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Vancouver Centennial Commission fonds Vancouver (B.C.) File
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21 Club reunion July 12, 1986

File consists of eighteen photographs of a ceremony for those Vancouverites that turned twenty-one in 1936 and had been honoured as part of the Golden Jubilee festivities. The first part of the ceremony took place at St. Andrew's Wesley Church followed by a tea and Dance at Hotel Vancouver. Individuals identified are Mayor Michael Harcourt, Dal Richards and Mart Kenney.

Announcement of tartan

File consists of two prints and one contact sheet with thirty-six images of the January 22, 1986 event to celebrate the announcement of the official 'Centennial tartan'. The two prints show Mayor Michael Harcourt and Commission Chairman Michael Francis carrying the haggis. Centennial mascot Tillicum is also shown wearing the Centennial tartan. Inscription on original envelope read "Celebration of the tartan, '86."

April 6th 1984 at Vancouver Museum - Vancouver's 98th birthday! (with Golden Jubilee display)

File consists of two contact sheets with thirty-six images and nine prints. Individuals identified include Mayor Michael Harcourt, Pete Brown, Phil Thomas, Vancouver Museum Director Rob Watt, Kerri Groves, Gail McCormick, Isobel Nairn, Alderman Warnett Kennedy, Centennial Commissioner Norman Young, Ald. Marguerite Ford, Ald. May Brown, Ald. Harry Rankin, and Ivan Sayers. Descriptions of the photographs were written on the verso of prints.

April 6th in Stanley Park / first baby of April 6th

File consists of five contact sheets with a total of 152 images and two prints. Photographs depict the celebrations in Stanley Park on April 6, 1986, Mayor Michael Harcourt and Governor General Jeanne Sauve at the Centennial Ball, and Harcourt visiting the first baby born on April 6th. Photographs also show members of Vancouver City Council, including Gordon Campbell and Harry Rankin, as well as other politicians, including Pat Carney.

Canada Day album

Album consists of photographs depicting Canada Day activities organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission for July 1, 1986, and a related pamphlet. The activities took place at at Brockton Point, Stanley Park. Individuals depicted in the photographs include Michael Harcourt, Pat Carney, Grace McCarthy and Harry Rankin.

Chevron Stage at various events - contact sheets

File consists of fifteen contact sheets with a total of 527 images pertaining to the June 13th event in Gastown (2011-010.2447 to 2011-010.2451); Dragon Boat, June 14 (2011-010.2452); a June 15th Beaux Gestes '86 event downtown (2011-010.2453 and 2011-010.2454); Tea Party at City Hall, June 20 (2011-010.2455); Chevron Picnic, June 21 (2011-010.2456 to 2011-010.2457); Party in the Park Tour at Kensington Park, June 22 (2011-010.2458 amd 2011-010.2460); the Scandinavian Fest & Park Party, June 21-22 (2011-010.2460 and 2011-010.2461); and unidentifed performances (2011-010.2459).

Chevron Stage at Volunteer Park / Sun Run, April 1986

File consists of seven prints relating to the dedication of Volunteer Park on April 19, 1986 (2011-010.2252 to 2011-010.2255), the Vancouver Sun Run on April 20, 1986 (2011-010.2256 and 2011-010.2257), and the parade at the April 6, 1986 birthday party (2011-010.2251). Individuals identified are Mayor Michael Harcourt and Vancouver Centennial Commission Chairman Michael Francis.

Chevron Stage miscellaneous photos 1986

File consists of thirty-four prints and 109 negative strips with a total of 339 images. Includes photographs of various events and performances by singing and dance groups using the Chevron Presents Stage, including the YMCA 100th anniversary party, children's events, anniversary of the Vancouver Health Department Volunteer Programs, Beaux Gestes '86, Party in the Park event at Kensington Park, Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, stage, canopy and tent set up at Stanley Park for April 6th Centennial event, and the April 6th party at Stanley Park.

Cirkids May 1985

File consists of two contact sheets with a total of seventy-one images taken by photographer Glen E. Erikson, seven strips of negatives with twenty-six images and eleven prints by an unknown photographer. Only one of the prints appears to have been made from the negatives.

Colour separations used for various Centennial publications and brochures

File consists of photographs and transparency images used in the creation of Centennial publications and brochures. Includes twelve prints, fifty-two negatives (including original and copy negatives) with fifty-eight images, and sixteen transparencies. Photographs include images of women's field hockey (2011-010.2693); the Vancouver Museumobile (2011-010.2612, 2011-010.2613); Peace Walk (2011-010.2618); Centennial Commissioners in front of City Hall (2011-010.2688); fireworks (2011-010.2622, 2011-010.2629, 2011-010.2646, 2011-010.2664, 2011-010.2670, 2011-010.2690, 2011-010.2692); the Centennial Stakes event (2011-010.2676); Dragon Boat Festival (2011-010.2617); Castle Vancouver (2011-010.2607, 2011-010.2642, 2011-010.2659); mascot Tillicum with children (2011-010.2610, 2011-010.2611, 2011-010.2638 to 2011-010.2641, 2011-010.2655 to 2011-010.2658); First Nations (2011-010.2624, 2011-010.2679, 2011-010.2694); various performances; and the Centennial logo, clothing and merchandise (2011-010.2609, 2011-010.2619, 2011-010.2620, 2011-010.2637, 2011-010.2654, 2011-010.2674, 2011-010.2675, 2011-010.2680 to 2011-010.2682, 2011-010.2685). Transparencies feature images of some of the photographs, as well as promotional graphics.

