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Banfield, William Orson

  • Person
  • 1897-1983

William Banfield was born in Vancouver, the son of John J. Banfield. John J. Banfield arrived in Vancouver in 1891 and operated a real estate and insurance office. He also served on many civic bodies, including the School Board, the Hospital Board, the Exhibition Association and the Board of Trade. William Orson Banfield graduated from the University of British Columbia with a master's degree in 1923. He worked briefly as a chemical engineer before joining his father's business. In 1934, Banfield formed his own firm, Norwich Agencies, Limited. He sold the firm in 1956 and retired in 1960. Banfield was active in civic affairs: he was elected president of the Vancouver branch of the Red Cross in 1946, president of the Vancouver Rotary Club in 1947, president of the Civic Non Partisan Association in 1956, and Chairman of the Board of Vancouver General Hospital in 1957. In 1961, he was elected to Vancouver City Council as an alderman.

Barber, Benjamin Rupert

  • Person

Barber worked as a mechanical engineer. He was the brother of Horace Greeley Barber, a civil engineer in Vancouver.

Barratt, Harry

  • Person
  • 1898-1964

Harry Barratt was born in Gibraltar on February 5, 1898. His father was in the medical corps of the British and Canadian armies, and the family was stationed at various locations, including England, Bermuda, Ottawa, Halifax, and Winnipeg. While in Winnipeg, Harry studied architecture at the University of Manitoba [ca. 1920-1924], distinguishing himself as the top student in his class.

Barratt moved to Vancouver in 1924 and found employment with Sidney E. Junkins Co., with whom he worked on the building of the Pier, BC. Throughout his career, he was associated with several local firms, such as Townley & Matheson and Van Norman, Thompson, Berwick & Pratt. Barratt also operated his own architectural firm at 709 West Georgia Street in Vancouver. He designed various buildings in Vancouver, including Fire Halls no. 2 and 17, the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at Coal Harbour and Jericho Beach, the CPR Pier, several office buildings, as well as many homes in Vancouver and the British Properties. Barratt also designed a number of buildings across the province of British Columbia, including the Bella Coola Hotel and the Government Building in Powell River.

He died June 10, 1964.

Basford, Ron

  • Person
  • Apr. 22, 1932 – Jan. 31, 2005

Bates, Charles L.

  • Person
  • 1880-1970

Charles Lynn Bates was born in Mason City, Iowa, and graduated from the Massachussetts Institute of Technology in 1903 as a civil engineer. Between 1904 and 1915, he worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway's Construction and Engineering departments. From 1921 to 1926, he worked for the Northwestern Dredging Company of Vancouver before moving to work for the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Company at Squamish. There, Bates worked as an Assistant Engineer, Maintenance of Way Engineer and Chief Engineer from 1927 to 1942.

Battistoni, Peter

  • Person

Peter Battistoni was a photographer who worked for The Columbian, a community newspaper published in New Westminster, B.C.

Baykal, Erol H.

  • Person

Erol H. Baykal opened "The Gallery of Photography" in North Vancouver in 1969. This led to a sponsorship from the National Film Board of Canada (N.F.B.) for running photography workshops and exhibiting N.F.B. photography exhibitions. The gallery caught fire and Baykal moved on to other endeavors. He joined the crew of the Habitat Forum as site photographer in 1975. He later worked with Greenpeace and was assigned to the San Francisco chapter. He also participated in the 1977 Greenpeace seal campaign in Labrador.

After having a family Baykal worked in the framing and gallery retail business and then the corporate world. He moved to Long Beach around 1990 and now lives in Cambodia.

Begg, Alexander

  • Person

Alexander Begg was born in Scotland and emigrated in 1846. He taught school in West Huntington and Oshawa, and later published pioneer newspapers in Ontario. In 1869 he was made collector of customs and inspector of inland revenue for the North West Territories. He subsequently accepted a position as emigration commissioner in Scotland for the Ontario government; however, in 1881 he returned to the N.W.T. as a special correspondent for the Toronto Mail. In 1887 he became special commissioner for the settlement of crofter fishermen on Vancouver Island. In 1894 Begg published his History of British Columbia, and in 1895 he founded The Mining Record. From 1897 to 1899 he and his sons were involved in promoting railway construction.

