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L.D. Taylor family fonds
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Family - Pierce side

File consists of correspondence, photographs, clippings and notes pertaining to members of the Pierce and Twitchell families and friends of Annie Louise Taylor. File contains correspondence of Caroline Little Pierce's parents, Eli and Sopronia Twitchell, and Amy Twitchell, biographical notes concerning Osborne J. Pierce, a transcription of Caroline's memoirs, an address book that belonged either to Caroline or Annie, obituaries for Caroline, and two photographs of Caroline with her niece Minnie Twitchell Gilman, probably dating from circa 1865.
Items within the file have been arranged into the following sections by Ted Taylor: ALT; Bethel; CLP relatives; CLP addresses.

Family letter files

Series consists of correspondence and other records created by and pertaining to the activities of the Taylor, Pierce and Beaton families, arranged chronologically into files by Ted Taylor. The majority of the records pertain to the personal and professional activities of Ted Taylor, and concern his relationships with family members, marriages, friendships, involvement with various associations, and his career as a Hollywood publicist and journalist, including his work at Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures and Universal Pictures studios. The series also includes, to a lesser extent, records of Caroline Little Pierce, Annie Louise Taylor, Winifred Mabel Pierce, Ken Taylor, Octavia Beaton, Mary Beaton and Mary Louise Taylor. In addition to correspondence, the series includes photographs, notes, articles, legal documents, financial records, appointment books, address books, notebooks, newspaper clippings, studio passes, sketches and drawings, journals, newsletters and other publications, scripts, cards, ephemera, newsletters, agreements, objects and programs.
In addition to correspondence, the series includes photographs, notes, legal documents, financial records, agreements, journals, articles, notebooks, appointment books, address books, sketches and drawings, scripts, newspaper clippings, newsletters and other publications, studio passes, programs, cards, ephemera and objects.

Taylor, Theodore Pierce

Ted Taylor sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of correspondence, photographs and other records of Ted Taylor and members of the Taylor, Pierce and Beaton families, arranged into files by Ted. The majority of records were created or accumulated by Ted, and pertain to his personal and professional activities. Records concern his relationships with family, friends and colleagues, his career as a publicist and reporter in Hollywood, California and Paris, France, and his involvement in various associations. In addition to Ted s records, the sousfonds also contains records of and pertaining to Octavia Beaton, Mary Beaton, Mary Louise Taylor, Ken Taylor, L.D. Taylor, Annie Louise Taylor, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce and Osborne J. Pierce. Material pertaining to L.D. Taylor includes correspondence with various members of the family, photographs, and notes concerning L.D. s activities in Vancouver, as Mayor, and his death and funeral. In addition to correspondence and photographs, record include notes, newspaper clippings, articles, drafts, notebooks, address books, journals, studio passes, cards, drawings, paintings, sketches, press release, publications, scripts, ephemera, legal documents, bills, receipts and other financial records, postcards, agreements and contracts, and objects.

The sousfonds has been arranged into the following seven series: Correspondence and subject files (1906-1947); Family Letter files (1827-1954); Financial and property records (1910-1957); Scrapbook (1918-1924); Photographs ([1909-1947]); Octavia Stewart Beaton records (1902-[after 1946]); Mary Louise Taylor Werbel records (1963, 1972).

Taylor, Theodore Pierce

L.D. Taylor family fonds

  • AM1477
  • Fonds
  • 1827-1932

Fonds consists of records of the Taylor and Pierce families. The fonds has been divided into three sousfonds according to the three dominant creators: L.D. Taylor sousfonds (1873-1946), Ted Taylor sousfonds (1919-1959), and the O.J. Pierce (1831 -1939) sousfonds. The fonds includes records relating to the professional activities of family members, including L.D. Taylor's mayoral career and newspaper and mining business interests; Ted Taylor's career as a journalist and Hollywood press agent; Ken Taylor's career as a journalist and his service in the Second World War; and O.J. Pierce's career as an architect and his American Civil War service. Records also document the relationships between family members, their financial affairs and property ownership, education, and activities in general. Records documenting the civic administration and development of Vancouver, 1896 to 1946, may be found in the L.D. Taylor sousfonds and in the Correspondence series of the Ted Taylor and Osborne J. Pierce sousfonds. Some records in the Ted Taylor sousfonds pertain to Mary Louise Taylor, and the Pierce, Beaton and Werbel families. The O.J. Pierce sousfonds includes some records created by Annie, Winifred and Caroline Pierce. Document types include correspondence, photographs, newspapers and clippings, notebooks, financial and legal records, business records, publications, reports, ephemera, architectural drawings, paintings and sketches, poetic works, book drafts, drama scripts, political cartoons, date books, note books, stock certificates and artifacts.

