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Album of photographs issued on the occasion of the "Welcome Day" in honour of President Ho Chi Minh's and the government's return to the capital

Item is an album, issued on the occasion of the Welcome Day in honour of President Ho Chi Minh's and the government's return to the capital, presented to Sherwood Lett "With the best compliments from the National Committee of the Lien-Viet National United Front". Photographs include portraits of Ho Chi Minh and other party dignitaries, Vietnamese cultural landmarks, photographs of the revolution and the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu, as well photographs of the benefits brought by the new government to the populace.

Brown Bagger : Palmer, Brian : different approaches to labor of E.P. Thompson, Isaac Deutscher and CLR James

Item is an audio reel containing an episode of Brown Bagger featuring a talk by Brian Palmer. Description on tape case: "This was part of the conference 'Bureaucracy & Culture' held Sept 2-5, 1985 at the SFU downtown campus; Palmer is a professor at Queens University and is a pioneering student in the field of Canadian Labour history. His model has been the historiographical model developed by E.P. Thompson."

Community Radio Education Society : perspectives on development

Item is an audio cassette containing an episode from the series Perspectives on Development produced and distributed by the Community Radio Education Society in conjunction with Vancouver Co-op Radio and Sound Options for Youth, a youth of colour radio production group. Side A contains the first of a two part episode on the topic of Community Media. Side B contains the second part of the episode.

hooks, bell : Madonna - star or sister?

Item is an audio cassette containing a talk by bell hooks sponsored by Invisible Colours, the SFU Women's Studies department, UBC Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Relations.

Vancouver Legacies Program

  • The Vancouver Legacies Program was coordinated by the Planning Department.
  • Members of Vancouver Legacies Program Advisory Committee included Mayor Michael Harcourt (Chairman), several aldermen, the Parks Commissioner, and "distinguished Vancouver citizens".