindala, Sue McNaughton, Keith Paquette, Wayne Robert and Glynnis Waters.

The content concludes at 03:51:30

Prism Tape #2

Item is a videocassette containing four episodes of Prism from 1991 to 1993. Prism, the gay and lesbian community affairs television program, was a production of the Pride Festival Association and West End Neighbourhood Television and later in 1993 a production of West End Cable 4. The tape also contains footage from a city council meeting in 1992.

(00:00:00 – 00:28:51)
This 1991 episode is hosted by Alan Segal and Robb Atkinson. The first segment is an interview with a man whose voice has been modified and image is in the shadows to protect his identity. He speaks about gay bashing and his experience when he was verbally and physically assaulted. In the second segment Alan Segal interviews John Eldridge (Witness Assistance Program) about the program. Then Jerry Kowalenko interviews Robert Rothon and Katherine Sharp about Vancouver’s 3rd Annual Out on Screen lesbian and gay film festival. The fourth segment takes place on location at Britannia Park where Glynnis Water interviews Kate Stewart about the Lil Baseball Tournament and the Lesbian League. The episode concludes with a clip of a musical number from “Making of Monsters” with the credits overlaid.

(00:28:52 – 00:57:00)
The July 1991 episode is hosted by Alan Segal and Robb Atkinson and was filmed in Sue [McNaughton’s?] back yard. Paul Lang interviews Lorna Boschman (video/film artist) about her practice. Alan Segal interviews Malcolm Crane (Chairman, Pride Foundation). The episode concludes with two film reviews of “Poison” and “Paris is Burning” by Gerry Kowalenko.

(00:57:01 – 01:29:44)
Before the episode begins there is a Crime Stoppers public service announcement showing five mugshots. This 1991 episode on the world of leather and SM fantasies and fetishes begins with an announcement by Malcolm Crane about censorship and the choice of Rogers Community Cable to disallow a segment for the show. Alan Segal and Robb Atkinson host the episode. Clips from street interviews are interspersed throughout, where members of the public are asked the question “What do you think of people involved in the leather and SM scene?” Alan Segal interviews Bill Houghton and Jean Young about their involvement in the SM community. Sue McNaughton produced a piece that shows women talking about their experiences with tattoos and piercings. The episode concludes with an interview with Claes (Creator, Choreographer and Director of Mia Culpa Part II, of the SM Trilogy) by Robb Atkinson.

(01:29:45 – 02:40:44)
Recording is Live from City Hall, September 15, 1992, Vancouver City Council footage. This recording shows a presentation by Chief Constable Bill Marshall to City Council on gay and lesbian assaults in Vancouver, history and actions taken. Speakers include: Bill Marshall, Inspector Dorn, Gordon Campbell, Libby Davies, Harry Rankin, Patricia Wilson, George Puil, Tung Chan, Donald Bellamy and Ken Walker presenting a petition.

(02:40:45 – 02:44:45)
This part of the tape shows the end of an episode of West Side Profile with host Ted Lederer, followed by Rogers Community Cable interval spots showing outdoor scenes from Vancouver.

(02:44:46 – 03:13:34)
The June 1993 episode is on location at Carnival on Commercial, part of the Stonewall Festival in the Park and is hosted by Penny Chalmer and David Yerrell. Interviews with attendees are by Lisa Currie are interspersed throughout the episode. The first segment is an interview with Bryan Fair (Carnival Organizer) by Robb Atkinson. Alan Herbert is then interviewed by Robb Atkinson about the inclusion of sexual orientation on the census. Gerry Kowalenko reviews the film “The Boys in the Band” and the episode concludes with Rob Wolvin talking about the upcoming Pride Parade.

(03:13:35 – 03:40:52)
The last part of the tape contains Rogers Cable public service announcements accompanied by music.

Technical directors for Prism episodes are Gordon Inglis and Tracy Major. The executive producers are Malcolm Crane and Robb Atkinson. Prism camera and crew members include: Rod Affleck, Karen Bitz, Garrett Campbell, Jolene Clarke, Joe Crowell, Eric Dunning, Toby Lindala, Sue McNaughton, Keith Paquette, Chris Rahim, Sheila Rebelato, Wayne Robert, Lindsay South, Robyn and Glynnis Water.

Prism #3

Item is a videocassette containing four episodes of the television news program Prism from 1991 and 1992.

The first episode of Prism is from 1992 (00:00-29:39). Prism reports on location at the Second Annual Stonewall Pride Festival at Sunset Beach and the 5th Annual Two-Spirited Gathering held in Goldbridge, BC. Ian Pringle is interviewed about Outrights: Second Pan-Canadian Conference on Lesbian & Gay Rights held in downtown Vancouver in 1992. Spokesmen for the Primetimers and Squares Across the Border are interviewed. John Elderidge of the Community Safety Program is interviewed regarding violence against gay men. Malcolm Crane of the Pride Community Foundation is interviewed. A Constable of the Vancouver City Police is interviewed.

The second episode of Prism is from 1991 (29:46-55:33). Individuals at the Stonewall Festival in Nelson Park and the vice-chair of the Gay and Lesbian Centre are interviewed about Stonewall history and diversity. The Cowbells and a jeweler are interviewed at the Stonewall festival. Doug Sanders discusses Vancouver in 1969. "Sybil" [Sybel] Thrasher is filmed performing and an Out and About club member is interviewed.

