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Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department Series
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Planning Director's Lower Mainland Regional Planning Board files

Series consists of LMRPB files kept by Planning Department directors G. Sutton Brown, G.F. Fountain, and W.E. Graham (and their deputies) relating to their service as consultants to the Board. Records include correspondence, minutes, financial statements, and reports. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Downtown and West End buildings inventory photographs

Series consists of images which systematically and comprehensively document the whole of Vancouver's central commercial area, along the waterfront from Cardero to Carrall, narrowing southward to False Creek (Thurlow to Richards at the southernmost point). Photographed in August 1981 (as an internship or work experience project) to provide a reference resource in the preparation for the Vancouver Coreplan. Images are generally 45 degree views of buildings, often from block corners. Arranged in a devised image block numbering scheme (individual image numbers reflect that organization).

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Subdivision files

Series consists of case files on land and lots considered for subdivision approval. Each case file is represented by one microfiche. Arranged in legal description order with the following area or project files at the beginning: B.C. Place, Canada Harbour Place, False Creek, Fraserview, Gambier Island, Old Granville Townsite, Quebec/Columbia Connector, Marathon, Musqueam, Reclassification, and West Point Grey. Following this sequence there are thousands of case files on individual lots. District lot numbers represented are: D.L. 36, D.L. 36 & 51, D.L. 37, D.L. 47, D.L. 50, D.L. 51, D.L. 52, D.L. 128, D.L. 139, D.L. 140, D.L. 176, D.L. 181, D.L. 182, D.L. 183, D.L. 184, D.L. 185, D.L. 192, D.L. 194, D.L. 195, D.L. 196, D.L. 200, D.L. 200A, D.L. 237, D.L. 258, D.L. 258 & 329, D.L. 264A, D.L. 301, D.L. 302, D.L. 306 & 306Y, D.L. 307 & 317, D.L. 311, D.L. 311 & 322, D.L. 313, D.L. 314, D.L. 315, D.L. 316, D.L. 317, D.L. 318, D.L. 319, D.L. 320, D.L. 321, D.L. 322, D.L. 323, D.L. 325, D.L. 325A, D.L. 326A, D.L. 326B, D.L. 327, D.L. 328, D.L. 329, D.L. 330, D.L. 331, D.L. 332, D.L. 334, D.L. 335, D.L. 336, D.L. 337, D.L. 338, D.L. 339, D.L. 352, D.L. 373, D.L. 391, D.L. 393, D.L. 394, D.L. 472, D.L. 526, D.L. 448, D.L. 540, D.L. 541, D.L. 628, D.L. 629, D.L. 630, D.L. 631, D.L. 631-632, D.L. 632, D.L. 633, D.L. 634, D.L. 636, D.L. 637, D.L. 638, D.L. 639, D.L. 639-640, D.L. 642, D.L. 643, D.L. 644, D.L. 645, D.L. 646, D.L. 648, D.L. 649, D.L. 650, D.L. 651, D.L. 652, D.L. 653, D.L. 654, D.L. 655, D.L. 656, D.L. 657, D.L. 658, D.L. 659, D.L. 660, D.L. 661, D.L. 662, D.L. 663, D.L. 664, D.L. 666, D.L. 667, D.L. 668-670, D.L. 700, D.L. 702, D.L. 703, D.L. 704, D.L. 705, D.L. 706, D.L. 707, D.L. 708, D.L. 709, D.L. 710, D.L. 711, D.L. 712, D.L. 713, D.L. 714, D.L. 715, D.L. 716, D.L. 717, D.L. 719, D.L. 720, D.L. 721, D.L. 722, D.L. 723, D.L. 724, D.L. 725, D.L. 726, D.L. 727, D.L. 728, D.L. 729, D.L. 730, D.L. 731, D.L. 733, D.L. 734, D.L. 735, D.L. 737, D.L. 738, D.L. 739, D.L. 740, D.L. 741, D.L. 743, D.L. 744, D.L. 745, D.L. 746, D.L. 747, D.L. 748, D.L. 749, D.L. 750, D.L. 751, D.L. 752, D.L. 753, D.L. 754, D.L. 755, D.L. 756, D.L. 1216, D.L. 2027, D.L. 2037, D.L. 2100, D.L. 2850, D.L. 3610, D.L. 3657, D.L. 5967, D.L. 7145, and THSL.
The subdivision files have been accumulated since the 1950s in the Department's role as coordinator and approval authority of the land subdivision approval process as governed by the Land Registry Act and the Subdivision Control By-law. Council approval was required when particular engineering considerations were factors. Represented are all those properties considered for subdivision (including large scale subdivisions and air space subdivision), which were adjacent to a property considered for subdivision, which were considered for other legal adjustments (e.g. title changes, right of way changes, consolidation of parcels, creation of new roads), or which concerned the City's leases outside Vancouver. The records document the subdivision approval process which proceeded as follows: property owners submitted applications to subdivide to Planning, Planning coordinated the City's consideration of the application in consultation with Engineering and other offices as necessary, the subdivision approval officer made a decision (and referred individual cases to the City Engineer when Council approval was required), then Planning informed the applicant of the City's decision. Records include subdivision applications, internal and external correspondence of the Planning and Engineering Departments, plans prepared by Engineering and external individuals/companies for development purposes, leases, meeting notes, and associated Council documentation.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department's slide file photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by the Planning Department according to the requirements of departmental projects over the years. Twenty-one of Vancouver's local areas are represented, including: Central Business District [downtown], Fairview, Grandview-Woodland, Hastings-Sunrise, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Kerrisdale, Killarney, Kitsilano, Marpole, Mount Pleasant, Oakridge, Renfrew-Collingwood, Riley Park, South Cambie, Shaughnessy, Strathcona, Sunset, Victoria-Fraserview, West End, and West Point Grey. Additional areas represented are: Chinatown, False Creek, Gastown (including Blood Alley Square, Trounce Alley, Maple Tree Square, and Gastown Days), Granville Island and Granville Mall, Stanley Park, Harbour (Waterfront), Yaletown, and B.C. Place. Arranged alphabetically by local area, followed by specific areas.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage planning subject files

