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Bapco promotional film, Hong Kong footage

Item is an amateur film which begins with what appears to be scenes from an advertisement for the British America Paint Company (BAPCO): a BAPCO building is pictured, followed by the intertitle "For Three Generations Bapco has served the West with quality products," followed by a shot of a portrait of W.J. Pendray and men in suits walking around a garden. A shot of a ship then precedes the intertitle "At Bapco exists constructive cooperation between Western Canadian capital and Canadian technicians and craftsmen in producing quality products carefully formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the West." Following shots include an office with people typing, reading papers, and working at their desks; chemists working in a lab, including shots of titration into a beaker and an oil centrifuge; and cans of Satin-Glo paint. The latter half of the film is footage from Douglas Scott's time in Hong Kong, which includes shots of junks, rafts, and sampans on the water; a Buddhist temple; a steam ship; the Scott's Hong Kong house; Margaret and her mother by the shore; grape picking; waves rolling against the shore; and the Scott family swimming, including slow motion shots of diving in the water.

Barbara's wedding [and other events]

Item is an amateur film documenting various family events, including the wedding of Barbara Spencer to Laurence Norman Bruce in Kelowna, B.C. 28 April 1961. Other events include waterskiing, a helicopter ride over the Lion's Gate Bridge, fishing, and another wedding.

China early, birthday, Mr Wong, Fanling, Happy Valley

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures the Scott family relaxing at their Hong Kong property, including shots of Margaret being held by her mother and children playing in the backyard; a horse race at Happy Valley, with slow motion shots of a horse clearing a brush fence; and the Scott family enjoying time in the water, with shots of the family relaxing on a beach and a boat.

Chinese funeral and surf board riding

Item is an amateur film which captures unidentified men and women waterskiing on large boards which are being towed behind a boat. The child riding in the latter half of the film appears to be Margaret Scott.

City Lights Etc.

Item is an amateur film documenting Vancouver city lights at night in 1964, including several neon signs and Theatre Row on Granville Street. The film also contains snow scenes and footage of the William Gardner family at Capilano Road in North Vancouver in December 1964 and January 1965, and footage of the family at their West Vancouver home between May and July 1965.

Gardner, William

Cross Canada road trip and Expo '67

Item is an amateur film containing footage of the George W. Goold family vacation in the summer of 1967. Includes footage of the family at the following attractions: Yoho National Park; International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; the “Big Nickel” in Sudbury, Ontario; industrial plants in Ontario; Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the changing of the ceremonial guard, National War Memorial and Samuel de Champlain statue; Ottawa River; Chateau Laurier; Chateau Frontenac and Citadelle Aerien; St. Lawrence River valley; and Expo ’67 in Montreal, including views of the fair grounds and many of the buildings; Niagara Falls; Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota; Old Faithful and hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming; and an unidentified lakeside resort, possibly in the interior of British Columbia. Film also contains some footage at the end showing George Goold putting up the Christmas lights at 1138 Balfour Avenue and the children riding their bikes.

Earlscourt in color

Item is an amateur film documenting the Spencer children and friends playing on the lawn of the family ranch at Lytton, B.C. Film also documents family and workers cleaning the swimming pool. Accompanying note reads, "Earlscourt in color - good 1937".

F. H. Harrison

Item is an amateur film which captures leisurely family time, including family members lounging and talking on boats and the shore; youths paddling small boats; a sunset over the water; a young woman talking in a garden; and a youth holding a dog.

[Family vacation]

Item is an amateur film documenting a group of people, including Peggy Spencer, vacationing in the United States. Film documents people boarding an airplane, women on a beach, children swimming, golf, and a boat named "Valerian II". Film also documents a football game and footage of an animal performance at Marineland of the Pacific.

Hong Kong - Margaret, swimming, boats, construction

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong, which captures ships on the water; the Scott family swimming, with Margaret and the family dogs on a raft; Margaret playing with a large dollhouse; Margaret pulling a toy dog on a tricycle outside the Scott's house; the Scott family in a rowboat; a crowded pier, and steam boats full of people; Margaret in a costume; and a construction site.

