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Vancouver (B.C.). Vehicles for Hire Board

  • Corporate body

The Vehicles for Hire Board was established in 1967 with the passage of by-law no. 4299. The Board was comprised of one alderman, a member of the Board of Administration, the City Solicitor, the Chief Constable or his/her delegate and the License Inspector.

The by-law granted the Board the following powers:

  • to regulate the owners and drivers of cabs, automobiles and other vehicles used for hire and every person carrying on any business or occupation in connection with vehicles for hire;
  • to prescribe the conditions upon which licenses would be granted or refused to the owners of vehicles used for hire and the transfer of such licenses;
  • to appoint the Senior Officer of the Traffic Division of the City Police, the Superintendent of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and the Manager of the Vancouver Traffic and Safety Council as a committee to recommend the qualifications which driving instructors should possess, the terms upon which their licenses should be granted and the reasons for which they should be suspended or cancelled and to report back such recommendation to the Board for appropriate action;
  • to consider and to grant applications to fix a flat fee to convey passengers to and from the scene of special functions and events.

In January 1977, the Board was discontinued. The matters previously dealt with by the Board were subsequently referred to the Standing Committee on Transportation.

Vancouver Park Board. Office of the Comptroller

  • Corporate body

The Comptroller (also knowns as the controller) directed and coordinated Park Board office procedures and financial transactions. The responsibilities included:

  • office management,
  • accounting,
  • personnel,
  • purchasing, and
  • cash control.

In the mid-sixties, the Chief Cashier and the Supervisor of Purchasing reported to the Comptroller. The Comptroller in turn reported to the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. By 1965, the Park Board commissioners appointed an accountant to assist the controller due to an increasing workload. In 1970, the Comptroller was responsible for accounting, purchasing, personnel and office management. The next year, records duties, secretarial supervision and budgeting for the Board were added. By 1972, accounting and financial work in directing and coordinating all systems and procedures throughout the Park Board's jurisdiction pertaining to financial, accounting, inventory, and clerical or office matters were performed. All other supervisory personnel and staff were subject to the instructions of the Comptroller in matters affecting his area of responsibility. His performance is reviewed by the Superintendent and the Park Board. He was able to deal directly with the Park Board commissioners on financial matters.

Vancouver Park Board. Administrative and Revenue Services Division

  • Corporate body

This division was established in 1982 due to a split in the Financial Services division. It was responsible for the revenues and expenditures of all divisions, monitored the cash handing procedures for all outlets, dealt with lessees of Park Board proper

Vancouver Park Board. Employees Safety Committee

  • Corporate body

The full name of this committee was the Park Board Employees Safety Committee. The committee was made up of the heads of major departments within the Park Board including Beaches, Boulevards, Buildings/Structures, Landscape, Construction, Ice Rinks, Indoor Pools, Maintenance, Nurseries,Office, Supervised Recreation, Refreshment Services, Zoo and Forestry. It dealt with public and employee safety at all Park Board facilities. The committee dealt with the Workman's Compensation Board, distributed accident report forms to employees, and arranged safety courses for staff and supervisory personnel. It also distributed information pamphlets regarding safety to the public.

Vancouver Park Board. Recreation Services

  • Corporate body

In 1912, the Board of Park Commissioners established Vancouver's first supervised children's playground at MacLean Park. By 1924, the position of Supervisor of Children's Playgrounds had been established with responsibility for six playgrounds and a staff of thirteen. This division was responsible for administrative and supervisory work that involved planning, designing and coordinating all municipal recreation facilities, projects and programs that provide cultural, social and physical activities throughout the Vancouver Park Board. These were planned with the residents and users and carried out at neighbourhood, local area, and city-wide levels. In 1974, due to a staff reorganization, the responsibilities expanded to include ice rinks. The Director was assigned an Assistant Director to help with the administration of these duties. The director of this division reported to the Superintendent. The division was headed by a supervisor and called the Division of Children's Playgrounds and Community Centres in 1950. In 1963 the division's name changed to Supervised Recreation and its head was called a Director. The name of the division was again changed in 1972 to the Recreation Program, and finally, it was changed to Recreation Services during the reorganization which occurred in 1974.

