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1937-05-12 - Vancouver Sun - ad[vertisement]

Item is a newspaper clipping advertising a number of businesses representing the Italian, French, German, Japanese, Swiss, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Greek, and Jugoslavian communities in Vancouver. Yucho Chow Photo Studio is included in the list of Chinese businesses.

1939-09-16 - Vancouver Sun [news clipping]

Collector/curator’s description reads: “September 16, 1939, Vancouver. Newspaper clipping. Story reads: "Marjorie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hall, was married to Vernon Cecil Farnsworth, twin son of Mrs. Violet Farnsworth, September 2, St. Peter's Church.”

1943 - Graduating class

Collector/curator's description reads: “1943, Vancouver. On location photo of the graduating class. The boy in front row, centre is Harvey Eng (son of Henry Eng). Back row (left to right): Miss Montgomery; Miss Lily McCarger; Mrs. Jack Chan; and Miss Esther Fung? Third Row: Unidentified; David Lim; Kong (Ken) Young; Unidentified; Unidentified. Middle Row: May Chu?: Valerie Lee; Audrey Yip: Jenny Jang; Unidentified. Front Row: Unidentified; Mary Phyllis Kett?; Harvey Eng, Mavis Yuen, Unidentified. This picture was taken at the Chinese United Church complex on Pender and Dunlevy Streets. These steps lead up to the men's dormitory where the church rented out rooms to single young men. The actual church was to the right of this building. The kindergarten classes were held in the basement of this building.”

1945 - Graduating class

Collector/curator's description reads: “1945, Vancouver. Class photo. Front row (left to right): Phyllis Moy; Donna Yee; Lucie (Ying) Lum; Victor Huang; Janice Yuen; Raymond Chung; Nancy Eng. Middle row: Ruby Lam; Larry Wong; Joe Lee; Lila Chew; Shirley Jang; Anna Chow; Sonny Choy; Ken Lee. Back row: Lily May McCargar; Isabel Montgomery; Marion (Lowe) Mah.”

2017 Chinatown History Window, 50 E[ast] Pender

Curator's original description reads: “Graphic of the Chinatown History Window dedicate[d] to Yucho Chow and [h]is studio. The graphic was installed at 50 East Pender Street (the front of the Chinese Cultural Centre). It was one of 22 history murals that adorned storefront windows in Chinatown in 2017. The project was funded by the City of Vancouver in recognition of Canada's 150 birthday. The project was curated by Catherine Clement. And a Vancouver Sun story on the window led to the discovery of a number of new Yucho Chow photos held in private collections.”

Alvaro - Rosina Agostino - 1941

Collector/curator’s description reads: “Circa 1941, Vancouver. Colourized studio portrait of Rosina Alvaro (nee Agostino). This portrait was taken to send copies back to her family in Italy.”

Alvaro - Rosina Agostino - 1947

Collector/curator’s description reads: “Circa 1947, Vancouver. Portrait of Rosina Alvaro (nee Agostino). Photo was taken to send back to family in Italy. She was 20 at the time and working at the library and Main and Hastings. Her grandfathers had come in the 1800s to work on the railroad, then returned to Italy. Yucho was [so] enamoured with this photo that he displayed it in the studio's front window for about seven years.”

Artwork - 1934 - family tree

Collector/curator’s description reads: “1934. Artwork of Family Tree created by Yucho Chow. Top row: Yip Shee Quon (aka Mrs. Yucho Chow wife #2); Mrs. Yucho Chow (wife #1); Yucho Chow. Middle row (left to right): Jessie; Rose; Bick Lin; Mabel; Peter. Bottom row: Henry; Philip; Jack; Samuel.”

Chow, Yucho

Association of United Ukrainian Canadians - Orchestra & Choir

Collector/curator's description reads: “1939, Vancouver. Orchestra & Choir of the Ukrainian Labour Farmer's Temple Association (ULFTA) with Conductor Chitrenky. Yucho Chow signature can be seen in white ink at the bottom right of the stage on the photo. The Organization was first known as the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (ULTA), then the Ukrainian Labour Farmer's Temple Association (ULFTA), and finally in the 1940's it became the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC).”

Association of United Ukrainian Canadians-BC Provincial Committee

Collector/curator's description reads: "c. 1944, Vancouver. Members of the BC Provincial Committee, Ukrainian Canadian Association, 1944-45. The Organization was first known as the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (ULTA), then the Ukrainian Labour Farmer's Temple Association (ULFTA), and finally in the 1940's it became the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC)."

Aulack - Germail Singh (RCAF) with sisters - 1954

Collector/curator's description reads: “1954, Vancouver. George Germel Singh Aulack in his RCAF uniform along with his sisters: (left to right) Gaily, Chindow, Germail and Mindow. Germail was a Flying Officer with the RCAF. He was born in India but arrived in Canada with his mother in 1934 when he was two years old. This photo was taken at South Airport (or Van Airport in those days) in 1954, two weeks before he died in St Hubert, Quebec while on a rescue flight with the RCAF. He was only 23. Their parents were Aulack Giana Singh and Tante Kaur Singh.”

Aulack - Giana Singh and Tante Kaur - 1930s

Collector/curator's description reads: “Circa 1938, Vancouver. Photo of Giana Singh Aulack (left) and his wife Tante Kaur Aulack. Giana arrived in Canada by ship in 1906 as a British subject from Punjab, India. He worked first on the railroad; then in a sawmill in New Westminster while living with some other single Punjabi men in a cookhouse (sort of a communal residence). Over time he saved and bought three homes while having a trucking business. Around 1931, during the Great Depression, he travelled to India to get married. He brought along with him a photo of the Vancouver City Hall and claimed it was his home. He won over and married Tante Kaur. However, on his return to Canada, much to his horror, Giana learned he had lost all three homes and his trucks due to the depression that was gripping the country. Tante Kaur arrived in 1934 only to find the comfortable life she thought she might have was gone. The couple would raise eight children. The oldest, Germael Singh Aulack, was born in India but became a Flying Officer in the RCAF. He perished in an airplane accident at the age of 23 years. The other children were born in Canada: David Singh; Sadu Singh; Gaily kaur; Jernail Singh; Chindow Kaur; Mindow Kaur and Javinder Singh.”

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