Hong Kong - Margaret, waterskiing, Scott property

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which variously captures Margaret posing with her mother, dog, and dolls by a window; Margaret holding a rabbit and pushing it in a baby carriage in a backyard; youths waterskiing on large boards; Margaret sitting on her mother's lap on a boat; slow motion captures of dives into the water; reflections of the sun on the water; and boats.

Hong Kong - typhoon damage, boats, leisure

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures ships heaving in what appears to be the aftermath of a typhoon. Some ships are damaged, while others have been wrecked. Wreckage of is pulled from the water by a crowd of people. Subsequent footage captures junks, rowboats, and sampans, the Scott family relaxing on the beach and at their home, the view from the Scott home, and waves crashing against a rocky shore.

Hong Kong : waterskiing, swimming

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures shots of youths waterskiing (possibly at Tweed Bay) and the family playing in the water; drying off; and an unidentified man juggling a paper ball with his feet.

[Malkin family outdoor tea]

Attached to the back of the photograph is a note identifying the individuals in the photo: Miss Edge, Edith M., Seymour, Georgina M., Philip M., Cousin Ethel, W. H. Malkin, Julia M., J. F. Malkin, Bella Malkin, H. Richardson, Marion Malkin, Joseph E. M., Lila Marion, Grand. Edge-Malkin, Mary L. Malkin.

Picnic on the Fraser [river]

Item filed under Southlands. Pictured are the McCleery daughters from left to right, Emma Wood (neice of Robert Wood of Sea Island), Agnes Mary McCleery, Theodora (eldest daughter fo Fitzgerald McCleery), Elizabeth Margaret McCleery (John's daughter), men unknown.

Sawmill fire and Jake Loeppky family

Item is an amateur film documenting family life and a sawmill fire in Vancouver. The film consists of home movie footage filmed by Jake Loeppky, including footage of Queen Elizabeth Park, the Stanley Park Zoo, children playing at the family home in Burnaby, children swimming, and the family entertaining at home. The film also includes footage of a logging camp, a large dam, bears, and people waterskiing. Of particular note is several minutes of footage of the five-alarm fire that destroyed the B.C. Forest Products plant and lumber storage facility at 999 West 6th Avenue on July 3, 1960.

Stanley Park album

Photographs in album show various areas and scenes in Stanley Park, including: entrance bridge, a path next to a gazebo, a picnic area among trees, the road to the resevoir, a group assembled in a clearing, a pedestrian bridge, the seal pond, a wooded area, a boat in Coal Harbour, a dirt road, a horse-drawn buggy crossing a wooden bridge, a moss grove, Hallelujah Point, a walking path, a beach, and a view of the surf.

Teaparty at McCleery for Cridland [the local furniture maker]

Item filed under People and customs. Charles Cridland, left living at the time nearby on Marine Drive, had just delivered a new maple burl table to Fitgerald and Mary McCleery, seated on the right. Quite a lot of the house was furnished by this man. Others in the photo are Emma Wood, with guitar, a neice of Mary's who was given a camera used to record several events appearing in this book, Theodora McCleery, who inherited Sam's eastern farm at Angus Land and later married Harry Logan; John B. McCleery, widower of brother of Sam and Fitzgerald and grandfather of Betty McQueen; Tina Wood, niece-in-law of Mary's known for getting out of doing chores whenever possible; seated is Greta, daughter of Fitzgerald and who later managed the farm; Jennie McCleery, youngest daughter of John who proved to be a godsend; Aunt Lizzie, eldest daughter of John; and seated in the middle, Mary and Fitzgerald McCleery with Ross, son on Tina. Courtesy Betty McQueen.

The Timmins visit

Item is a photograph showing Timmins and Banfield family members playing baseball on the lawn at 5575 Angus Avenue.