Behm, Gisela

  • Person

Gisela Behm was active in the movement to preserve Diamond Head chalet in Garibaldi Park. Built by Ottar and Emil Brandvold in 1945-1946, the chalet was the centre for winter skiing and summer hiking. In 1958 the provincial government bought the chalet and leased it back to the Brandvold's.

Bell, Elida

  • Person

Elida Bell (1870-1945) was the daughter of Edward C. Bell of Mariposa, California and wife of Charles Lister Austin. She is reported to have arrived in Moodyville in 1883 and Granville in 1885.

Bell, John Warren

  • Person
  • 1867-1951

John Warren Bell (1867-1951) was born in Victoria and came to Moodyville in 1871. He worked as a timber-scaler and miner and resided in various parts of the province prior to retiring to Vancouver.

Bell-Irving, Henry Ogle

  • Person
  • 1856-1931

Henry Ogle Bell-Irving was a native of Dumfries, Scotland, the eldest son of Henry Bell Irving and Williamina McBean Irving. Bell-Irving was a Vancouver Alderman and Chairman of the Civic Board of Works, as well as President of the Board of Trade 1895-1896, but was best known as a prominent local businessman, co-founder of Bell-Irving and Paterson, and founder of H. Bell-Irving Co. Ltd., the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company, and Bell-Irving Insurance Agency.

Bell-Irving had trained as a civil engineer in Edinburgh, Scotland and Karlsruhe, Germany. He came to Canada in 1882, and his first employment was as a surveying engineering on the Canadian Pacific Railway. H.O. Bell-Irving, along with his brother Dr. Duncan Bell-Irving, moved to Granville in 1885. In 1886, he returned to England and married Marie Isabella del Carmen Beattie ("Bella"), who returned to Canada with him.

H.O. Bell-Irving served as Alderman for Ward 4 of the City of Vancouver from 1887-1888, at the same time acting as chairman of the Civic Board of Works. In 1888 or 1889, he founded Bell-Irving and Paterson, in partnership with R.H. Paterson. The firm billed themselves as importers, shipping agents, wholesale and commission merchants, and in 1891 became the shipping and commercial agents of the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company, which Bell-Irving had founded in 1890 with British capital.

Bell-Irving served as Commodore of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, was a co-founder of the Vancouver Club and of the Vancouver Connaught Figure Skating Club.

Henry and Bella Bell-Irving had ten children:

  1. Henry Beattie Bell-Irving (1886-1959)
  2. Richard Bell-Irving (1888-1962)
  3. Isabel Bell-Irving (1889-1974)
  4. Roderick Ogle Bell-Irving (1891-1918)
  5. Malcolm McBean Bell-Irving (1892-1942)
  6. Anita Helen Bell-Irving (1893-1959)
  7. Allan Duncan Bell-Irving (1894-1965)
  8. Mary McBean Bell-Irving (1896-1972)
  9. Aeneas McBean Bell-Irving (1898-1966)
  10. Helen beatrice Bell-Irving (1904-1977)

Henry Ogle Bell-Irving died in 1931.

Bentley (Bloch-Bauer), Leopold Lionel Garrick

  • Person
  • 1905-1986

Leopold Bloch Bauer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1905. Bloch Bauer married Antoinette Ruth Pick and they had a son (Peter Bentley) in 1930. They, along with other family members, fled to Vancouver from Austria in 1938. When they arrived in Vancouver they changed their last name from Bloch Bauer to Bentley. Leopold Bentley (along with John Prentice) founded the Pacific Veneer company, which later became Canfor Corporation.

Bentley (Pick), Antoinette Ruth

  • Person
  • 1909-2004

Antoinette Ruth Pick was born in Vienna, Austria in 1909. She married Leopold Bloch Bauer and they had a son (Peter Bentley) in 1930. They, along with other family members, fled to Vancouver from Austria in 1938. When they arrived in Vancouver they changed their last name from Bloch Bauer to Bentley. Antoinette Bentley was a world class dressage rider. After moving to Vancouver she kept horses and a stable in the Southlands area of Vancouver, although she stopped riding competitively once she arrived in Canada.

