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A proud odyssey 2001

Item is a videocassette containing Shaw TVs coverage of the 2001 Pride Parade. Hosts are Michelle Simick, Carlotta Gurl and Doug Austin. Pride Parade participants include Dykes on Bikes, Knights of Malta, Vancouver Pride Society, Thea Gill, Chief Constable's Diversity Advisory Committee, Mayor Phillip Owen, Strathcona Community Centre, Out in Surrey, Theatre Cares, Arts Club Theatre, Pacific Canadian Association of Nudists, Virgin Megastore, Wett Bar, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, A Loving Spoonful, Hedy Fry, Family Pride, Primetimers Vancouver, Vancouver Burrard Constituency Office, Linda Reid, Christy Clark, Lorne Mayencourt, Little Sisters Bookstore, Menopausal Bitches, The Rainbow Concert Band, Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society, West End Slo-pitch Association, Co-op Radio, BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, Interactive Male UC Media Inc., Moon Bean's, Egale Canada, Gordon Neighbourhood House, Joe's Grill, Bay Area Bisexual Network, Royal Hotel, Out on Screen, Healing Our Spirit BC, Pacific Sun Co., Dignity Vancouver, Integrity Vancouver, Christ Alive Metropolitan Church of Vancouver, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Dufferin Hotel, Gay and Lesbian Business Association of Vancouver, Gay and Lesbian Food Bank Society, Dr. Peter Centre, Youthquest, Somos, BCPWA, Elbow Room Cafe, Gone Rubbish Removal, The Pumpjack Pub, North Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Organization, Hominum, Gay Fathers Association of Seattle, Mulit Union Pride Committee, Rainy City Men's Chorus, Christ Church Cathedral, West End Farmers Market, The Centre, The 411 Seniors Centre Society, Denman Fitness, Kookoo Design, Green Party, Gay Vancouver Bowling League, Spartacus Athletic Club, English Bay Swim Club, Denny's, Vancouver Men's Chorus, Westender, Number's Cabaret, Heritage Vancouver, AIDS Vancouver, National Gay Pilots Association, The House of Venus, First United Church, Musaic Marching Kazoo Band, Miss Gay Vancouver Michelle Dorial, Mardi Gras Canada, Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association, Xtra West, Pacific Rim Curling League, Festival of the Babes, The Fountainhead Pub, The Lotus Hotel, Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver Island Brewery, World Gym Fitness Centre, Mister BC Leather, B.C. Bears Society, The Cutting Edges Gay Hockey Club, Odyssey Nightclub, Dogwood Monarchist Society, Squares Across the Border, TBB Productions, Diesel Jeans. Footage includes commercials.

Adrian's Hungry Eye Show

Part is a recording of Adrian's Hungry Eye Show at [Mr. T's Cabaret].
This was a fundraising show for the Gay Food Bank.

Contents index:
(00:05) Michael [McKay] - song
(01:30) Connie (Princess White Fox II) - song
(03:55) Martin Rooney - song
(07:10) Dusty Ryane - song
(12:30) Ms. Adrian - song

All That Glitters : Royal Hotel Show

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'All That Glitters: A Pre-Investiture Celebration' at the Royal Hotel, a fundraiser for the Vancouver Meals Society/A Loving Spoonful, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(3:00) John Taylor and Marilyn O - MCs
(4:50) Richard Boulier and Sumi Sashay - duet
(11:55) Darcy Dark - song
(17:20) Venus de Mylar - song
(25:05) Dusty Ryane - song
(28:50) Myria Le Noir - song
(35:20) Glen - song
(40:00) Wanda Wacko - song
(44:40) Richard Boulier - song
(49:05) Myria Le Noir - auction
(1:22:50) Willie Taylor - song
(1:27:34) Poly Ester
(1:33:00) Penny from A Loving Spoonful - speech
(1:37:25) Joan-E - song
(1:41:50) John Taylor - song
(1:47:05) Judy Jive - song
(1:54:45) Mama Karen - speech/cheque to Penny at Loving Spoonful

Ball Fever '99

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of Ball Fever 1999, including the Ms. Fever Royale contest, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society at the Royal Hotel.

