Civic administration--Organization and structure



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Civic administration--Organization and structure

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Civic administration--Organization and structure

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Civic administration--Organization and structure

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Administrative manual 1967-68

Contents: Electors, elected and appointed civic bodies, boards and committees; Appeals - boards and procedures; Civic boards incorporated for special purposes; External auditors; General powers and duties of department heads; City Clerk's Department; Civic Auditorium Department; City Museums Department; City Fire Department; Civil Defense Department; City Building Department; City Engineering Department; City Planning Department; Finance Department; Law Department; Family and Children's Court; Social Service Department; City Health Department; City Council - policy resolutions.

City of Vancouver : organization chart : [including web site printouts starting 2000]

This public document series consists of copies organizational charts published by the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Library Board, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, and Vancouver Police Board. These charts are dated as follows:

  • Dec. 1980
  • Aug. 1981
  • Aug. 1982
  • July 1983
  • May 1984
  • May 1985
  • Nov. 1986
  • Aug. 1987
  • Mar. 1988
  • Dec. 1988
  • Mar. 1990
  • June 1991
  • Apr. 1992
  • Aug. 1993
  • June 1994
  • Nov. 1995
  • Dec. 1997

The series also includes four unique sets of organizational charts printed by City of Vancouver Archives staff from the City and Boards' websites. These sets were printed on a near-annual basis and can be dated as follows:

  • Jan. 2000
  • Aug. 2001
  • July 2002
  • July 2004

Departments [including boards, and] civic agencies [i.e., special committees, etc.]

Contents of "Departments" section: City Manager's Office; City Clerk's Department; Community Services; Corporate Services; Engineering Services; Fire & Rescue Services; Human Resource Services; Legal Services; Library; Mayor and Council; Parks and Recreation; Police. The information provided under these sections varies. Some is similar to the previous "Information on departments and boards" (see PD 2860, Aug. 2001, and earlier) while others provide a link to the web site of the applicable body. Contents of "Civic agencies" section: Advisory Body Task Force; Bicycle Advisory Committee; Board of Variance; Building Board of Appeal; Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee; Citizens' Advisory Group on Property Taxation; Development Permit Board Advisory Panel; Family Court/Youth Justice Committee; Fire and Rescue Services Advisory Committee; First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel; Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee; Peace and Justice Committee; Public Art Committee; Special Advisory Committee on Cultural Communities; Special Advisory Committee on Disability Issues; Special Advisory Committee on Seniors; Urban Design Panel; Vancouver Athletic Commission; Vancouver City Planning Commission; Vancouver Civic Theatres Board; Vancouver Economic Development Commission; Vancouver Heritage Commission; Vancouver Heritage Foundation Board; Vancouver Public Library Board.

Information on departments and boards : [web site printout]

Contents: City Manager's Office; City Clerk's Department; Civic Theatres Department; Community Services Group (Planning, Social Planning, Permits & Licenses, Housing); Engineering Services; Fire and Rescue Services; Human Resource Services; Law Department; Vancouver Public Library; Corporate Services.

Information on departments, boards, and committees : [web site printout]

Contents: City Departments and Service Groups, p. 2-52; Boards and Commissions, p. 52-56; Standing Committees, p. 57-59; Civic Agencies [including Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee, etc.], p. 60-95; Vancouver at a Glance [subsections "Our Missions and Objectives, Statistics, List of Mayors, Financial Information, Policies, Protocol"], p. 96-129; Frequently Asked Questions, p. 130-150.

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