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Health and welfare--Diseases

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AIDS segment : Australia and prostitution

Item is an audio reel containing a program focused on AIDS education, resources and marginalized communities in Australia. The program explores myths of sex work and AIDS/HIV.

Eric's video

Item is a videocassette containing the program entitled Eric's Video. The video deals with discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS and discrimination based on sexuality. The video consists of a series of interviews with Rick Waynes, Dinetia Johnson, David, Kenna Fair, Carolyn, Zachery Longboy, Lucy Falkner and Judy Lynne. The interviews were conducted by Michael Andaluz and Peter Stebbings.
Funding and support for the video was provided by Vancouver Health Department, the Health Promotion Directorate Health Services Branch, Health and Welfare Canada through the National AIDS Education Contribution Program. The National Film Board provided facilities assistance.

PFA Tape #1

Item is a videocassette containing recordings of a Vancouver Civic Grants Review meeting, two news reports covering the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade, a U.S. panel on AIDS recorded from television, the production “Wagner: Episode 4” recorded from KCTS 9 Seattle and the documentary “The AIDS Show: Artists Involved with Death and Survival” recorded from KCTS 9 Seattle.

(00:00:00 – 00:50:51)
The council meeting begins with the Civic Grants Review 1987 and shows speakers addressing Vancouver City Council to advocate for funds. Speakers include: Ms. Agney (Vancouver Rape Relief Society), Michael Woods (Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society), Ann Taylor (Alcuin Society), Richard Lenaire ([Anna] Dance Theatre), Lorraine Adams (Assembly of B.C. Arts Council), T.A. Hebst (Friends of Chamber Music), Brenda Taylor (Native Indian Youth Advisory Society), Lorrain Aspden (Caravan Stage Company), Gretchen Haywire (O.H. Lettuce B. Fools of Society), Mr. Gordon (United Caribbean Cultural Society), Hugh Pickett and Hannah Fisher (Vancouver Film Festival). Government representatives include: Donald Bellamy, Libby Davies, May Brown, Gordon Campbell, Harry Rankin, Marguerite Ford, W. Yee and Michael Harcourt.
The meeting ends with delegations for Pride Festival Association parade and a presentation by Malcolm Crane to council regarding the parade route.

(00:50:52 – 00:55:11)
This news coverage by Kate Corcoran for First News contains footage of the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade and contains interviews with James Mason (Vancouver), Jim Bellafy (New Westminster), Al. D. (Seattle), Mike Morris (Vancouver) and Michael Arsenault (Persons with AIDS float representative).

(00:55:12 – 00:57:30)
This is unidentified news coverage of the 1990 Vancouver Pride Parade. The report includes footage of the parade and interviews with attendees and participants.

(00:57:31 – 01:53:08)
No content, black screen.

(01:53:09 – 02:15:52)
This portion of the tape contains a program recorded from television entitled “AIDS: In search of a miracle” part of a series “Managing our miracles: health care in America” by Columbia University and originally broadcast on PBS.

(02:15:53 – 03:12:35)
This segment of the tape is a recording from KCTS 9 of a Great Performances presentation of “Wagner: Episode 4”.

(03:12:36 – 04:15:49)
This portion of the tape contains a KCTS 9 Seattle presentation of the documentary “The AIDS Show: Artists Involved with Death and Survival”. The documentary was created and directed by Rob Epstein and Peter Adair. The documentary focuses on the Theatre Rhinoceros production of “The AIDS Show” and the HIV/AIDS crisis in San Francisco.

(04:15:50 – 04:20:51)
This portion of the tape contains footage of an unidentified Vancouver City Council meeting.

Quarantine Forum

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of a panel discussion on the topic of Bill 34 and AIDS quarantine legislation. The discussion was organized by the Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Community Centre. Panelists include Ken Smith, Bob Tivey, Marie [Arrington] and [Bette Cecil] with ASL interpreter Linda [Franke]. The recording begins with presentations by the panelists and follows with audience questions and comments.

Too close... for comfort

Item is a videocassette showing a dramatized story of a group of youth dealing with the subjects of sexuality, HIV/AIDS and discrimination. People appearing in acting roles include: Peter Stebbings, Stephen Fanning, Veena Sood, Matt Hill, Dinah Gaston, Michael Andaluz, Sasha [Moisenovitch], Barbara Jeanne Harrison, David Hooper, Jacques Lalonde and Catherine Lough. People appearing as themselves include: David Tuff, Zachary Longboy, Rick Waynes, Dinetia Johnson, Robin Blaser and David Farwell.
The video was presented by the Vancouver Health Department and funded by the Federal Centre for AIDS, Protection Branch, Health and Welfare Canada.

Towards the Dr. Peter Centre

Item is a videocassette containing the short documentary " Towards the Dr. Peter Centre." The documentary includes footage of Dr. John Blatherwick, Dr. Michael O'Shaughnessy, Dr. Peter Young, Dr. Jay Wortman, Andrew Johnson, Dr. Alastair McLeod, Ronald Mulchey, Bonnie Gabel, Marcie Summers, Lauro de Haan, Howard Engel and Brian Knowles. The film explores alternatives to hospital care for HIV/AIDS patients and shows the Bailey-Boushay House in Seattle as a model for the Dr. Peter Centre.