Contents index:
(00:00) Mona Lee - emcee
(03:15) ted northe - song
(09:15) Brad and Paige Turner - song
(15:50) Martin - song
(21:50) Laura Lee - song
(27:45) Kayla, Princess XXI, Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society
(33:35) Ms. Adrian - song
(38:25) ted northe - song
(42:20) Electra Luxury - song
(48:35) English - song
(53:10) Joan-E - song
(1:06:25) ted northe - song
(01:11:30) Coco - song
(01:17:05) Venus De Mylar - song
(01:22:35) Carlotta - song
(01:27:15) Anna [Rexia] - song
(01:34:10) Sumi Sashay - song
(01:38:20) Vivian Von Brokenhymen - song
(01:45:00) Mona Lee (Reg Manning) - song
(01:51:05) Ivana Boogie, Entertainer of the Year 1999/2000 - song
(01:56:40) Willie Taylor - song
(02:07:00) Martin Rooney - song
(02:14:15) Ms. Adrian - song
(02:19:05) ted northe - song

Ball Fever 1992

Item is a videocassette containing the last part of Ball Fever 1992 at the Royal Hotel. The recording shows a speech and a song performed by Myria . The song is dedicated to Bill Harvey.

Ball Fever 1993

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Ball Fever 1993' at the Royal Hotel, sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(00:30) ted northe (MC) - song
(06:40) Wanda Wacko - song
(10:35) Myria LeNoir (MC)
(13:10) Ms. Adrian - song
(18:40) Venus de Mylar - song
(25:20) Scarlett (Toronto Crown Princess) - song
(28:40) Golden Screw Award: to Wawa
(31:50) Joan-E - song
(36:55) J.D. Rene - song
(44:35) Crema - song
(51:00) Storm Warning - song
(59:10) Darcy Dark - song
(1:08:50) Golden Screw Award to Martin - song
(1:12:15) Gaz - Golden Screw Award
(1:20:40) Candidate for Empress Flo Flowing - song
(1:29:00) Candidate for Empress Dusty Ryane - song
(1:37:25) Candidate for Emperor - Wawa - song

Bellingham's Coronation Ball 1997

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of Bellingham's sixteenth Coronation Ball, 'Coronation 1997: Fashion Victims'.

Contents index:
(00:30) Betty Desire - Canadian and US National Anthems
(03:40) MCs Dusty Ryane and Vanessa Vale Lake - intros
(07:00) Al Houston (Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society) - song
(12:10) Leather Parade
(15:20) Introduction of videographer Jim de Young
(19:55) Robert Surreal - song
(25:25) Vanessa Vale Lake - song
(33:00) Rick Desire - song
(39:40) Lila - song
(47:00) Brentwood Slide - song
(54:30) Iwanna Slide - song
(1:00:00) Introductions of guest courts
(1:10:30) Peter Storm - song
(1:13:30) Tina Rocker - song
(1:19:50) Roxanne, [Karma St. James], and [?] - song
(1:30:00) Sable Lake - intro
(1:30:40) Mandy Kamp - intro
(1:32:30) Pearl - intro
(1:32:45) Rochelle - intro
(1:33:00) Dusty Ryane - intro
(1:33:10) Mama Karen Vander Vogue- intro
(1:33:33) Diana Rose - intro
(1:33:55) Crema - intro
(1:34:15) Judy Jive Vander Vogue - intro
(1:35:40) Court of Denver Colorado - intro
(1:44:20) Gretchen [Von Grouse] - song
(1:49:50) Dusty Ryane - song
(1:59:45) Pearl -song
(2:07:45) [Geisha Star?]
(2:10:20) Court of Washington State - intros
(2:22:15) Court of Tacoma - song
(2:30:00) Celita Slide - song
(2:41:30) [JC] Superstar - song
(2:45:00) Kahlua Ice - song
(3:00:00) Brentwood Slide - song
(3:09:30) Iwanna Slide - song
(3:30:00) Crowning of Lila and Rick Desire as Empress and Emperor

Bellingham's In/Out of Town Show at Rumours

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the In/Out of Town Show at Rumours Nightclub in Bellingham, Washington.

Contents index:
(00:00) Sable Lake and Sandy [Man] - MCs
(01:15) Miss Annie - song
(08:30) Betty Desire - song
(13:30) Serena Starr - song
(17:30) Pearl D'Abolonia - song
(23:00) Grace - song
(28:00) Al Houston (Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society) - song
(32:05) Miss Kitty - song
(35:05) Peter Storm - song
(38:45) Ivana - song
(47:30) Rick Desire - song
(52:20) Sable Lake - song
(57:45) Mike Ice - song

Best of B.J.'s 1982

Item is an audio reel containing audio edited for use in 'The Best of B.J.'s 1982.' The recording includes music and comic interludes.

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