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Accounting Division statistics cards

Series consists of 13 x 21 cm. 2-sided cards which list annual (occasionally monthly) figures for up to 40 year periods on topics, such as schools, assessments, construction, Five Year Plan, water, etc. These topics are indicated at the bottom of ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division

Accounting ledgers

Series consists of records which document expenditures by City committees and departments, and movements of cash into and out of accounts.The series consists of a variety of types of bound volumes, which record expenditures at the level of individ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Aerial survey cronaflex positives and paper prints

Series created by a variety of photographic firms, on contract with the Planning Department. The Department accumulated the sets of negatives, photographs and other media, and produced line drawings, etc. for the use of City officers. Consists o...

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Aerial survey photographs

Series consists mainly of 25 x 25 cm b&w photographs, each showing a perpendicular view of a small area of Vancouver (sometimes known as mosaics). Series also includes 11 photographs of the Cassiar Connector taken in 1991, 62 x 66 cm or smaller.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Airport Board ledgers

Series consists of ledgers related to the Vancouver Airport's accounts receivable and accounts payable functions. Documented, for example, are payors and amounts of all airport fees.

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Airport Board minutes

Series contains the official signed minutes, the confidential minutes, and an index to the minutes. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Airport Board operational subject files

Series consists of subject files relating to airport administration (land, site, buildings, personnel, access routes and public transportation, liaison with airline companies, public bodies, related professional organizations, and financial matter...

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Airport Board's correspondence

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to requests received from the private and public sectors on matters in which the Board was authorized to grant permission, e.g. site, buildings, insurance, etc. Attached items inclu...

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Annual operating budget files

Series consists of microfilm copies of textual records documenting budgets, budget adjustments, and expenditure justification. Records are estimates, revised estimates, Manager's minutes and Council minutes (which are duplicates of other ser...

Vancouver (B.C.). Budgets and Research Division

Associated Charities of Vancouver records

Series consists of the records of a charity society which preceded the work of the City. It was first called the Friendly Aid Society (1895-1902), then renamed the Friendly Help Society (1906-1908), and subsequently called the Associated Charitie...

Associated Charities of Vancouver

Authorization minutes of the City Manager

Series consists of the Board of Administration's and City Manager's financial expenditure authorization documents, also called Manager's minutes. Recorded are discretionary decisions regarding "general", auto allowance, b...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Board of Administration Commissioners' subject files

Series consists of the files of the Board of Administration, relating to the Board's mandate to advise on and execute City Council's policies and legislation, coordinate municipal services, direct the business affairs of the City (budget...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Manager

Board of Works meeting files

Series consists of incoming letters from private companies or individuals brought before the Board of Works relating to the construction and maintenance of road, sewer, and water systems kept by the City Engineer. Arranged chronologically by Boar...

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

Board of Works minutes

Series consists of 27 minute books and 9 index books kept by the City Engineer. These are the minutes of the regular weekly and special meetings of the Board of Works, a standing committee of Council. They indicate the date and place of meetings...

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

Board of Works reports to City Council

Series consists of the City Engineer's set of Board of Works reports (1906-1956), Board of Administration reports (1956-1974), and City Manager's reports (1974-1977), relating to engineering matters, which were forwarded to City Council ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Board of Works subject files

Series consists of subject files kept on behalf of the Board of Works relating to liaison with City offices and to issues of the period dealt with by the Board. Arranged by year.

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

Bond correspondence

Series consists of a few selected files on early bonds (1925-1927) and the Baby Serial Bonds issued to finance City Hall. For more information on baby bonds see Council minutes and by-laws 2368 and 2378.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Bridge engineer J. R. Grant's subject files

Series consists of consulting engineer Grant's private files (not City files) containing correspondence, plans, news clippings, maps, and notebooks relating to the design and construction of bridges in Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, Seattle, ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Building Inspector's Technical Planning Board minutes

Series consists of the Building Inspector's copies of the minutes (Sept. 1959 - June 1972). The position had been part of the Building Department until 28 Feb. 1967, then became part of the newly established Permits and Licenses Department. ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Technical Planning Board

Building Inspector's subject files

Series consists of the subject files of the City Building Inspector, as head of the Building Department (until 1968), then as head of the Building Inspection Office within the Permits and Licenses Department (from 1969), relating to administrative...

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Building permit application architectural plans and drawings

Series consists of architectural plans and drawings which were submitted to City Hall as part of a building permit application. These were selected by the Archives for their historic interest, including downtown buildings, schools, churches, hosp...

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Building permit registers

Series consists of two subseries: daily reports of building permits (Oct. 1941 - Dec. 1942, Jan.-Dec. 1947) and record/registers of building permits (1901-1904, 1909-1945). Records relate to applications to erect or alter buildings according to b...

