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Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) fonds Series
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Olympic Torch Relay - highlight photographs

Series consists of photographs from the Torch Relay, which took place from Oct. 30, 2009 to Feb. 12, 2010, as well as photographs from related events immediately prior to the relay, including the lighting ceremony (and rehearsals for the ceremony) in Olympia Greece on Oct. 22, 2009.

The images in this series were selected by VANOC staff/contractors from the daily images taken by the photographers assigned to cover the relay. VANOC organized the images into four groups - one for VANOCs own use, and three for distribution to the relay's corporate and government sponsors: Coca-Cola, Royal Bank of Canada, and the Government of Canada. As such, this series has been organized into three sub-series to reflect these groupings:

S08-1 Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay photograph highlights
S08-2 Royal Bank of Canada Olympic Torch Relay photograph highlights
S08-3 VANOC and Government of Canada Olympic Torch Relay photograph highlights

The content of the VANOC image set and the Government of Canada image set were found to be identical in content and organization, so only one set was retained, and assigned to a single sub-series.

Olympic Torch Relay - torchbearer photographs

Series consists of photographs of torchbearers participating in the Olympic Torch Relay. The series is organized into files, with one field for each day of the relay. Each day typically has one photograph of each torchbearer participating in the relay on that day. Some torchbearers were not captured. The Olympic flame was lit at a ceremony in Olympia Greece on Oct. 22, 2009. The relay took place from October 30, 2009 to Feb. 12, 2010.

Paralympic Torch Relay - selected photographs

Series consists of photographs taken of the Paralympic Torch Relay (PTR). The PTR took place over ten days from March 3-12, 2010. The images in this series were selected by VANOC staff/contractors from the daily images taken by the photographers assigned to cover the relay, to be used for promotional puproses by VANOC and the PTR corporate sponsor, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Each day of the PTR contained similar components: a Flame Creation ceremony conducted by representatives from a First Nation local to the place the PTR was occuring on that day, a Community Celebration event with performers and speakers, and the relay itself. The itinerary for the relay was:

Day 1 - Wed. Mar. 3, 2010 - Ottawa, Ont.
Day 2 - Thu. Mar. 4, 2010 - Quebec City, Que.
Day 3 - Fri. Mar. 5, 2010 - Toronto, Ont.
Day 4 - Sat. Mar. 6, 2010 - Esquimalt and Victoria, BC
Day 5 - Sun. Mar. 7, 2010 - Squamish, BC
Day 6 - Mon. Mar. 8, 2010 - Whistler, BC
Day 7 - Tue. Mar. 9, 2010 - Lytton and Hope, BC
Day 8 - Wed. Mar 10, 2010 - Maple Ridge and Vancouver (Riley Park), BC
Day 9 - Thu. Mar. 11, 2010 - Vancouver and University of British Columbia, BC
Day 10 - Fr. Mar 12, 2010 - Vancouver, BC

Publications and memorabillia

Series consists of published material, internally circulated reports, and memorabilia accumulated by the Project and Information Management (PIM) Resource Centre. Items consist of memorabilia, promotional and advertising materials, and presentations targeted at sponsors, partners and the general public, and handbooks, guides and manuals guides for spectators, athletes, national team members, and VANOC staff and volunteers. Also includes similar material accumulated by the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation that was later incorporated into the records kept by the PIM resource centre. Also includes some items published by external parties acting alone or in cooperation with VANOC that relate to activities and events with links to the games.

VANOC 2010 Bid Corporation records

Records in this series relate to proposals for venue sites and their associated requirements, including venues for ice hockey and sledge hockey, speed skating and short track speed skating, curling, nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowboard, freestyle skiing events. Records also relate to the proposed Richmond Trade and Convention Centre, and to the initial meeting of VANOC's Board of Directors.

VANOC central records

This series is one of the two main accumulations of VANOC’s core business records (the other being the digital records managed using Microsoft SharePoint 2007). The records document operational activities VANOC engaged in to prepare for and execute the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and administrative activities required to sustain VANOC as an organization. Records in this series relate to:

Communicating and managing relationships with the general public (including promotion and marketing of the Games), members of the Olympic Family (International Olympic/Paralympic Committees, National Olympic/Paralympic Committees, International Sporting Federations), Federal, Provincial, Municipal and First Nations governments, sponsors, broadcasters and media, and community groups and organizations;

Organizing sporting competitions (including related supporting services and logistics such as transportation, medical services and drug testing), ceremonies (opening, closing and medal presentations), and cultural events;

Preparing venues for competition and non-competition events, and athlete accommodations, including the design and construction of new venues where required;

Governance of VANOC and the management of its financial and legal affairs, employees and volunteers, and office space.

Records in this series are primarily unpublished analogue textual documents, publications, photographs, artistic drawings, and renderings of technical drawings, architectural designs and maps. Some digital records stored on optical media (CDs and DVDs) are present; these were interfiled among the received files. They have been physically separated from the records, but remain intellectually associated with the records through the relevant file descriptions. This series does not include the core accumulation of digital business records. These were managed using Microsoft SharePoint 2007, and did not use the same organization as the records in this series.

Records have been organized into the following subseries based on VANOC’s records classification system (RCS). The RCS was organized into 50 sections, each related to a major functional area. See individual subseries descriptions for detailed scope and content notes.

Administrative Records

01 General administrative records 02 Office facilities and property management records 03 Equipment and supplies records [no records received] 04 Financial administration records 05 Workforce [human resources] records 06 Legal matters records 07 [section does not exist]* 08 [section does not exist]
*09 [section does not exist]

Operational Records

10 Accommodations records 11 Accreditation records [no records received] 12 Culture and ceremonies records 13 Broadcasting media services records 14 Communications records 15 Games project management records 16 Games services records [no records received] 17 [section does not exist] 18 Look and creative services records 19 Marketing and sales records 20 General external relations records 21 VANOC partner relations records 22 Procurement and logistics records 23 Security services records 24 Sport competition records 25 Paralympic Games planning records 26 Sustainability, inclusivity and aboriginal participation records 27 Games technology and systems records 28 Ticketing records [no records received] 29 Games transportation records 30 Venue management records 31 Olympic Village venues records 32 Vancouver competition venues records 33 Non-competition venues records 34 Whistler competition venues records 35 Accessibility records 36 Post-Games legacies records 37 Torch relay records 38 Government services integration records [no records received] 39 Event services records [no records received] 40 Medical services and anti-doping services records 41 Venue development records 42 Venue overlay records 43 National Olympic Committee/National Paralympic Committee (NOC/NPC) services records
*44 Food and beverage services records [no records received]

/* no records received - indicates that the section existed in the RCS, but that no records from that section have been transferred to the Archives.

/** section does not exist - indicates that the RCS did not have a section with that number.