Series consists of records documenting the development and implementation of programs to identify and protect structures possessing heritage value or features.

The series consists of subject and correspondence files containing information on a wide variety of heritage initiatives. Records include internal and external correspondence, reference material on heritage issues and heritage planning programs in other jurisdictions, extracts of Council minutes, draft and final versions of reports to Council, and other related material.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

City-owned property planning records

Series consists of records documenting the City's planning functions as they applied to City-owned property. The records document activities such as: disposing of City-owned property by sale or exchange, subdivision of lots and blocks, and the planning component of projects to develop social housing on City-owned property.

The series includes internal memoranda and correspondence, external correspondence, property assessment forms, reports and studies, petitions, newspaper clippings and copies of leasehold agreements. Some files include site plans and/or other maps. Some files relating to social housing also include architectural drawings.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage inventory 1986 : evaluation forms

Series consists of a photocopied set of heritage evaluation forms completed for older buildings as background information in the preparation of the revised 1986 heritage inventory. Work carried out by consultants Commonwealth Historic Resource Management and The Eikos Group Inc. The forms provide details on construction date, original owner, current owner, architect, style or type designation, materials used, description, preliminary evaluation, and include a photocopy of a photograph of each building. Occasionally building "clusters" are identified on separate forms. Arranged by numbered avenues, and then alphabetically by named streets.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Aerial survey photographs

Series consists mainly of 25 x 25 cm b&w photographs, each showing a perpendicular view of a small area of Vancouver (sometimes known as mosaics). Series also includes 11 photographs of the Cassiar Connector taken in 1991, 62 x 66 cm or smaller.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department reference library

Series consists of material which made up the reference library created for and used by Planning Department staff in the course of their business. Records are primarily reports created by or on behalf of the Planning Department in relation to the full spectrum of the department's responsibilities. The series also includes reports and studies from other City departments, including Finance, Economic Development, Engineering, and Office of the City Clerk. The series also includes reports, studies, and brochures from outside bodies, including Metro Vancouver and its predecessors, the Vancouver Park Board, other cities, provincial government ministries, community groups, property developers and architects, and academics.

The series also contains a set of information binders, consisting of copies of reports, newspaper clippings, articles, brochures, and other published and unpublished material, collected by the Planning Library staff in the late 1980s to late 1990s. The binders are organized by either subject or neighbourhood/area.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department maps, plans and drawings

Series consists of maps, plans, drawings, charts and photographs created, amended or used by the Planning Department in the course of drafting ideas, compiling information, preparing displays, or designing publication copy relating to planning activities, including rezoning considerations. This series is divided into 3 subseries:

(1) Paper
(2) Microfiche copies - chronological set
(3) Microfiche copies - local areas set

There may be instances of overlap between the retained originals and the microfiche copies.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage inventory 1986 : photograph surveys

Series consists of three sets of photographic surveys which were carried out to assist the heritage designation and evaluation process resulting in the revised 1986 heritage inventory. The three sets are arranged in the following subseries:

  • Survey 1 - buildings
  • Survey 2 - public nominations
  • Survey 3 - parks, landscaping, and monuments

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Built heritage research records

Series consists of records documenting research conducted by Heritage Planners and private heritage contractors working on behalf of the Planning Department into the heritage features of various structures in the City of Vancouver. The structures documented are primarily buildings.

