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Crash back of ice house

Item is a photograph showing a crashed airplane and a boy carrying an armload of newspapers while standing on a railway track.

Everest - CR 41-45

Film is raw footage for the film "Everest - climb for hope." Scenes of playing with a metal detector, interviews with four men, and scenes of Kathmandu; buildings and people. Camera: Gibson/Collier Sound: Noble/Morrow.

Everest - tape #17

Item is raw "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Includes scenes of individual team member interviews, team members climbing and hiking, scenery, team members getting medical checkups, Sh...

Everest original Betacam tape 9

Item is raw footage for the documentary "Everest - Climb for Hope." Ernie [Erwin] Sniedzins and other members of the team, and sponsors give presentations/speeches about the "Everest - Climb for Hope" project for media, several...

Expo day 2 - cam[era] rolls 1-3

Includes raw footage taken at Expo 86; includes shots of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, with Brian Mulroney visiting Vancouver and the Expo site. Captures scenes of the Snowbirds performing for Expo crowds. An RCMP band and mo...

Flight of the Sky hawks [English version]

Item uses additional material from other sponsored productions produced by Yaletown Productions, specifically, "Sky hawks." This 9 minute video was sponsored by the Department of National Defense [DND] and produced by Yaletown Production...

Hong Kong - Far East Aviation Co.

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a pilot explaining the features of an Avro type 637 airplane; three Avros flying in formation and performing stunts; and an unidentified Fairey plane being ...

Hong Kong - airplane

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures an airplane performing loops, banks, and barrel rolls.

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