Bentley, Percy

  • Person
  • 1882-1968

Born in London, England, Aug. 19, 1882. Trained under Richard N. Speight in London, he arrived in Canada in 1910 or 1911, lived in Montreal for a year, then moved to Vancouver in 1912. He established the Dominion Photo Co. in November 1915. In 1946 he joined the Royal Photographic Society as a lifetime member. Among his hobbies was photomicrography. He joined the Vancouver Rotary Club in 1915.
Bentley's wife died in 1963 and he was survived by his son Robert and daughter Mrs. Dorothy Mason, both of Vancouver, BC.

Bentley, Richard Irving

  • Person
  • 1854-1909

Richard Irving Bentley (1854-1909) was born in Newmarket, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto. He was Medical Officer of a tea plantation in India from 1877-1882. He went into private practice in New Westminster, and in 1882 was appointed Medical Superintendent of the Asylum and Jail, a position from which he resigned in 1895. Bentley married Maria Amy Woods in 1884, daughter of Archdeacon Charles E. Woods of Holy Trinity, New Westminster. In 1895 they went to Juneau, Alaska, returning in 1897 to settle in Slocan City. He subsequently lived in Vancouver, Grand Forks, Slocan, Enderby and Port Moody.

Bernard C. Palmer, Architect

  • Person
  • 1875-1936

Bernard Cuddon Palmer was a Vancouver-based architect who designed, on his own and in conjunction with a number of firms, a number of homes in Greater Vancouver.

Palmer was born and trained in England in Southend, London and Lewes. He arrived in Vancouver in 1912 and worked for Cecil Croker Fox in the Maclure & Fox office. In April 1916, with Fox enlisted in the Army, Palmer opened his own office. In 1930, he went into partnership with William Bow to form Palmer and Bow, which continued after Palmer's death in 1936.

Bingham, Janet

  • Person
  • 1928-2013

Janet Bingham has done research on local architectural history; the papers "Aberthau" and "Shannon", prepared for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Public Recreation in 1972, are two of the products of her work. "Aberthau" examines a home located at the intersection of Trimble and 2nd Avenue in Point Grey. "Aberthau" was built in 1909 for J.S. Rear, a prominent local businessman, and is of historical interest because it was designed by the noted architect Samuel Maclure. "Shannon" examines a home located at Granville and 57th Avenue. The home, built over a decade spanning the First World War, is on a palatial scale and is surrounded by formal gardens and wooded paths. The home was built by B.T. Rogers and sold to Austin Taylor in 1936. In 1966 it was purchased by the B.C. Teachers' Federation; within a year, however, it had been sold to the firm Wall and Redekop, which redeveloped the property as a townhouse estate.

Birch, Alfred

  • Person

Alfred Birch contracted the building of his residence in Burquitlam by Sloan & Harrison of New Westminster. The house was designed by Joseph F. Watson of New Westminster.

Black, Alex

  • Person

The McGibbon family were the ancestors in New Brunswick of Mrs. Alex Black.

Black, Francis Mollison

  • Person
  • 1871-1941

Francis Mollison Black was born in Scotland in 1871. In 1891 he was appointed to the Vancouver branch of the Bank of B.C. He subsequently moved to Calgary, where he was appointed a public utilities commissioner for Alberta. In 1918 he became treasurer of the United Grain Growers, with headquarters in Winnipeg, and from 1922 to 1935 he was treasurer of the Manitoba Government. From 1927 to 1932 he was chair of the fruit and vegetable commission set up under B.C.'s Produce Marketing Act. In 1932 he took over the management of Kootenay Belle Gold Mines.

Black, John V.

  • Person

John V. Black was a commercial photographer operating in Vancouver in the mid-1900s at 544 Granville Street. In 1907, he operated out of Marsden's Photo Studio (George Marsden).

Blackley, Andrew

  • Person
  • 1890-1976

Andrew Blackley was born in 1890 and worked as a building contractor with Blackley, Turner and McPhalen, contractors and builders. In 1923 Blackley and Turner moved their business to Yucca, California. Due to an illness in his family Blackley returned to Vancouver and worked on his own, first as a building contractor, then in Vancouver shipyards and finally with the Vancouver School Board until he retired. He died in 1976.

Blomfield, James

  • Person
  • 1872-1951

James Blomfield, born James Alfred Bloomfield, was born in 1872 in Maidenhead, England. He studied architecture and worked as a junior draftsman before emigrating to Canada with his family in 1887 where they owned and operated the first stained glass business in British Columbia. Around 1900, James changed his surname from Bloomfield to Blomfield. He married Mary Diamond in 1902. They moved to Toronto in 1920 where he sketched and painted local scenes. James dies in 1951 at the age of 79.