Files in the series may contain any or all of the following on a particular structure: correspondence and memoranda, photographs, survey forms, architectural survey forms, beautification building survey data forms, architectural or technical drawings, and general notes on history, condition, assessed value, etc. Many of the forms include one or more small photographs.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Zoning and Development By-law amendment records

Series consists of records documenting proposed and initiated amendments to the main text, appendices and schedules of Vancouver's Zoning and Development By-law (No. 3575) and its predecessor Zoning By-law (no. 2516 ). The series does not contain by-law amendments relating to individual properties.

The series consists of inter-departmental and external correspondence; reports to Board of Administration, Council and Standing Committees; and intra-departmental memoranda documenting discussions re: the need for specific amendments, the wording of proposed amendments, and drafts of proposed amendments to the by-law.

The series also includes records documenting the creation and deletion of building lines. As of the passage of By-law no. 3575, this was accomplished by means of revisions to Appendix E of the by-law; before this, building lines were established by Planning Department policy.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

South Shaughnessy houses - data forms and photographs

Series consists of records of the South Shaughnessy Single Family Zoning Review Program, and document design and landscaping of houses in Shaugnessy.

The series consists of two subseries: Consultant's data forms with photographs (1990) and Planning Department photographs (1990-1992). Parts of the following local areas are represented: Shaughnessy, South Cambie, Oakridge, and Kerrisdale.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage inventory photographs

Series contains photographs of buildings and signs in many Vancouver neighbourhoods, identified mainly to the file level only.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Strata title conversion files

Series consists of correspondence and plans relating to development permit applications. Arranged alphabetically by street address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning operational records

Series documents the core planning functions performed by the Planning Department, including land use and development planning, administering the Zoning and Development By-law and related by-laws, and providing advice on planning matters to other City units, Council and the Mayor's Office.

Records in this series consist of subject and project files relating to non-Heritage matters which were the responsibility of the Department. Subject titles corresponding to blocks in the departmental file plan have been retained as the first part of file titles.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Aerial survey cronaflex positives and paper prints

Series consists of cronaflex stereoscapic aerial survey photographs used for data collection to support planning and engineering activities. The photographs were created by a variety of photographic firms, under contract for the Planning Department. The series includes index maps for many of the flights. Some years are incomplete.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Overall Planning Division data project printouts

Series consists of computer printouts of primarily business license, development permit and building permit data, relating to the preparation of analyses of building characteristics and business, development, and land use activities. Printouts used as source material for articles in the Quarterly Review (PDS 29) and for the Vancouver Coreplan. Arranged alphabetically by printout title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department film collection

Series consists of films or copies of films collected by the Planning Department, and related to the City and regional planning of the 1960s: urban renewal, downtown planning, and harbour development. Arranged chronologically. The films were presented by the City of Vancouver. Films were produced by Pageant Productions Ltd. of Vancouver for the National Film Board of Canada.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Demolished and redeveloped heritage properties files

Series consists of building case files concerning permits to demolish heritage designated buildings typically containing heritage evaluation forms including photographs, as well as various reports, correspondence, news clippings, etc. Arranged alphabetically by address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage evaluation forms : deletions from register (buildings demolished for redevelopment)

Series consists of heritage evaluation forms on buildings deleted from the heritage register because the building has been demolished. The request for a deletion originates from the applicant for a development permit where that redevelopment entails demolition of the existing building(s). Once the development permit is approved because there is no possibility of keeping the building through negotiation with the owner, demolition is permitted. Arranged by street address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage Planner's photographs

Series consists of CN Pier photographs (1974) and photographs in the 2300, 2400 and 2600 block of Main Street.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department photographs

Series contains a large accrual of photographs produced by and for the Planning Dept. which require further appraisal, series analysis, and description. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Downtown and West End building facades inventory photographs

Series consists of photographs of building facades of the "character areas" of Vancouver taken for reference purposes to aid heritage and development planning processes. (A few months earlier the department had prepared its Goals and Objectives statement for 1974, which expressed the desire to broaden the local area planning activities to include beautification and heritage factors (PD 147)). The "character areas" were: "Financial", "Hastings", "Gastown", "Central Core" (east of Granville), "Robsonstrasse", and the "potential character area" of "Georgia Gate". Photographed by departmental Planning Assistant. Arranged alphabetically by street address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

City of Vancouver Heritage Awards nomination packages

Series consists of records documenting the nomination of projects for City of Vancouver Heritage Awards by property owners, developers, interested individuals and community groups.

The series consists of records supporting nominations, including: nomination forms, descriptions of the projects, publications relating to the projects, photographs and architectural drawings documenting the design and implementation of the project, press clippings, and for non-building nominations the material which had been nominated.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department