Vancouver Park Board. Superintendent

  • Corporate body

The Superintendent was responsible for monitoring subordinate employees who were engaged in a variety of operational, custodial and maintenance duties at municipal parks and recreation areas. He prepared plans for, and assisted in, the development, conservation and improvement of Vancouver's urban parks and facilities. By 1970, the Superintendent was responsible for planning, organizing and implementing a program of public recreation and parks maintenance and development in accordance with policies laid down by the Board of Parks and Recreation and City Council. He provided administrative direction for all Park and Recreation operations and senior staff. He monitored each division of the Park Board to maintain productivity and helped each division assess their job priorities. In 1974, a staff reorganization limited his direct administrative supervision to the directors of Financial Services, Planning, and Recreation Services and the Public Information Officer so that more time was available to plan and develop work methods, procedures, projects and priorities. The Superintendent reported to the elected body of Park Board commissioners. During 1937 to 1940, the full title for this position was Superintendent and Engineer.

Vancouver Park Board. Supervisor of City Beaches and Pools

  • Corporate body

This position was responsible for the administrative work involving the planning, assigning and supervision of the work of a large group of subordinates in a variety of operational, custodial,maintenance, life-guarding and instructional tasks at civic beaches, swimming pools and bathhouses. He also supervised the overall operation and maintenance of indoor swimming pools and outdoor ice patrol operations. The incumbent was also responsible for public and employee safety, this included imposing health closures at public bathing areas due to water pollution levels. The supervisor reported to the Park Board Superintendent but in 1974 the reporting structure changed due to a major reorganization. He then reported to the Director of Recreation Services. The title of this position has varied over time to reflect changing duties. Originally, it was Supervisor of Beaches, Pools and Bathhouses. In 1956, it was changed to Supervisor of City Beaches and Pools, and in 1962 it was changed once more to Supervisor of Beaches, Pools and Outdoor Skating. George A. Burrows was the Supervisor from 1945 to 1970.

Volrich, Jack

  • Person

Jack (J.J.) Volrich was born in Anyox, B.C. on February 27, 1928. He became a lawyer and practised law in Vancouver. In 1971 he was elected President of The Elector's Action Movement (T.E.A.M.). In 1972 he ran for, and won, an aldermanic seat under the T.E.A.M. banner. He served for two terms (four years) as an alderman and in 1976 was elected mayor of Vancouver. Prior to running for a second term as mayor in 1978, Jack Volrich left T.E.A.M. and became an independent candidate with the endorsement of the Non-Partisan Association (N.P.A.). He was re-elected to a second term in office. In 1980, he ran unsuccessfully for a third term as mayor. He was defeated by Michael Harcourt.

term of office:

Vancouver School Board

  • Corporate body

The Vancouver School Board is a locally elected body, constituted as a corporation and responsible for determining local education policy in conformity with the Public Schools Act of 1873. The Act authorized the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to create school districts, provide funds for teacher's salaries and school buildings, and appoint both a six member Board of Education and a Superintendent of Education. Originally established to allow individuals from local school districts to assist in the formation of education policies based upon their district's specific needs, school boards have, over time, had certain responsibilities for the organization and management of local systems delegated to them by the provincial government. Initially, the Vancouver School Board was able, through the work of its standing committees (Management, Finance, Building and Grounds), to involve itself directly in many of the day to day problems of school administration. However, as more powers and responsibilities were acquired by the Board, and as the Vancouver school system expanded, it became necessary for the Board to appoint executive officers such as City Superintendent, Secretary-Treasurer, and Building and Grounds Superintendent, to whom administrative duties could be delegated. The Board was then able to concern itself primarily with the tasks of setting overall education priorities and policies, and of selecting, through its executive officers the supervisors, officers, principals, teachers and other employees required to turn the Board's policies into practice. These employees often worked within divisions or departments such as the departments of building and grounds, health, primary work and physical education. For a more detailed history, please consult the inventory of the Vancouver School Board fonds.

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees was renamed the Vancouver School Board in 1955.

Wilking, Sandra

  • Person

Born in South Africa and educated in Hong Kong, Sandra Wilking came to Vancouver in 1968 to attend Simon Fraser University. She became active in a variety of international and community organizations, including multicultural training and development. Elected to City Council for 1988-1990, she served on the Neighbourhood Issues and Services Committee, Finance and Priorities Committee, Vancouver Liquor Licence Commission, Vancouver Public Library Board, Metropolitan Board of Health, Pacific National Exhibition Board, and the Race Relations Committee. She was the first Chinese-Canadian woman to be elected to City Council. Aside from civic involvement, Sandra Wilking was active with the Y.W.C.A., Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden Society and numerous other organizations.

term of office:

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