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Building plans index

Series consists of computer printout pages with title "Micro-film file building plans", and no date. For individual addresses the information provided is "use" (e.g. hospital, commercial, etc.), the coordinate number, and the ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Building reports

Series consists of originals of "Building report for month of . . . ", relating to reporting numbers on permits issued and monetary values of the building or alterations authorized, according to zoning guidelines of the City. Arranged c...

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Building specifications

Series consists of building specifications for the following buildings: the dining pavilion and pure food building at Hastings Park (1929, 1931), the administration building at the airport (1930), the city dog pound (1929), Granville Mansions on G...

Vancouver (B.C.). Building Department

Building valuation cards for business and industrial structures

Series consists of forms which often provide data on foundation, basement, attic, chimneys, etc., as well as including (in most instances) information on owner, year built, valuation, etc. Occasionally sketches of plans and other details also incl...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessment Commissioner

Built heritage research records

Series consists of records documenting research conducted by Heritage Planners and private heritage contractors working on behalf of the Planning Department into the heritage features of various structures in the City of Vancouver. The structures ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Business license records

Series consists of street ledgers, listing businesses by address (1923-1928), business and professional tax registers (1923-1938), an interim receipt ledger (1933-1934), a general receipt ledger (1936), receipt ledgers for plates and badges (1937-...

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Business license registers

Series consists of annual registers which record the payment made by individuals and companies for licenses to carry on a profession, trade, or small business venture in Vancouver. They document many of the types of work or jobs carried out in a...

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Business tax assessment cards

Series consists of cards showing taxes paid by businesses for each year, starting in 1975. A few groupings of cards relate to defunct businesses. Arranged alphabetically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Business tax assessment roll

Series consists of the business tax assessment roll and supplemental assessment roll generated by the City Treasurer and Collector until 3 Dec. 1981, then by the Licenses and Business Tax Division. In 1985 by-law no. 4451 discontinued business ta...

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Business tax field sheets

Series consists of business tax field sheets which record the occupant's name, floor space occupied and the reported annual rent, as well as the class and rate of assessment and the computation of the assessed rental value. The business tax,...

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Cancelled cheques

Series consists of 65 cheques signed by D. Oppenheimer, G. F. Baldwin, F. Cope, or R. A. Anderson. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Cemetery perpetual care journal

Series is record of amortization of debentures pertaining to cemetery funds 1934-1965. At back: Fund D Pension (1962-1973) and Over Age Pension Fund (1955-1961) sections document investment of employees' pension funds. Arranged chronologica...

Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division

Certificates of analysis for City Coroner

Series consists of certificates of analysis for the City Coroner, listing the date of the certificate, the name of the deceased, and the results of the analysis. The certificates are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Child welfare records

Series contains records pertaining to the committal of infants and children to the care of the Children's Aid Society and the Catholic Children's Aid Archdiocese of Vancouver, including committal orders issued by the Family Court of the ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Welfare and Rehabilitation Department

City Accountant's cash books

Series consists of debit and credit journals which recorded "to cash" (accounts payable, e.g. engineering costs, health expenses, administrative expenses of boards and committees, and payroll), and "by cash" (accounts receivabl...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

City Analyst's Laboratory correspondence and analyses

Series consists mainly of administrative records, correspondence, quarterly and annual reports, analyses (i.e. laboratory analysis reports) and related records. Series includes sudden death investigation reports (1956-1959); journal of analyses (1...

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Analyst's Laboratory journal

Series consists of a single, bound volume, which is arranged chronologically, and contains tabulations and notes of analysis undertaken from May 18, 1949 to July 4, 1950.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Analyst's Laboratory sudden death investigation reports

Series consists of sudden death investigation reports. A one-page report for each investigation identifies the name of the deceased, beginning and ending dates of the analysis, the name of the pathologist, attending physician and detectives involv...

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Archives housekeeping subject files

Series consists of a selection of subject files on administrative matters such as obtaining outside funding, reporting on activities, and maintaining the archives building.

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City Archives operational subject files

Series consists of a selection of subject files relating to the Archives' operational functions: public information services, records management services to City departments, public relations activities (including special projects such as pu...

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City Archives' correspondence files

Series consists of the Archives' housekeeping and operational files generated during the period when Robert D. Watt (1971-1972 ) and R. Lynn Ogden (1973-1975) served as City Archivists. Included are sequences of general correspondence (arran...

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City Archives' institution files

Series consists of correspondence with Canadian archives, museums, and libraries relating to general liaison with similar cultural institutions. Arranged alphabetically by institution name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City Clerk's Office administrative files

Series consists of general administrative records including correspondence, email communications, materials for the final report and records involving the coordination of public meetings including venue contracts and invoices.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electoral Reform Commission

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