Taylor family, Louis Denison

Osborne J. Pierce family sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of records of the Osborne J. Pierce family, most notably records of Osborne J. Pierce, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce, Annie Louise (Pierce) Taylor, and, to a lesser extent, those of L.D. Taylor, Theodore Pierce Taylor, and Kenneth Osborn Taylor. The sousfonds includes correspondence, diaries, journals, photographs, and financial and investment records relating to members of the Pierce family. Also included are records of Osborne J. Pierce relating to his business affairs as an architect and a drawing instructor and his military service during the American Civil War, as well as various autobiographical, prose and poetic writings by Osborne. The sousfonds also contains records relating to Winifred s career as a schoolteacher, and records concerning Annie s education, her marriage to L.D. Taylor, and the time that she spent living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Among the correspondence there are several letters to and from L.D. dating from the time that he left Chicago and came to Vancouver, British Columbia, through his ownership and loss of the World newspaper, 1905 to 1915, and during his first three terms as Mayor of Vancouver in 1910, 1911 and 1915.

Record types include correspondence; photographs and photograph albums; bank statements, receipts, invoices, cheque books and accounting records; journals, diaries, notebooks and record books; legal documents and agreements; architectural plans and drawings; certificates and a patent; written poetry and prose, including essays, short stories, speeches, notes and outlines; books, newsletters, and reports; advertisements, an editorial cartoon, and newspaper and journal clippings; postcards; pamphlets, programs, invitations, and other ephemera; business cards and membership cards; as well as report cards and school assignments.

Sousfonds has been arranged into 14 records series: Family letter files (1862-1925); Family photographs ([ca. 1858]-[ca. 1928]; Osborne J. Pierce autobiographical and other writings ([189-?]-[ca. 1905]; Osborne J. Pierce American Civil War records (1862-1865, 1890); Osborne J. Pierce correspondence (1890-1893, 1904); Osborne J. Pierce business records (1858-[1908]); Osborne J. Pierce architectural drawings and plans (1875-[1893]); Osborne J. Pierce and Caroline Little Pierce real estate, investment and other financial records (1891-1941); Osborne J. Pierce photographs (1890-1891, 1900); Annie Louise Taylor educational records (1883); Annie Louise Taylor correspondence ([188-?]-1917); Annie Louise Taylor financial records (1902-1925); Annie Louise Taylor photograph albums (1896-[1906]; and Winifred Mabel Pierce journal (1910-1914)

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Osborne J. Pierce business records

Series consists of records relating to Osborne J. Pierce's career as an architect and his position as a Superintendent of Drawing for the City of Chicago Department of Public Instruction. Records include correspondence, letters of recommendation, account books, notebooks and journals, a patent, a report, certificates, a book, a directory, business cards and advertisements.
Additional material intermingled with these records includes poetry and prose by Osborne J. Pierce, including autobiographical prose, family history notes, photographs, watercolours and drawings.

Pierce family, Osborne J.


File consists of two letters of recommendation for Osborne J. Pierce, a collection of poetry and prose gathered by Osborne J. Pierce, titled "The Sea Waif, Vol. 1, No. 2," Twitchell family history notes, and a drawing of a woman with "My Mother, Sophonia Barker Twitchell" inscribed on the verso by Caroline Little Pierce.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Family photographs

Series consists of studio portrait and casual photographs of, or taken by, the Pierce and Taylor families, including an album and many loose photographs. Individuals appearing in the photographs include members of the Twitchell family, Osborne J. Pierce, Caroline Little Pierce (Twitchell), Annie Louise Taylor (Pierce), Winifred Mabel Pierce, L.D. Taylor, Theodore Pierce Taylor, Kenneth Osborn Taylor, Mary Louise Taylor and Ruth Wing. Places photographed include Point Defiance Park, Tacoma Washington; Grouse Mountain, British Columbia; River Forest, Illinois; Sawtelle, California; and an architectural firm, possibly in Redlands, California. Some of the photographs were taken by Osborne J. Pierce.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

[Twitchell family portrait]

Photograph is a studio portrait showing Caroline Little Twitchell, later Caroline Little Pierce, (standing) with her mother and siblings.

