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14th Postwar Congress of Socialist International

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The Socialist International is the association of Democratic Socialist and Labour Parties throughout the world. The association was re-established in 1951 at a Congress in Frankfurt. The object of the group is to strenghen ties between members and promote the ideal of social justice. In November 1984 the association met in Vancouver for its fourteenth congress. Many of the participants were illuminaries in their countries, such as Francois Mitterrand, Olof Palme, Willi Brandt and Bettino Craxi.

72nd. Battalion Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

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The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada was organised as Vancouver's first Scottish Militia regiment in 1910 by H.O. Bell-Irving, R.G.E. Leckie and other prominent local men of Scottish descent. The Seaforth Highlanders went overseas in 1914 as part of the 7th. British Columbia Regiment as the 72nd. Battalion C.E.F. In 1920, the title of Regiment was changed to "The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada", which has remained the official designation of the regiment to the present time.


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Air Pollution Control Society

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The Air Pollution Control Society (originally the Vancouver Klenair Society) was incorporated in 1952 to promote cleaner atmospheric conditions.

Alcazar Hotel

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The Alcazar Hotel, at the corner of Dunsmuir and Homer, opened in 1913. William Stanford Wainwright managed it from 1913 until his death in 1943. After his death, it was managed by Iris Violet Wainwright, his widow. In 1947, the hotel was purchased by Mrs. Wainwright and her two sons, W. F. Wainwright and P.R. Wainwright. The hotel was demolished in 1982.

Alpen Holdings Limited

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Incorporated in 1951, Alpen Holdings Limited, or the Alpen Club, as it was also known, was a company engaged primarily in the rental and management of property and the provision of catering services in Vancouver.

Amazing Video Productions

  • Corporate body
  • 1970 -

Amazing Video Productions is located in Vancouver, B.C. and owned by Jim DeYoung.

American Ship Building Company

  • Corporate body
  • 1888-1993

The American Ship Building Company was founded as Cleveland Shipbuilding Co. in Cleveland, Ohio in 1888. It changed its name to American Ship Building Co. in 1900, at the time it acquired a number of smaller competitors in the trade of building lake and river steamships. Through the early 20th century, the company expanded by acquiring a number of Great Lakes shipbuilders.

New owners in the 1960s moved operations to Tampa, Florida and the company faced increasing difficulties as demand for lake cargo ships declined; the company was wound up in 1993.

American Woman's Club (Vancouver, B.C.)

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In 1914, members of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the American Men's Club formed the American Woman's Club. The organization aimed "to bring together in a social way American women living in Vancouver, B.C. and vicinity to endeavour to broaden and strengthen the intellectual and social life of its members and, through them, make a club a power of good in the community". The Club disbanded in 1989.


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Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company

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  • 1890-1974

Henry O. Bell-Irving founded the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company in 1890, though the capital behind the company predominantly came from British investors. The Company was headquartered in London, England.

After acquiring a number of canneries in the 1890s, the Company produced slightly more than one-quarter of B.C.'s total salmon pack by 1895. The Company was the first of two significant amalgamations in the salmon canning industry in British Columbia. The second amalgamation, the formation of BC Packers (an American company registered in New Jersey) in 1902 came to dominate the canning industry and was a significant factor in ABC Packing’s decline in influence in the industry.

ABC Packing had an advisory board, made up of managers of operations, which met monthly during the season; it discussed cannery and fisheries operational matters, such as construction and renovation of cannery buildings, wages, price paid for fish, planning for pack in a year, consolidated procurement etc. At 1895, H. Bell-Irving was the Chair and the group met at the H. Bell-Irving Co. offices.

The company acquired a number of canneries, including:

Fraser River Canneries acquired in 1891:

Annieville Cannery, acquired from British Columbia Packing Co.
British American Cannery, acquired from British American Packing Company.
Canoe Pass Cannery, acquired from Drysdale & Co.
Wadhams Cannery, acquired from E.A. Wadhams.
Phoenix Cannery, acquired from English & Co.
Garry Point Cannery, acquired from Hobson & Co.
Britannia Cannery, acquired from Duncan Batchelor et al.