Commissioner Generals luncheon, October 1986

File consists of two contact sheets with a total of 63 images and a print of one of these images showing a luncheon for the Commissioners General and the Commissioners of Expo held at the University Golf Club. Individuals identified include Mayor Michael Harcourt, Vancouver City Councillor Harry Rankin, Commission Chairman Michael Francis, and Centennial mascot Tillicum.

Commissioners on steps of City Hall

File consists of one contact sheet with fifteen images, three strips of negatives with eleven images, and a print of one of these images. The majority of images feature Vancouver Centennial Commissioners on the steps of City Hall with Tillicum. There is overlap between the negatives and the images on the contact sheet.

Community Centre presidents 1984

File consists of two contact sheets with a total of forty-nine images, three of which are included in the file as prints. Photographs depict a meeting of the Vancouver Community Association Presidents at the Champlain Heights Community Centre on February 28th and a meeting of the Gastown Historical Society on March 15th.
Note on original envelope read: "Community Centre - Presidents meeting; Ann Yandle and Michael Francis at meeting."

Distinguished Pioneer Awards

File consists of six contact sheets with a total of 197 images of the Distinguished Pioneer Awards ceremony held at Hotel Vancouver and prints of four of these images. Includes many images of Governor General Jeanne Sauve handing out the awards. Prints include an image of Sauve presenting an award to Mr. Rice, images of the officials attending, and a view of the seated recipients. Individuals identified are Governor General Jeanne Sauve, Mr. Rice, Mayor Michael Harcourt and Vancouver Centennial Commission Chairman Michael Francis.

Federal Express project

File consists of two contact sheets with a total of sixty-two images and two negative strips with a total of eight images. Some photographs were taken at Oakridge Centre mall. Individuals identified are Mayor Michael Harcourt and Vancouver Centennial Commission Chairman Michael Francis.

Fraser Wilson mural

File consists of two contact sheets with a total of sixty images pertaining to a celebration for the restoration and relocation of murals by artist Fraser Wilson from Pender Hall to the Maritime Labour Centre. Individuals identified are Mayor Mike Harcourt and Fraser Wilson. Some images appear to show Harcourt and Councillor May Brown with items from the Mayors Gift Program.

Make Vancouver Sparkle promotion - miscellaneous photos

File consists of photographs relating the Commission's Make Vancouver Sparkle contest. Includes two contact sheets with sixty-seven images of Kimount Boys & Girls Club members Troy Zwolinksi, Jasmine Gibbons and David LeBrun cleaning mailboxes in May 1986 (2011-010.2376 and 2011-010.2377). Also shown is their supervisor Jessica Dragojevich. File also includes one contact sheet of thirty-six images of boy scouts gardening (2011-010.2378); two contact sheets of sixty-nine images total of Girl Guides cleaning the beach (2011-010.2379 and 2011-010.2380); one contact sheet with thirty-six images of the promotion for the 'best decorated residence' (2011-010.2382); a print showing the campaign trailer with the Ford Taurus prize car (2011-010.2381); two prints showing the promotional bus shelter posters for the contest (2011-010.2383 and 2011-010.2384); one contact sheet with twenty-four images of the landing of the Ford Taurus in Vanier Park by helicopter (2011-010.2385); one contact sheet with twenty-five images of the reception (2011-010.2386); and four prints of images from the various contact sheets mentioned above (2011-010.2387 to 2011-010.2390).

Merchandising photographs March 1986

File consists of three contact sheets with a total of 102 images, as well as nine prints made from these images showing Centennial mascot Tillicum, Commission staff members and a boy modelling Centennial clothing, including sportswear, ponchos and the Centennial tartan.

Old Vancouver Slides - 1 & 2

File consists of slides of images of Vancouver through the years, presumably collected and arranged (possibly by the Vancouver Public Library) for a Vancouver Centennial Commission presentation. The slides suggest that the presentation was given by Robert D'altroy. Slides were originally arranged in two carousels. Included with the slides is a notebook listing captions, subject matter and date of the image for each slide. A few of the slides date from the 1950s and 1960s; however, it appears that the majority of the slides were created at the time of the presentation, and many are likely copies of images held by the City of Vancouver Archives and/or the Vancouver Public Library. Slides 50, 56 and 78 from Carousel 1 are missing.

Photos used to make commemorative photo montage for Commissioners & staff

File consists of three strips of 35 mm negatives containing sixteen images, two single image negatives, seven duplicate colour transparencies containing nine images, and six prints. Includes photographs of the Fraser Wilson mural event, the police band performing in Gastown, Tillicum and Centennial Commissioners in front of City Hall, celebratory fireworks, Mayor Michael Harcourt posing with Centennial gifts sent to Vancouver from around the world, the birthday party at Stanley Park, Princess Diana and Prince Charles at City Hall, and Governor General Jeanne Sauve.

Re-enactment of first City Council meeting / launch of Federal Express promotion

File includes two contact sheets with a total of sixty-two images of the Re-enactment of the First City Council Meeting on May 10, 1986 (2011-010.2274 and 2011-010.2275). Individuals identified are Mayor Michael Harcourt, Vancouver Centennial Commission Chairman Michael Francis, Gordon Campbell, Harry Rankin, George Puil, Bruce Eriksen, Bill Yee and Marguerite Ford, May Brown and Libby Davies. File also contains two contact sheets with a total of forty-four images of a plaque unveiling in Gastown in May 1985, including images of Centennial mascot Tillicum, Councillor May Brown and Mayor Michael Harcourt (2011-010.2276 to 2011-010.2277).

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