In the third PRISM episode, filmmaker Lorna Bochsman is interviewed about her work. Malcolm Crane of the Pride Community Foundation is interviewed about the history of the Vancouver Pride festival. Gerry Kowalenko reviews two films, Poison and Paris is Burning.

The fourth PRISM episode begins and ends with footage of the Vancouver Pride Parade. It features an interview with Rick Waynes for the Persons with Aids Society about Walk for AIDS.

On Safari : Kenya

Item is a videotape containing an edited video travel diary showing Malcolm Crane and Stanley Weese's trip to Kenya from November 27-December 18, 1991. The tape is narrated by Stanley Weese and contains titles for each day of the trip. There are scenes showing airports, documents, maps, animals, food, drink, people, souvenirs, plants and scenery. Crane and Weese take turns speaking to the camera about their travels including accommodations, food and sights.

South Florida Prism telephone conference

Item is a videocassette containing footage of a phone interview with the co-chairs of the South Florida Pride Committee Mark Canterbury and Bob Vernacky from Ft. Lauderdale. The interview was done for Prism (television program). The interview questions are not audible as they were asked over the phone from Vancouver. Malcolm Crane is most likely the interviewer.

Svend's Dedication of Malcolm's Bench - Home Video Tape 1

Item is a videotape containing home movie footage and recordings of three movies and commercials from television.

(00:00:00 - 01:08:26)
This portion of the tape contains home movie footage by Malcolm Crane and Stanley Weese. The footage shows Crane and Weese talking to each other at False Creek, a backyard and in Beacon Hill Park at the Gay and Lesbian Pride Picnic with Karen Bitz. They take turns filming. Crane's mother and brother Alan Crane are interviewed in a back yard. There is footage from a trip to Salt Spring Island including Ganges Public Harbour, Brian Forester's workshop and home, the Salt Spring coastline and BC Ferries. The 1991 and 1992 Pride Parades are shown and the footage includes speeches given both years at Sunset Beach by Malcolm Crane.

(01:08:27 - 01:30:36)
Black screen with no content.

(01:30:37 - 02:27:11)
This portion of the tape is a recording of an unidentified black and white movie from television. The recording includes commercials for Spargo's Restaurant, Playland, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Personalities on KVOS TV, Secure Card, Weatherview Forecast, Sun Jammin' [album], Ring of Fire [film], Columbia Academy, Siskel and Ebert [television program], Lifestyle's of the Rich and Famous [television program], National Kidney Foundation of Washington [featuring Debra Burke], Great Escapes Contest KVOS TV Vancouver, Vancouver Aquarium, BC Mazda Dealers, Micki and Maude [television program], The Joan Rivers Show, BC Hydro, The Dressing Room [Vancouver], Environmental Defense Fund, A Current Affair KVOS TV, Real Canadian Superstore and White Spot.

(02:27:12 - 03:23:10)
This portion of the tape contains a recording of "Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy" from television. The recording includes commercials for Vidal Sassoon Ultra, Ivory Snow, White Spot, Smith's Home Furnishings, Pepsi, Molson Special Dry [beer], Ford and Mercury dealers, Safeway, Norwich Union Life Insurance, Oil of Olay, Secret [deodorant], Point Break [film], KVOS TV, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coors Light [beer], Fitness World, Coppertone, Labbatt Dry [beer] and Downy Fabric Softener.

(03:23:11 - 04:27:30)
This portion of the tape contains a recording of a Masterpiece Theatre 1991 presentation of "I, Claudius" from 1976. The recording includes commercials for PBS Home Video and KCTS 9 presentations of: Horizons II [television series], Cosmos [television series], Moyers: Oren Lyons the Faithkeeper [television program], The One Game [movie] and The Prisoner [movie].

UTV News at Six

Item is a videotape containing a recording of a U News at Six broadcast about the 1993 Pride Festival. Reporter Kate Corcoran interviews Robb Atkinson about commemorating Malcolm Crane and attendees about their opinions of Pride and the festivities.

Granville Bridge [sound version]

Item consists of a motion picture film developed for the Engineering Department of the City of Vancouver detailing the construction of the new Granville Street Bridge over False Creek. The film makes use of stock footage, original footage, and a voice over narration to tell the story of the problems the new bridge was built to solve, and how it solved them.

The film begins with a discussion of downtown traffic congestion and includes street scenes, the Woodward's building, and the Marine Building, and dramatized depictions of impatient people in cars and stock footage of the old swing span in action. Staged shots of engineers and bridge models are used to support a discussion of the planning process before construction. The film includes footage of the ground-breaking ceremony with Mayor Frederick Hume and members of council, demolition of buildings to make room for the bridge and ramps, sinking foundation piles, foundation pouring for the main bridge piers.

The film discusses the advantages the new bridge would bring to the city, with scenes of families playing in Stanley Park, at the zoo, on a miniature train, and at the beaches. More construction details are included: piers are sunk into False Creek and pre-fabricated steel beams, are moved into place. The narration discusses the pneumatic rivet delivery system developed for the bridge; the remained of construction to completion is depicted. The film includes the opening ceremony, attended by Mayor Hume and councillors, and the completed bridge is shown from several angles.

Lew Parry Film Productions

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