Bloomfield, Edgar

  • Person
  • 1868-1937

Edgar Bloomfield was a barrister in Vancouver at Wilson, Senkler and Bloomfield. In 1896, he married Maria Melrose Dockrill. They had two daughters, Marjorie Wilhelmina and Joan. Edgar was also an artist. He died in 1937 at the age of 69.

Boardman, C. B.

  • Person

C.B. Boardman was a member of the Vancouver Vagabonds Club which flourished in Vancouver from 1915 until 1927. He owned and managed Western Advertising Service Ltd., an advertising agency in Vancouver.

Bogdan, Forwin

  • Person
  • 1900-1990

Forwin Bogdan was born in 1900 in the Ukraine. In 1924 he came to Canada from Hamburg, Germany. From 1927 to 1962 he ran his own painting and decorating business in Vancouver. As a prominent member of the Ukrainian community he documented Ukrainian cultural, religious and educational events for over six decades. He died in 1990.

Bohart, Harry D.

  • Person

Harry D. Bohart was a long-time employee at Palm Dairies, starting as a mechanic and retiring as a fleet supervisor.

Bonson, James Alexander

  • Person
  • 1869-1954

James Alexander Bonson was born in New Westminster, the son of Royal Engineer Lewis Francis Bonson. James Alexander was chiefly a bridge builder and was involved with the construction of many wooden bridges throughout the Lower Mainland. Later, he was an engineer with B.C. Packers, involved in buildings and equipment maintenance and physical plant operations in canneries around the province.

Boothe, John William D.

  • Person
  • 1910-1973

John William D. (Jack) Boothe (1910-1973) was a cartoonist and writer for various Canadian newspapers. He was born in Winnipeg, and began drawing cartoons at the age of six. From 1930 to 1943 he worked as a cartoonist for The Province newspaper. He later worked for the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Hamilton Spectator, and then returned to The Province to do freelance work. While working for the Province, he illustrated local and provincial political events, and was the co-writer of the column "There and back with Monty and Jack." He received the national newspaper award in 1949, and received it again in 1953 for his coverage of the Korean War. During the Second World War, a booklet of his cartoons was published as a fundraiser for British relief.

Borden, Charles Edward

  • Person
  • 1905-1978

Born in the United States May 15, 1905, Borden was a professor of archaeology at the University of British Columbia. He excavated material from the Marpole Midden. Borden died December 25, 1978.

Bosch, Steve

  • Person

Works as a photographer for the Vancouver Sun.

Bowsfield, Hartwell Walter Lewis

  • Person
  • 1922-2008

Born in Toronto July 7, 1922, Bowsfield was the Provincial Archivist of Manitoba 1952-1967. He died August 10, 2008.

Boyce, Helen Demetra

  • Person
  • 1928-

Helen Demetra Boyce was born February 2, 1928 in Spokane, Washington, and received her education at Kitsilano Secondary, and Duffus Business College. She began her political career as a Park Board Commissioner, winning the 1968 election as a candidate for The Elector's Action Movement (T.E.A.M.). She left T.E.A.M. in 1970, but succeeded in winning a second Park Board term. In 1974 she won a seat on the School Board, and in the civic election of 1974, successfully stood as an aldermanic candidate. She served the 1975-76 term, and subsequently from 1979 to 1982. In 1985-86, Boyce served once more on Park Board, as its Vice Chairman. She stood as an aldermanic candidate for the Non-Partisans Association (N.P.A.) in 1986, as well as seeking - unsuccessfully - the Social Credit Party nomination for Point Grey. Helen Boyce has the distinction to be the first person to have served on all three of Vancouver's elected bodies - City Council, Parks & Public Recreation Board and the School Board.

Term of office:

Boyd, Robert

  • Person
  • ?-1950

Robert Boyd was a chemist who for many years worked for BC Sugar. He was the company's Chief Chemist and Chief Superintendent of the Vancouver refinery.

Originally from Scotland, Boyd taught chemistry at the University of Toronto before being hired by B.T. Rogers in 1913. Shortly after this, Boyd developed Rogers' Golden Syrup, a significant product for the company. Boyd worked for BC Sugar until his death in 1950.

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