Family - Civil War: 1862-1865

File includes correspondence to and from Caroline Little Twitchell, including correspondence from Al S. Twitchell and Osborne J. Pierce, both serving in the 7th Maine Battery, as well as correspondence to Col. Eli Twitchell and to Maria Gray. File also includes war diaries of Osborne J. Pierce for May 20-August 8 1863, 1864 and 1865 diary, and various newspaper clippings of a later date.
Original file folder was inscribed with the following notes by Ted Taylor: "1797, O[sborne] J. P[ierce]'s mother born; O[sborne] J. P[ierce] war service, 10 S[e]p[tember] 62-21 j[un]e 65 (2nd lieut[enant]); LDT born 22 j[uly] 57"

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Osborne J. Pierce American Civil War records

Series consists of a diary (1862-1863), two certificates of appointment, a photograph and autobiographical writings relating to Osborne J. Pierce's experiences as a member of Company G of the 24th Regiment of the Maine Militia, the 24th Regiment of Maine Volunteers, and the 7th Maine Battery during the American Civil War.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Family letter files

Series consists of family correspondence and other records arranged chronologically into files by Ted Taylor. Records creators are Annie Louise Taylor, L.D. Taylor, Osborne J. Pierce, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce, Theodore Pierce Taylor and Kenneth Osborn Taylor. Series includes incoming and outgoing correspondence of L.D. Taylor, relating to his marriage to Annie, his legal troubles in Chicago, his life in Vancouver, B.C., his ownership of the World newspaper and his activities as Mayor. Letters from Annie Taylor to her family between 1899 and 1906 document the Taylors' activities in Vancouver, and Annie s impressions of the city. Correspondence also includes letters from L.D.'s sister Kate Cooley to Annie Louise and Theodore Taylor. In addition to correspondence, the files in this series contain photographs, financial records, including receipts, invoices, cheque books and accounting records, journals and notebooks of Osborne J. Pierce and Winifred Mabel Pierce, legal documents, certificates, drawings, written prose and poetry, notes, pamphlets, programs, ephemera, postcards, newspaper and journal clippings, report cards, school assignments, business cards, invitations and membership cards.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

1862-65 Civil War

File consists of Osborne J. Pierce's certificates of appointment to Corporal in Company G of the 24th Regiment of Maine Militia, September 10, 1862, and to Sergeant Major of the 24th Regiment of Maine Volunteers, April 13, 1863, as well as an outline of his Civil War Service, an autobiographical prose piece titled "Twenty Five Years Ago! By a Veteran Soldier," and a poem titled "A Soldiers Return," all authored by Pierce.

Pierce family, Osborne J.


File includes a United States patent granted to Osborne J. Pierce in 1871 for an Improvement in Roofings, an alphabetical index book with citations to articles of interest and notes on construction and architecture, and an excerpt of autobiographical prose by Pierce.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Newspapers and clippings

Series consists of newspapers and newspaper clippings published by or pertaining to L.D. Taylor. Includes a partial issue of The Daily World (1901) and several issues of The New Deal (1937). Series also includes a scrap book presented to Taylor by his sons, containing mainly newspaper clippings, as well as some correspondence, ephemera, and photographs accumulated by L.D., circa 1927 to 1945.

Cariboo Sentinel: Oct. 1868 to Oct. 1876

Item is a volume of bound Cariboo Sentinel newspapers, dating from between January 11, 1873 to October 30, 1875. Inscriptions on the front end papers read "Property of Mrs. Louis D. Taylor" and "Alice H. Taylor."

L.D. Taylor sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of records relating to L.D. Taylor s activities as Mayor of Vancouver; his financial and business activities, including those relating to mining and property interests and his ownership of The Vancouver World, The New Deal, and The Vancouver Oil and Mining Record; his private life; and his family and other personal relationships. The records document the civic administration of the City of Vancouver, and the decisions, events and attitudes that influenced its development, particularly in the first four decades of the twentieth century.
It is arranged into 6 records series: Correspondence and subject files (1893-1946); Newspapers and clippings (1873-1875, 1901-[1944]); Financial records (1913-1941); Reports and publications (1911-1930); Photographs ([189-]-1946); and Artifacts [1910?]-1929
Document types include correspondence, newspapers and clippings, photographs, contracts, leases and other legal and financial documents, election material, reports and publications, account books, receipts, stock certificate books, date books, note books, political cartoons, ephemera, and artifacts.

Taylor, Louis Denison

Osborne J. Pierce architectural drawings and plans

Series consists of original Osborne J. Pierce architectural drawings and plans of houses and other types of buildings and monuments, with related notes, and a published photograph of a residence designed by Osborne J. Pierce. Included also is an unrelated essay by Pierce relating to statistics.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Annie Louise Taylor correspondence

Series consists of correspondence relating to Annie Louise Taylor's divorce from L.D. Taylor, including correspondence with L.D., addresses, and a birthday book.

Pierce family, Osborne J.


File contains an architectural drawing and an essay by Osborne J. Pierce. The essay is titled "Statistics Relating to Population."

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Family 1903

File consists of correspondence of Annie Louise Taylor, Osborne J. Pierce, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred M. Pierce and Theodore Taylor, including postcards, business cards and a receipt of Osborne J. Pierce, a summer travel journal of Winifred M. Pierce, newspapers clippings and a photograph.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

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