North coast canneries:

Arrandale Cannery (Portland Canal near the mouth of the Nass River), purchased from Wallace Fisheries in 1911.
Port Nelson Cannery (Nass River) purchased from the Port Nelson Canning and Salting Company in 1910.
North Pacific Cannery (north shore of Inverness Passage, Skeena River) purchased by H.O. Bell-Irving in 1891, then sold on to ABC Packing in 1892.
British American Cannery (Port Essington, at confluence of Ecstall and Skeena rivers) purchased by H.O. Bell-Irving in 1891, then sold on to ABC Packers in 1894.

The company built the Good Hope Cannery in Rivers Inlet in 1894. The company also leased another cannery at Port Essington, which had been previously operated as the Skeena River Commercial Cannery, after the British American Cannery plant burnt down in 1923.

Local oversight of the company's operations in British Columbia, as well as selling agent responsibilities were contracted with H.O. Bell-Irving and Company, the firm that grew out of Henry Bell-Irving's trading and investment firm, Bell-Irving and Patterson, established ca. 1889 in partnership with R.H. Paterson.

In 1895, the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company established the Fidalgo Island Packing Company, which remained a subsidiary until 1964, when it was sold.

After Henry Bell-Irving's death in 1931, local management of the Company's operations passed to Bell-Irving's son Richard and Peter Traill, both former directors. In 1966, the company expanded its operations expanded its operations, building a herring reduction plant in Caraquet, New Brunswick.

The Company left the British Columbia salmon cannery business in 1969, selling their cannery operations. A much-reduced Company continued until 1974, operating the herring reduction plant. At that time the company was wound up entirely.

Architectural Institute of British Columbia

  • Corporate body

In 1892 the British Columbia Institute of Architects was established in Victoria under the Literary Societies Act for the advancement, protection and elevation of architecture and the cultivation of friendly intercourse among members of the profession. In 1914 it became an independent society under the Benevolent Societies Act. In 1920 the Provincial Legislature passed the British Columbia Architects Act, incorporating the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) and regulating persons who practiced as architects.

Around the Bend Productions

  • Corporate body
  • 1993-[ca. 1996]

Around the Bend Productions Ltd. was formed in 1993 by Gordon Inglis, Alan Shiveral and Jayne Akizuki. Inglis and Shiveral had previously worked in an informal partnership on the community television program "Free Wheelin' with Alan Shiveral" and Akizuki had worked in television as a writer and producer.

The company was formed to produce a television program on cycling in the Vancouver region for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The program, entitled “Cycle!,” was commissioned by the head of CBC Vancouver, Rae Hull, and evolved from the cycling show “Free Wheelin’ with Alan Shiveral”, produced by Inglis and Shiveral for Vancouver East NTV in 1992.

Shortly after "Cycle!" discontinued production in 1996, Around the Bend Productions Ltd. was dissolved.

Artona Studios

  • Corporate body

Artona Studios was a commercial photography studio based in Vancouver.

Artray Limited

  • Corporate body
  • 1948-[1960?]

Artray Limited was a photographic and film and television production company operating in Vancouver, B.C.

Artray was founded by photojournalists Art Jones (1926-2006) and Ray Munro, former photographers at the Vancouver Sun. In 1948, Jones bought out Munro and operated the firm on his own.


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The ARTS Club was a young men's service and social club founded in 1930 in Vancouver, B.C. The club was founded by a group of boys that attended Sunday school at St. Mark's church (2485 West 2nd Ave). The acronym ARTS was derived from the motto "always ready to serve." According to the its constitution, the purpose of the club was to "develop [members'] education through a programme of speakers and forum discussions; to foster athletics and good sportsmanship; to be morally straight, clean and loyal; to hold social activities; to render social service." The club sponsored numerous dances to raise money to support club activities. The community services the club performed included operating the "Send a Boy to Camp" programme that raised money for Alexander Neighbourhood House to send Vancouver boys to summer camps in Howe Sound, the "A Ride to Servicemen" campaign to provide car rides for soldiers stationed in the region during World War II, and a programme to send comfort goods to soldiers serving overseas. After the end of the war the club's active membership declined; regular club meetings ceased by 1950, although several reunions were organized from the 1960's through to the 1990's.

B.C. Mainland Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society

  • Corporate body

The British Columbia Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society was formed in January 1959 to preserve ties among Commonwealth countries. Activities of sub-committees of the branch included welcoming and settling fellows of the society from other Commonwealth countries and sponsoring essay competitions in Vancouver schools.

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