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City of Vancouver fonds Downtown (Vancouver, B.C.) Item With digital objects
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The Danish Tea Room

Item is a photograph of the front of the Danish Tea Room Ltd. (1068 Robson Street) from the sidewalk on Robson Street, looking northwest at the intersection of Robson Street and Thurlow Street in the background.

Sidewalk and construction next to the Toronto Dominion Bank building

Item is a photograph of a view down a W. Georgia Street sidewalk path along the northeast edge of the Toronto Dominion Bank building (700 W. Georgia Street), showing construction and visible on the right, are the Hotel Georgia (801 W. Georgia Street), the Devonshire Hotel (885 W. Georgia Street), and the Georgia Medical-Dental Building (925 W. Georgia Street).

Shop window in Gastown

Item is a photograph two people looking through the front window of an unidentified store in Gastown. (Macdonald Stewart Tobacco Shop sign in the window.)

Maple Tree Square looking south at Carrall Street

Item is a photograph from Maple Tree Square looking at the Carrall Street entrance to the square. The photograph features the Galerie Allen (213 Carroll Street), the entrance to Gaoler’s Mews, and traffic and pedestrians in the square.

Sheraton Landmark hotel under construction

Item is a photograph of the Sheraton Landmark hotel under construction, from Robson Street, looking northwest. Some storefront and signage of local businesses are visible along Robson Street in the foreground. Nelmar Cafe (1190 Robson Street), Robson Foods Market (1204 Robson Street), Dun-Rite Cleaners (1208 Robson Street), and Daily Food Store (1212 Robson Street) are along the street to the left. On the right is the entrance for the Blue Horizon hotel (1225 Robson Street).

Robson Street looking northwest from Eaton's Building

Item is a photograph of Robson Street looking northwest taken from the sidewalk next to the Eaton's Building (701 Granville Street). Golden Arts & Curios (720 Robson Street) is visible at the far left, the Bar-B-Q World Famous Delicatessen (904 Robson Street) is visible in the distant centre beyond the Howe Street intersection, and the Sheraton Landmark hotel is visible in the background.

Carrall Street from Water Street and Maple Tree Square

Item is a photograph of Carrall Street from the north sidewalk of Water Street where Water Street joins Maple Tree Square. Visible on the other side of Water Street is Bootlegger (2 Water Street), and further down Carrall Street the awning for Guenter's Delicatessen (203 Carrall Street) can be seen.

Sidewalk vegetable display outside Standard Produce Co.

Item is a photograph of a vegetable display outside of Standard Produce Co. (1052 Robson Street) looking northwest down Robson street between Burrard Street and Thurlow Street. Signage for Le Chasseur Men’s Wear Ltd. (1054 Robson Street) and Continental Gem House Ltd. (1056 Robson) are visible in the background.

Robson Plaza

Item is a photograph of the sidewalk, signage, and partial storefronts outside of Robson Plaza, on Robson Street, looking southeast. Signs and storefronts are visible for News Hour (1139b Robson Street), Equinox Gallery (1139a Robson Street), Robson Fine Art Print Centre (1137 Robson Street), and Ichophos (1135 Robson Street).

Hornby and Robson Street intersection

Item is a photograph of the shops across the intersection of Hornby Street and Robson Street, looking northwest up Robson Street. Signage and storefronts of several businesses are visible: the Toronto Dominion Bank (1000 Robson), Murchie's Tea and Coffee Ltd. (1008 Robson Street), O'Brian Optician and Jewellers (1016 Robson Street), Happy Feet Shoe and Repair (1028 Robson Street), Schnitzel House (1060 Robson Street), and the European News & Import House (1044 Robson Street) on the left, The Card Shop (1001 Robson Street) and White Spot (1025 Robson Street) on the right. The Sheraton Landmark hotel is visible in the background.

Toronto Dominion Bank tower from the Provincial Court House plaza

Item is a photograph of the Toronto Dominion Bank tower (700 W. Georgia Street) from across the mosaic fountain outside the Provincial Court House building (750 Hornby Street) and Howe Street. Visible in the background on the right is a part of the clock tower of Vancouver Block (736 Granville Street) and the Eaton's Building (701 Granville Street); on the far left is the Hudson's Bay Company building (674 Granville Street).

Crosswalk across Dunsmuir Street on Seymour Street

Item is a photograph of a group of pedestrians at the crosswalk at Seymour Street and Dunsmuir Street standing under the awning of Grassie-Fairbank’s jewellers (599 Seymour Street). Other establishments visible in the background are Clark and Stewart stationary printers (550 Seymour Street) and Pacific Office Equipment Ltd. (552 Seymour Street).

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