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Paul Yee fonds File Chinese in Canada
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1960 trip

File consists of photographs of Vernon and Paul Yee and Lillian Wong on a cross-continental trip the three went on in the summer 1960, visiting Lillian's sister Lillian's sister Winnifred and her family in Chicago, Lillian's sister Nellie and her family in the Washington, D.C. area, and Lillian's brother Sam in Toronto, with stops in New York City and Niagara Falls. The file also contains photos sent to or from Lillian from her family members in the years immediately following the trip.

1975 trip

File consists of photographs of Paul Yee, Vernon Yee, and Lillian Ho Wong and other Ho family members in Ontario, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

3424 Dundas Street

File consists of a photograph of the residence of Ho Chan Shee and her children.

Amoy : Chinese junk

File consists of photographs of the Amoy, including one showing Captain and Mrs. Waard, their son, Douglas Fairbanks, and Mary Pickford aboard the ship, and another showing Mrs. Waard, her son, and a group of men aboard the ship.

Asianadian, Vancouver issue

File consists of typescripts and manuscripts of essays, poems, and stories considered for publication or published in Asianadian vol. 3, no. 2. The file also includes drafts of the introduction to the issue, written by issue editors Paul Yee and Sean Gunn.

Class photos

File consists of photographs of students including Wilgene Wong gathered outside of school buildings, likely in Vancouver.

Crosby Y.P. Club

File consists of a photograph of members of the Crosby Y.P. Club assembled at the Orpheum Cafe for the club's fifth anniversary banquet. According to the label accompanying this photograph, Thomas Whaun was the club's honoured guest and speaker.

Don Wong's family

File consists of photographs of Don and Lily Wong's three sons, including images of Christmas and the three boys at a picnic with Foon and Lillian Wong and Paul and Vernon Yee.


File contains photographs showing Edmonton's Chinatown, Klondike Days parade floats, houses, restaurants, buildings, retail shops and Paul Yee with some of his family members.

Entertainment and diversions

File consists of photographs of women playing cards, a man and two girls holding what may be prizes, and a girl who may be a member of the Woo family playing accordion.


File consists of negatives showing Paul Yee and his aunt Lillian Ho Wong inside an apartment or house, presumably Wong's; one of the photographs is of a small child.

Family photos contact sheet

File consists of a contact sheet displaying seven photographs of Lillian Wong and her family members.

Foon Wong

File consists of portraits of Foon Wong as a child and as an adult.

Foon Wong at association events

File consists of photographs of Foon Wong and other men at the sixth national convention of the Wong Kong Har Tong held in Vancouver, B.C. and other Wong Kong Har Tong or Chinese Benevolent Association events.

Frank Wong and Paul Yee

File consists of a negatives. The images include two photographs of Frank Wong, a former member of Chinese Soccer Team, at Cathay Seniors Home; two photographs of Paul Yee with students at Hastings Elementary School in Vancouver; and two self-portraits of Yee.

Huang Jing Ren

File consists of a photographs Huang Jing Ren at her wedding, and a photograph of Huang Jing Ren with two small children and Lillian Wong.

Huang Yun Shan Society

File consists of a portrait of five men whose lapels are decorated with rosettes and printed ribbons. The men are likely members of the Huang Yun Shan Society (Wong Wun San Society).

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