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A brail full of sockeye salmon goes into the hold of this seiner

Inscriptions on verso of print "#5535 - A brail full of sockeye salmon goes into the hold of this seiner Photo Don Coltman", "Fish / 2 col x 6 / Tuesday 9am / Int Edition"
Stamp on verso of print "Copyrighted Photo / This copy sold for / use of original purchaser only / Additional copies available."
Newsclipping on verso of print, "Sep 2 1952" stamped above "A Sight to Behold is this squirming heaving brail net full of salmon, still dripping wet from the sea and due to be dropped into the hold of the seiner. The fish plummet from the net when a rope which purses up the bottom of the brailer is pulled to open it. In a short time these salmon will be transferred to a packer and thence to the cannery."

Miss Janet Ferrier with large spring salmon

Inscription on verso of print "#5529 - Miss Janet Ferrier, Employee of the Canadian Fishing Co., Vancouver, B.C., is proud of this 50 lb Spring Salmon. Photo Don Coltman"
Stamp on verso of print "Publishers Note. This photograph must carry credit line "Steffens-Colmer Photo"

Sockeye salmon in net

Inscription on verso of print "2 col x6 Saturday 1st Edition"
News clipping on verso of print " 'It's in the bag,' this young giant of the sea exclaims as the seine net has been pursed and the catch of salmon enclosed within the net between the seiner and the skiff. This catch is eyed by the brawny skiff man who takes out the end of the seine net."
Stamp on verso of print "Copyrighted Photograph / This copy sold for / use of original purchaser only. / Additional copies available."
Inscription on additional print "#5530 - Hundreds of captured sockeye salmon mill about as the seine is hauled in. Photo Don Coltman"
Date stamp "Aug 30, 1952"

The Coquihalla

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc for the Government of British Columbia, the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Video justifies and celebrates the Coquihalla highway 5. Includes footage of construction, fish and river conservation work, planning meetings, avalanches, and traffic. Sound re-recordings Barry Jones; graphics Barrie Helmer; titles West Coast Film Opticals; sound recording Martin Fossum, Eric Batut, and Larry Sutton; sound editor Stuart Copley; photographed by Bab Asgeirsson, Dave Geddes, Curt Peterson, John Seale, and Tim Sale; original music by Alex Downie Audio Productions; marrated by James Hault; edited by Jane Morrison; written by Richard Tomkies; produced by David P. Brown; directed by Ken Jubenvill; a JEM film production.

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